10 Ways to Go to the Next Level of Success in Your Business or Life

Happy Fabulous Friday Lovely, 

How are you wonderful? Hope that you are doing great! I recently went to Nigeria at the beginning of this month for my Grandmothers burial as you may or may not know (I updated my Social Media channels a few times esp FB). It went really well and I really thank God that she lived to the age of 105 which is just amazing, she was such a wonderful grand mother and will be greatly missed. Check out some images on my instagram page. 

Have you ever wondered what steps you can take to see a breakthrough in your business or life (right now) to start seeing some transformation?
Do you feel a bit stuck or as if you really want to shake things up?
- Are you bored or the same old? 

If so you are in for good news as I've created a list of things that you can do to move to the next level in your life or business to help you get rapid results! These are ideas are fun, free and festive (it doesn't always have to be something deep). 

1) Book your very FIRST or your next big amazing photo shoot (to make it even more exciting book the shoot in a new city or state that you have never been to before) 

2) Hire a videographer and create a professional, high quality videos for your YouTube channel (if you haven't created a channel now's a great time to FINALLY launch it) 

3) Send out 15 thank you cards to customers, clients, department stores, local businesses that have been a BIG blessing in your life 

4) Create a New Showreel/Update your existing Showreel 

5) Host a LIVE EVENT in your local city! 

6) Go to 2-3 new cities within the next 30-60 days (book the tickets, pack your bags& go it's that simple) you can go alone or with friends/family.  Go to a City that you have always DREAMED of visiting i.e. Dubai, Egypt, Mexico, Miami, Malta, Vienna, Paris, Brussels, New York! If you can't afford to go abroad NO PROBLEM go somewhere new in your country. 

7) Launch a new Website or Start Blogging 

8) Hire a Coach (Invest in yourself) Hey this might be a great time to throw in a shameless plug, I am actually seeking 3 ladies to work with 1-1 in my 5 week Coaching Programme so if you are interested contact me today to book a discovery session here

9) Do some Presenting work i.e. TV Presenting, Radio Hosting, Co-Host a show on a Podcast, Hosting a Party or a Wedding 

10) Get involved in Charity work (become an ambassador, do a 10K run, do a big clear out and send 2-3 bags of old clothes & shoes that you don't wear anymore to charity) 

8) Contact 25 Companies by phone and ask them to book you for Speaking Opportunities (start speaking at events, schools, colleges, universities, churches, conferences etc) 

9) Write your very first book or FINISH the book that you are working on

10) Commit to doing a live stream on Facebook every day for the next 7 or 14 days! 

Decide to go pro: This means no more showing up as an amateur, become more consistent, stand out like never before, say goodbye to making excuses for not being the best version of you and start show up in the world in a more powerful and beautiful way (Be known for being the BEST, the fastest or the greatest) 

Choose 3 ideas from the list above and complete these activities within the next 30 daysI challenge you to take my challenge! You can do it

Next steps: 
Sign up today for my 4 part media and publicity challenge here to get even MORE motivation and inspiration for turning your dreams into a living reality. 

And there you have it! Yay well done for reading this blogpost, you are such a WINNER!!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Until next time, stay blessed :-) 


7 Reasons to Book a Mini PR and Media Coaching Session with me (FOR A LIMITED TIME)

Happy Fabulous Monday :-)

I hope you are having a wonderful start to the week so far, 

It's your TIME to have your FIRST or your NEXT Media Interview! As a matter of fact you can have a YEAR FULL of Media Opportunities, Media Interviews, Publicity, Speaking Gigs and Good PR for your Brand, Travelling Opportunities and So much MORE! If you need help with this then STOP RIGHT NOW and check out the link below. As I have good news, I am offering PR and Media Mini Coaching Sessions for a few more days! I want to invite you to book this powerful breakthrough session with me RIGHT NOW if you know that you are NOT attracting any or ENOUGH good PR and Media coverage for your brand! Maybe you are jealous of your colleagues or Coaches that always seem to attract publicity! 
If so do something about it! Make a change today!

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7 Reasons to Book the Session:
1) You have HIT a plateau and you can't seem to push to the next level as a Leader in Society or in your Business
2) You want to Understand how to use PR and Media to attract clients, make more money, bigger impact etc
3) You see yourself travelling around the world speaking at events and in front of large audiences but you have NOT been successful at making this happen thus far
4) You want to be on TV, radio, on podcast shows, on blogs, in magazines and in newspapers but you are afraid to pitch to the media or you are afraid of being more visible
5) You are getting really FRUSTRATED with Social Media, you have finally come to the point where you have realised that there is only SO MUCH that Social Media can do to elevate your brand and you now KNOW that you have to step up to the next level which means MEDIA COVERAGE is NEEDED
6) You feel that your business lacks credibility
7) You lack clarity AND YOU WANT TO create a game plan for your success

Here is the link: http://queenchiomamedia.ontrapages.com/minicoachingsession

Many blessings

P.s. Just to let you know my 1-1 PR and Media services is £2,200 for 3 months, 5 weeks is £997 and 90mins is usually £157 (and going up to £220.00 in April)

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5 Ways to Deal with Negative Draining People in your Life

Have you been around anyone lately that has had NOTHING positive to say to you?

Perhaps they have said things to you like:
- You've put on so much weight
- You are not as pretty as you used to be
- You are losing weight
- Your too skinny
- You are not as good as your cousins
-  Your cooking sucks
- You need to get a Degree because all of your friends have one
- You never be successful in your Business
- Your Job is rubbish, you need to get a better job
- You are the stupid one in the family
- You will never be a Bank Manager, Accountant, Lawyer

Unfortunately, we all have at least one person in our life that we just DREAD being around and perhaps you often RUN away from this person because they never have anything encouraging to say!

Perhaps this person is:
- Your Mum
- Your Aunty
- Your Dad
- Your Best Friend
- Your Grandma
- Your Grandpa
- Your Sister
- Your Brother
- Your Uncle
- Your Teacher
- Your Work Colleague
- Your Neighbour
- A Shop Keeper
- A Church Member

Here are 5 Ways to Deal with Negative Draining People in your Life! Go! 

1) Forgive them:
When Jesus was on the cross after being stoned by the Jews he said "Father forgive them for they no not what they do". He also told Peter one of the Disciples to forgive 70x 7 if his brother offends him. Some people don't even know what that they are hurting you with such cruel words or they are just saying it because they are not happy within themselves. After all if they were happy in their lives why would they always put you down. 

2) Say a Prayer for them:
They need more prayer than you think. Number one for God to actually make them aware of their actions and secondly for God to help them to change. You might also want to pray a blessing over them too as the bible says "Bless those who curse you". 

3) Realise that you Must Have it Going On:
People heavily criticise Celebrities so you must be shining like one of them if you keep getting criticised. People never target average people to put down but they always target people who shine and people that are outstanding in life so take it as a backhanded compliment. You are clearly fabulous and amazing! Keep shining my friend. 

4) Don't Take it Personal:
You might be tempted to think that they are 100% correct and what they are saying is true but the truth is, you are perfect as you are. You are blessed, you are talented, you are gifted, you are a shining star, you are loved by so many friends, family and loved ones so you don't need to hold onto their negative opinion. Cast aside their negative opinion and write a list of 40 fabulous things about you (your successes, achievements, big wins in life, blessings, best attributes etc) and reflect on these things instead. Why should you let someone's opinion of you break you down. 

5) Surround yourself with Positive Uplifting people:
Get away from the haters, the drainers and that person that always without a shadow of doubt puts you down! Realise that being in negative company is the BEST way to kill your dreams and go down the path of depression. Instead get around uplifting people, encouraging people, loving people, kind people and inspirational people. 

And there you have it wonderful!

Hope you find the strength to keep perserving,

And always remember that no matter what you are going through you are NEVER alone, you are loved, treasured, and cared about. 

Lots of love and blessings


P.s. Do you need a BIG Confidence boost? Encouragement and Motivation? Do you want someone to LIFT you up instead of always feeling so pressed down? Do you need a shoulder to lean on, a person to talk to who won't judge you and someone who will offer you impartial feedback? Do you want to talk about your Social Media Strategy or your PR and Media Strategy for greater success? If so I am inviting you to work with me today to start working on your A-Game. This is your moment to go to the next level. Book a 45 Mins PR and Media Coaching Session with me now to make your dreams come true of breaking into the media in a bigger way than ever in 2017! It's time for you to become more visible :-) 

PP.s. Please say a prayer for London! I'm sure that you are aware of the attack that happened in Westminister, it was such a sad day yesterday. We lift up all that were affected in prayer! 

Yay We filmed Scenes for my Next Music Video at Ben TV Studio's Last Week Saturday (With photos)

It was my birthday on the 28th of Feb who hoo! I receievd over 150 lovely bday facebook messages on my personal page, lots of texts, phone calls, instagram messages and snap chat messages etc! Thank you so much everyone! 


I have lots to blog about so look out for it! Let's start with last week Saturday! That day was just phenomenal! We did filming for my next and exclusive Music Video for my catchy song "Fun, Free and Festive". It's not a new song but it will be a new video!

We shot so many scene which included several costume changes. 

Thanks so much Shola London's Dazzling Beauty Teen, Rebecca London's Dazzling Beauty 2016/17 and to Vicki-Louise Face of UK and Universe and also a former finalist of London's Dazzling Beauty for attending and for being in the video!

Thanks to Evon Media for the fantastic production and photos! And thanks to Ben TV for letting us use the venue! It was super cool filming there and nice to catch up with my old Colleagues.  

Can't wait for the video to come out!! We had so much fun! The song isn't actually a new song! You can actually get it on iTunes by typing in "Queen Chioma, Fun, Free, Festive". Check it out today!


Here are some more photos from the video shoot:


Below are a couple of unofficial photos with the girls in their sashes! We met Miss Pride of Africa 2016 at Ben TV and took photos with her! Some of us were in fitness wear because we were just about to start filming in the fitness scene for the music video! 


Thanks for checking out my latest blog post! 

Sending you lots of love and blessings 

Queen xx

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5 Ways to Overcome Depression and Sadness (How to Get your Happiness Back)

Have you ever felt really depressed or super sad this year?  

Do you find yourself feeling a sense of 'deep dread'?

Do you sometimes wonder where your joy, happiness and zest for life has disappeared to?

And do you ever catch yourself simply feeling really unhappy for one reason or another?  

If you have ever felt like giving up a few times over the past couple of months...then this latest blog post is for you: 

5 Ways to Overcome Depression and Sadness (How to Get your Happiness Back): 

1) Dance, Sing, Laugh and Smile More:
To really live life in the most festive and wonderful way! It's important that you infuse your life with so much FUN and creativity! One of the ways that you can do this is to dance as much as you can, sing as much as you can (in the shower and around the house), laugh as hard as you can, and smile at even the most unhappy (along with making an effort to smile when life isn't always full of roses).

What events can you attend to surround yourself with great people? Typing on your laptop, sitting on the computer and watching TV (24/17) isn't healthy for any of us. We need to spend time with loved ones, enjoy ourselves, do the things that we love more and actually LIVE! Some of the things that I love to do to live the festive life is to: 
- Go Karaoke (As mentioned singing is good for the soul)  
- Play pool with friends
- Spend time playing with my nephews and nieces
- Visit a Golf Centre (I must admit I've only done this once on Valentines day but it was so much fun that I have to go again very soon)     
- Play Bowling
- Play Badminton
- Go Swimming
- Sing at events
- Record music in the studio
- Going to Church (sometimes we just need some good spiritual food, help and peace that can only come from our heavenly father)

ASSIGNMENT: Write a list of 10 things that you could do to infuse more FUN and JOY into your life and take action on at least 3 of them over the next 7 days :-) 

 2) Grieve if you Need to Grieve:
Sometimes you feel sad in life as you are actually grieving (or you haven't given yourself the time to grieve in your past). Perhaps you lost a loved one, perhaps you went through some health challenges, maybe you had a bad experience in a relationship, maybe your career didn't work out as you expected, whatever it is that you have faced, it's a very powerfully thing to give yourself some time to get acquainted with your true feelings about the matter! If you need to cry, then spend time crying, if you need to take a week off work (or business) and go on holiday to get a little stronger then do it! Give yourself the time you need to get over your sadness in a healthy way! Bottling things up is never the answer. Sometimes a good healthy cry or speaking with a trusted friend could be the breakthrough that you need. 

3) Stop Reflecting on Too Many Negative Memories:
Now as much as I  do believe that one needs to grieve if they have been through things in life. I also think that it's important to ask yourself if you are grieving way too much? As much as we can't put a time on how long one can feel sad but Joyce Meyer has discussed the dangers of excessive grieving. For instance, are you dwelling on a breakup that happened 7 years ago? If so perhaps it's time to stop meditating on it! Perhaps you were betrayed by an ex-boyfriend, mistreated by old friends, rejected by a book publishing company, maybe your didn't pass the exams that you prepared so hard for! It's sometimes tempting to focus on negative things but this will not help you to achieve your amazing dreams! It's much better to let go of past and press forwards! Press into the wonderful future that God has for you. 

4) Get Your Vitamin D Level Checked:
Sometimes depression is actually a sign of a slight medical problem and not just an emotional issue! It could potentially be a sign that you are lacking in the sunshine vitamin AKA vitamin D! One of the things to do is to book an appointment to go to your doctor and get a check up! Make sure your vitamin levels are normal and not low! Because Sometimes just taking more Vitamin D could (especially if you live in a cold country) could dramatically make you feel better. There is also a possibility that your vitamin B levels could be low too as this vitamin is usually low in people with Anxiety and Depression too. So check everything! Cut down on too much sugar, too much caffeine and eat more fruits, veg and healthy food. Along with all of this also remember that it's important to DRINK MORE water and exercise. 

5) Take Good Opportunities When they Arise:
One of the things that can make you really depressed and sad is MISSED OPPORTUNITIES, it's when you always say NO to good things that are presented to you. No to getting into a new relationship (because you're afraid that the guy will hurt you), no to starting a YouTube Channel, no to attending more exclusive events, no to hanging out with friends, no to writing that book, no to travelling to new countries, no to investing in courses and coaching! If you keep saying NO to things you will also be saying a big NO to achieving your dreams and you will say YES to feeling depressed and sad. You will never be happy in life if you keep rejecting success. You have to eventually start grabbing opportunities with both hands if you want to live a wonderful life. Make a change from today and go for more amazing opportunities so that your life can be AMAZING :-) 

Here is an inspirational quote for you below too: 

Leave me a comment below and let me know what are your 3 biggest takeways or aha moments from this latest blog post? 

Keep the faith,

Love and blessings

Queen Chioma Nworgu MA
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Busting 2 Media Myths!

Happy Tuesday! 


Wow we have just 2 days until my VIP and Media Workshop and I really hope that you will be signing up! (See details below) 

In the meantime I thought to share that there are Two Media Myths that I want to eliminate from your mind today. As these Myths might be holding you back from being brave enough to pitch to the Media and shine in the Media. If you have ever wondered if something might be hiding you back perhaps it's time to ponder a little.

Can you relate to any of the below?

1) The Media will Change you and Make you a Bad Person:
Have you ever had this big ugly fear that perhaps if you start being in the media that you will suddenly change and go wild? Perhaps you will do lots of surgery or become worldly or that the fame will get to your head and make you a bad arrogant, demanding diva kind of person? WOW if you have been having these kind of fears deep down inside...I am not surprised that you are not attracting the publicity that you are TRULY capable of.

2) People will Judge you and Turn Against:
Perhaps you have been thinking that if you start being on TV, being on radio, being in Magazines, being in newspapers that your family, friends and colleagues will start to Judge you, well the truth is people are already judging you and criticising you whether you know it or not and as much as you may attract some judgement and criticism by being in the Media, you will attract so many more fans, followers and lovers than ever before.

When Beyonce was in Destiny's Child she made a song called "Happy Face" and some of the lyrics that I loved included:

"There are plenty of people that don't like me, but there's 10 times more who love me and I love myself" - Beyonce

So there you have it! Being in the Media is NOT as bad as it seems. You make your own path and even though there will be challenges. The beauty of being in the Media can truly surpass all the bad elements.

So don't give up!

Make it happen

Love and blessings 

Queen Chioma xx

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3 Ways that Being in the the Media Elevates your Brand


Happy Monday,

I am so excited about this month as it's my *BIRTHDAY MONTH*! YAY, Happy Dance. I have 22 days to go until the festive day and I am planning to have a special celebration this year!

A Photo of me filming with Ben TV last week (which aired last week Tuesday)
Have you ever wondered what can happen to you if you start being on TV, in magazines, in newspapers and basically when you attract more opportunities to shine in the Media?

If you were wondering how the media can elevate your brand here are 3 GOLDEN ways listed below:

1) You will be Seen as a Celebrity:
Having been on TV over 100 times now on a variety of channels from MTV to ITV I can truly say that people sometimes treat me like a Celebrity! You don't have to be on the Beyonce level to be some what famous. Usually all it takes is a few appearances, features and publications in the Media and people will start to regard you as a Celebrity! Don't believe me? Well then just give it a try and see how your brand goes BIG! And see how star struck people will start being when they meet you, greet you or when they interact with you on Social Media.

2) You will Be Seen as More Professional than Ever Before: 
When you have more publicity for your brand this makes your brand seem more professional and elite! And guess what, all of those potential clients and brands that don't usually say want to work with you, that say NO or give you those constant IF, BUTS or MAYBES will begin to regard your brand as more professional than ever before and what does this? It means that they will start saying YES, WHEN CAN WE START, HOW CAN I WORK WITH YOU! I remember a lady calling me and saying "I saw you on TV that's why I have to bring my daughters to yourevent, because we wanted to meet you in real life". I didn't have to convince her, she was convinced by watching me on TV. This can happen to you too and it can be through press that you attract, magazine features and even speaking gigs. Imagine big brands wanting to work with you in 2017! It feels exciting right? The feeling you get when you eat your favourite ice-cream :-) 

3) You will have more Credibility and Influence:
I can't tell you how many times people give me free tickets to exclusive events, give me shout outs, give me big recognition and recommend me for big projects and amazing opportunities and this is because I have the credibility by consistently having features in the Media. Once you have a few media logos on your website and when people start watching you on TV or seeing you speak at these BIG events and when they listen to your Interview on Podcasts and Radio believe me, you will not be trying to get in with major influences anymore but rather people will be trying to get in with you. Fans and potential clients will be excited and happy to pay for your products and services and to attend your events without you having to beg for them.

And there you have it GLAMOROUS! Yes all this can happen to you and so much more! 


One of the things that many ladies tell me that they STRUGGLE with is they want to be in the Media but they don't know HOW! They don't understand how to pitch to the Media and what to say if they are being interviewed and they get nervous, stressed and anxious about even the thought of putting themselves out there in a BIGGER way! This doesn't have to be you.

I am inviting you to tackle this problem once and for all by attending my Exclusive VIP Media and Publicity Workshop.

My Event is an Online Workshop where I will teach you for 2 hours the BEST strategies, media success tips, PR tips and Interview strategies that you need to know to have a Brand that attracts consistent Good PR, Media Recognition, Press and Publicity. 

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Love and blessings  

Queen Chioma Nworgu MA

P.s. Being in the Media is NOT just about you being famous my dear, but rather about you having the ability to reach the MASSES or whether it's a NICHE market with your MESSAGE, STORY, GIFTS AND TALENTS.

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5 Ways to Increase your Chances of Attracting Publicity and Media Interviews

Lately, I've heard so many women say that they would LOVE to be on TV, be in magazines, be on podcast shows, hosting their own events and the list goes on. I experience this type of success every year in abundance! In fact, just the other day my producer sent me the footage of the NEW SHORT FILM that I featured in! I am so excited, I played a small role but it was just so wonderful to be part of the film esp as it wasn't planned! The film comes out in Feb 2017 so I will keep you posted with the details.

Things like this can happen to you too if you TRULY want it bad enough, but wishing is not enough, you simply have to combine your faith with some serious action!

So if you want some ideas on how to make your dreams come true in 2017 then HIP HIP HOORAY!

Here are a few things that will increase your chances of Attracting Publicity and Media Interviews for your Brand: 

1) Create a Media Page on your Website:
One of the reasons why some Girl Bosses have less publicity than they would expect is because they have no Media or Press page on their website! This is a hindrance because firstly it shows that you are hiding your publicity or you don't have any. Secondly, it demonstrates that you are showing up as an amateur and that you truly don't want any media recognition for your brand. So if you have been struggling to get some MEDIA BUZZ or powerful media interviews now you know what the problem is.   

2) Keep Posting Content Regularly: 
I recommend blogging, making videos on YouTube/Instagram or podcasting weekly, or bi-weekly! (You don't want a situation where a journalist or a reporter visits your blog or your YouTube channel and see very few posts) they will think that you are inconsistent and it might make the media change their mind about booking you for an interview. If you want to go to the next level Media wise, step up your game. 

3) Create a Professional Showreel or an Advert: 
Hire a Videographer to do this for you, it should be HIGH QUALITY. Having a professional showreel or an Advert can really set you apart and make your brand POP :-) It shows that you have invested in yourself and that you are determined to have more opportunities to shine on camera, stage etc. You can also create an Introduction video (telling everyone who you are, what you do, share your story and contact info etc) also mention hat you are highly interested in speaking gigs and media opportunities (you get what you ask for!).   

4) Ask for Media Opportunities Consistently: 
Speak to friends, family, colleagues and high profile people that could potentially connect you to good opportunities and pitch to the Media. So many of my friends or people that I know have recommended me for media interviews such as Podcast Interviews, TV work, Singing Performances and so much more! But you have to let people know that you are on the look out for opportunities and when the connect you. Take the opportunity seriously. Avoid turning down small opportunities because it might be a TEST! "If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones" Luke 10: 16

5) Have Lots of High Resolution Photos (Fresh and New): 
Keep going for photo shoots and keep posting new photos of you at events, up to big things in the world, photos of you working in your business i.e. Coaching a client, Speaking at a workshop. Have a variety of photos, lots of head shots, mid-length shots and full-length images! Have photos of you in a variety of locations too such as in different cities or states...not just on your desk! Be creative.

The Media are usually 10, 20 or even 100 times more likely to be interested in your brand if you show yourself to be a people person! So group photos are VITAL for your Instagram, Twitter, FB page and even a few sprinkled on your website. Posting photos of you supporting charity events, with young people, with high profile people/celebrities/influencers is exactly what the media takes into consideration before featuring someone.

And that is IT fabulous! Let me below which tip you have found to resonate with you the most! 

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Many blessings have a GREAT weekend!

Love and blessings

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New Video: 5 Ways to Attract New Clients in 2017

Happy Fabulous Thursday,

I hope you are having a FANTASTIC week so far and a great year too, 

Today, I want to discuss the topic of ATTRACTING CLIENTS yay as this can be one of the biggest struggles that entrepreneurs face! Most small business owners need clients to survive. Unless they have other streams of income.

So if you have ever been in that place of wanting to attract new business with speed then this is the blog post for you :-)  I go through the 5 things that I do in my business to attract clients on a consistent basis! This has helped me to make thousands of pounds over the years so take notes :-) 

And there you have it!

Now it's your time...I want to know what do you do to attract clients? 

Tell me 2-3 things that you do to sell your products and services and lets get into a FUN conversation on this topic of attracting clients.

The PR and Media Mastermind

One of the ways that I mentioned in my video is the power of being in the Media! PR and Media can really be life changing and it can transform your business forever!

You just need to look at all the BIG brands that you love and adore and see how much success, fans, wealth and abundance they have attracted as a result of being in the media from celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Mariah Carey and Khloe Kardashian to brands such as Mac Cosmetics, Apple,
and Sony.

If you want to learn how to attract publicity for your small business and if this is something that you are struggling with then I want you to TRULY consider joining us for my new programme the PR and Media Mastermind, it's a 3 month group coaching programme for girl bosses that are determined to break into the Media in a bigger way than ever before this includes being on TV, being in magazines, podcast interviews and so much more! 

Hope you decide to join us, only 10 spots in total and a few spots are taken already so hurry!

Many blessings

Queen xxx

The PR and Media Mastermind Scholarship Results

Welcome to my blog again :-)

Today I am announcing the winners (which I have announced on Facebook and Twitter) I want to start by saying a big thank you to everyone that competed in my PR and Media Mastermind Scholarship!

So here are the results:

OVERALL WINNER: Mary J Thompson a big congratulations! she is the overall winner of the PR and Media Mastermind and will featured in Her Story Matter's Magazine (March Edition). I am also gifting her with my 5 Week Media and Publicity Coaching Package as a bonus YAY :-) hip hip hooray!!

1st Runner up: Melissa Williams-Pope, She is the 1st runner up and she also win's a place in the the PR and Media Mastermind, and will also featured in Her Story Matter's Magazine (March Edition)

2nd Runner up: Dr Tanja Isabella, she is the 2nd runner up in this competition and will win access to my "Media and Publicity Home Study Course" and 50% off the PR and Media Mastermind (the latter is optional but we truly wish that she will join us)

Well done to all the winners and to all of the other ladies that applied for this PR and Media Mastermind Indira Pierrot, Charlotte Thomas and Tash Jefferies, to award the ladies that applied, we sent them an audio training titled "How to Attract TV, Podcast and Radio Interviews in the Next 30 Days". 

We truly believe that the ladies that applied for this competition are AMAZING and we are so grateful that you put yourselves out there by making these videos, applying to win the scholarship and by showing God and the Universe that you are truly go-getters!

We hope to see you ALL in the programme as I truly want to work with you all,

Wishing you all the best!

Many blessings

Queen xxxxx

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Meet Indira Pierrot, from the USA: her PR and Media Mastermind Scholarship Entry

Thanks to the wonderful Indira, Female Coach& Beauty and Freedom Finder, from the USA for applying for my PR and Media Mastermind Scholarship!

About her and her brand in a nutshell: 
I am the woman entrepreneur's b.f.f. (Beauty & Freedom Finder) I hope to help more women especially minorities to step up and become entrepreneurs. I want to reach them and inspire them that they don't have to slave away in a job they hate. I also feel led to be in business as a Christian as there are so few currently in the marketplace.

Why would you like to apply to win a FREE scholarship to be in the PR and Media Mastermind? 
I am in the process of launching my first online products and have made some huge investments in my company already. I have never applied for any scholarship before but I believe in divine guidance & intuition. Tracy referred me to you and you suggested I apply so I am going to continue to follow the path and see what develops.

Watch her video here

What an inspirational video and lovely images,

You can check out Indira here:

Thanks so much for being here!

Many blessings

Queen xx

Please join us for the PR and Media Mastermind Programme here! Starting on the  18th of January 2017: 

Mary.J.Thompson, USA, her Scholarship Entry for my PR and Media Mastermind

Thanks so much Mary for sending this to me yesterday!

This is such a touching and gorgeous video! Straight from the heart :-) feeling so blessed! This is her entry for our PR and Media and Scholarship video!

Mary is from Utah, USA! Life Coach and Women's Health Expert!

What she does and about her brand: 
I am a life coach & women's health expert, guiding women to get clear on their goals, upgrade their mind & body, build their confidence, and take the leap to live awesomely! My clients are amazing women who feel stuck, and know they are meant for more. Who desire to follow their heart to live the life they dream of! For women who desire to be happy & fulfilled! And for women who are ready to listen, take the leap, and BREAK FREE!

Why would you like to apply to win a FREE scholarship to be in the PR and Media Mastermind?
I love my clients & they get great results! I want to be able to help more people, grow a huge following, & have a high-end international brand!

Watch Mary's Video Here 

You can visit Mary's website here: 

Exciting and so inspirational :-) 

Thanks for watching and for reading, 

Many blessings

Queen xx

Find out about my PR and Media Mastermind here: 

Tash Jefferies from Canada: Her Scholarship Entry for my PR and Media Mastermind

Thanks so much to Tash Jefferies, Digital and Social Media Strategist, I am so happy to receive your gorgeous and vibrant video for my PR and Media Mastermind Scholarship! She is from Canada :-) a

Tell me about yourself or/and your brand in a nut shell?:
Authenticity, bright colours, and boldness in action. I live and breathe those things :)

Check out her fabulous images and video below: 


Why would you like to apply to win a FREE scholarship to be in the PR and Media Mastermind?
I LOVE your personality, I know I can learn how to take my PR and media skills to the next level with you, and I'm also excited to contribute my expertise and skills to this group as well! Let's all share and grow together :).

Watch Tash's Scholarship Entry Video Here

What a wonderful video :-)

Visit Tash's website here: 

Many blessings Queen

Follow in Tash's footsteps and Apply for the Scholarship here: 

Find out about my PR and Media Mastermind here: 

Meet Melissa Pope-Williams, from the USA: Her Scholarship Video for my PR and Media Mastermind

Meet Melissa Pope-Williams, 

Please check out the stunning Melissa Pope-William's Scholarship video for my PR and Media Mastermind!

She's originally from America and resides in New Zealand, and she's a Clarity Coach, a Writer, a Professional Singer and Actress! (Multi-talented for sure)

About here and her brand:
Ah . . . well you know me - ha! Along with being a transformational business coach for women entrepreneurs, an author, a singer, speaker and actor, I plan to begin to finally follow my heart and write novels this year. And not just write novels that I can whack up on Amazon and call it a day, but one of the things I really want to be known for is as a wildly successful fiction author! (And top UpLevelment coach for women entrepreneurs, too!)

Watch Melissa's video here: 

Why would you like to apply to win a FREE scholarship to be in the PR and Media Mastermind?
It would be so fun to connect with you, learn from you, transform thanks to you - in the area of increasing notoriety and publicity. And as I mentioned, there was that voice inside that wouldn't let me let this opportunity pass me by. ;) As you said, this could very well be "my time" - Divine timing!

You can see Melissa at:

I love watching your videos ladies! Thank you :-) and please keep them coming!

It's not too late to apply for the Scholarship!

Apply now before it's too late! 

Many blessings

Queen xx
P.s. Ready to join the PR and Media Mastermind right now? If so, register here

Meet Charlotte Thomas, UK, Her Scholarship Video for my PR and Media Mastermind

Dear Wonderful friends,

Today I am featuring the lovely and beautiful Charlotte Thomas, she is a Charity Ambassador a Professional Singer and a Beauty Queen! She has applied to win the Scholarship for my PR and Media Mastermind and I am truly honoured to receive this video entry below :-) 

Tell me about yourself or/and your brand in a nut shell?: 
I do a variety of things, I sing, dance, rap, act and model, I am very enthusiastic and am always pushing myself. I am also a beauty pageant queen with the current titles of World Natural Beauty Ambassador and Royal Majestic Miss Merseyside. I am also a Young Ambassador for the anti-bullying charity BulliesOut, so I work both in the local community and in the local/national media to combat bullying and do lots of anti bullying campaigning. I also volunteer for Wirral Animal Sanctuary.

Check out her images and website below: 


Why would you like to apply to win a FREE scholarship to be in the PR and Media Mastermind? :
I would love to win a scholarship to be in the PR and Media Mastermind, because PR and Media are areas that I have always been very keen to expand on and get more exposure with, and I know you are excellent at doing this, so I feel that the scholarship would be perfect for me!

Check out Charlotte's website here:

Thank you for all of your applications and for those of you who haven't got round to making your video yet please don't take too longer, keep things simply and submit it asap! A great opportunity is knocking at your door :-)

It's not too late to apply for the Scholarship!

Deadline: 14th of Jan 2017 at 5pm GMT!

This is your YEAR to be in the Media in a bigger way than ever before. Bigger impact and bigger influence!

Apply now before it's too late! 

Many blessings

Queen xx
P.s. Click here to find out about the PR and Media Mastermind

Why would you like to apply to win a FREE scholarship to be in the PR and Media Mastermind? : 
I would love to win a scholarship to be in the PR and Media Mastermind, because PR and Media are areas that I have always been very keen to expand on and get more exposure with, and I know you are excellent at doing this, so I feel that the scholarship would be perfect for me!

Meet Dr Tanja Isabella, USA: Her Scholarship Video Application for my PR and Media Mastermind

Dear Wonderful friend,

Today I am featuring Dr Tanja Isabella, Practicing Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology Celebrity Make-Up Artist Trained PhD in Divinity Author- Speaker- Professor-Model Certified Empowerment & Sex, Love, Relationship Coach. 

Tell me about yourself or/and your brand in a nut shell?: 
My gift centers are healing and beauty. I currently practice dermatology. I am a co-author of 2 woman's empowerment books with my own book coming out on late 2017 through the gift of Linda Eastman a beautiful angel that found me. I am a professor at a local university and I am a public speaker. I have a Doctorate of Divinity and Spiritual Philosophy with an Emphasis in the Divine Feminine. I have been a fashion and hair model in the past. I have a Masters in Education and Exercise Physiology. I have trained with a celebrity make-up artist. I am a certified woman's empowerment coach. I am in the process of obtaining a 600 hour integrated sex, love, & relationship professional coaching certification. I am a beauty, pleasure, and empowerment coach..helping professional women and cancer survivors having the personal lives they desire.

unnamed (2).jpg

Why would you like to apply to win a FREE scholarship to be in the PR and Media Mastermind? :
I wanted to wait until I had more money & more time but my soul is drawn to you. My deepest wound in my heart, soul, and psyche is my visability wound which I was deeply and painfully reminded of today. Despite my logical brain I feel as though God is inspiring me to apply to your amazing program as a gift of healing my visibility wounds from the divine.and from you

You can watch her video here

Very inspirational and powerful! So moving :-) 

Her website is: www.yourmajesticbeauty.com

I truly want to invite you to PLEASE follow in Dr Tanja's footsteps and apply today to win a FREE place in my PR and Media Mastermind also! This is your chance to win this competition. I am giving away 1-2 spots into my programme. Imagine discovering exactly what it will take to break into the media, attract TV interviews, magazine features, press, podcast interviews and so much more!

I can't wait to receive your video entry too!

Many blessings

Queen xx
P.s. Apply for the Scholarship here

5 Ideas for Attracting TV, Radio and Podcast Interviews in the Next 30 Days (Part 2)

Happy New Year Wonderful,

I am wishing you all the BEST for 2017 and I truly believe that it is the year of Unlimited Success and I know that you can achieve great things if you just believe and GO FOR IT! 

So welcome to part two which concludes the second part of my last blog post! (if you haven't checked out part one then please read it here before proceeding) 

Here are the additional 2 ideas for Attracting TV, Radio and Podcast Interviews in the Next 30 Days

4) Get Focused: 
You have to focus on publicity if you want to attract publicity, You have to be willing to switch off from Social Media and break some normal patterns that you have to make time to pitch to the media for media opportunities. You have to realise that attracting publicity isn't enough, it take commitment and dedication too! Doing things such as sending e-mails, making phone calls and posting out your press pack to media houses and searching for amazing events that are coming up in your area and asking them if they need a speaker are some of the things that you will need to do on a weekly or monthly basis. And if you are not willing to do it, hire someone on your team to do this work for you. 

5) Create a Podcast Show/Web TV Show:
One of the best ways to attract publicity to your brand is to create your own online show! A weekly show where you add tons of value, having your own podcast can be great as you can invite guests onto your show and it's really modern to have a podcast these days! With a web TV show you could do something like daily v-logging, v-logging once a week, or you could have a weekly show like Alex Beadon "Chatty Tuesdays" or like Marie Forleo "Marie TV". Alex and Marie both show up every Tuesdays on YouTube with a new video on Business or Marketing. Doing something like this can attract so much publicity to you because it shows the Media and your audience that you are consistent and it can make people feel as if they 'know, like and trust you' which could lead to all kind of media interviews, collaborations, publications, travelling opportunities and so much more because the media look hiring people that are doing powerful things online.  

And that's a wrap! Woo hoo!

I wanted to give you another reminder about my PR and Media Mastermind, as you know I am searching for 10 amazing, fabulous and inspirational girl bosses to join me for my 3 Month Group Coaching Programme. In this programme I will teach you the following:
- How to pitch to the Media like a Pro
- How to be the kind of Girl Boss or Celebrity that has a powerful brand that is always in the Media like Marie Forleo, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift
- How to turn your dreams of being on TV shows, radio shows, podcast shows, 
and so much more....into a living reality instead of always wishing the wish!
- How to Build your Publicity Pack, Media Kit, Show reel
- How to Show up on Social Media (making tweaks to what you currently do) to attract Media Interviews and so much more

But wait...I have so exciting news....because now I have a new SCHOLARSHIP application open where you can apply to join my PR and Media Mastermind for FREE (I will be accepting 1-2 spots). What does this mean? It means that you will be able to join all the group coaching calls, have access to the private Facebook group (where you can be in the community of other women in the private Facebook group) and have access to all the video trainings, audio trainings and modules :-) 

All you have to do to apply is click on the button below to find out all about the scholarship. I encourage you to apply ASAP! The application process includes filling in a mini application form and then creating a 2-3 minute video! 

Wishing you a happy and blessed Sunday,

Love and hugs from Queen xx

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5 Ideas for Attracting TV, Radio and Podcast Interviews in the Next 30 Days (Part 1)

Compliments of the season amazing friend,

Hope you had a DELIGHTFUL Christmas and a happy boxing day! :-)  

Have you ever wondered what you need to do to start being on TV, Radio and on the Podcast shows of your dreams? If so this is your CHRISTMAS TREAT as I have good news because over the last two weeks I have been designing a new mini programme that will help you to get amazing publicity and media recognition it's called "The Media and Publicity Home Study System" and it's available right now to get today here. And in today's blog post I am below I am sharing a few tips that you can implement right away also:

1) Create a List of Potential Media Contacts& Shows:
The amazing media interviews that you desire to have in 2017 are totally possible for you! you can definitely be on TV, Radio and on Podcast show. But you have to start planning for this type of success. One of the things that might be stopping from attracting local, national and international interviews is a lack of clarity. By that I mean, you haven't really taken time to sit down and spend an hour or two searching (or even 5-6 hours) searching for all the TV shows, radio shows and podcasts that you would like to be interviewed on! And you haven't got a list of potential media contacts that can potentially hook you up either! Perhaps you have been too busy with posting on Social Media, other business activities to do something like this, but you really NEED to take this step if you are serious about having bigger levels of publicity in 2017! In my PR and Media Mastermind Group Coaching Programme, I will be giving all ladies a list of 50 popular shows that they can start pitching to straight away! And I will guide you on what to say with examples of good and not so good pitches. 

2) Pitch to the Media Consistently and Diligently: 
This is something that you should do consistently whether you are a beginning or a pro. I have some girls and women in my beauty pageant business that do not have fancy websites or even a blog and yet they take my tips on board and pitch to the media and get amazing interviews on TV, Radio and they get featured in Magazines and Newspapers. You can pitch to the Media by e-mail, phone or by sending them a letter by post! In a nut shell you need to tell them: 
- That you love what they do (i.e. Dear James from Pop TV, I love your show it's totally amazing...) 
- Who you are (My name is Vanessa, I am a 21 year old Female Entrepreneur from Malta that's just launched a new book called _______________ and I am on a mission to get this book into the hands of over 2,000 women by July 2017...) 
- Why you are writing (I am writing as I would like to be a special guest on your TV Show ....)
- Tell them why you would be the perfect guest for their show (i.e. Tell them a bit about your story, your achievements, an obstacle that you overcame and how this can help their audience)
- Let them know that if they are interested in interviewing you or hearing your story in more details that they can reach you by e-mail (or you can even give them a contact number if they are in your country or city. As a shameless plug, I thought to let you know that I have a sample e-mail waiting for you in my new Media and Publicity Home Study System which you can get immediately when you sign up to the programme today! If you are searching for something more long terms and in-depth then I invite you to work with me in my PR and Media Mastermind which starts in January YAY :-) (limited to 10 women entrepreneurs/female coaches only).  

3) Research Key Terms, Words and Current News in the Media:
One of the best ways to attract more publicity and media recognition for your brand is to increase your understanding of the Media industry in bigger ways than ever before! One of the fastest ways to do this is to simply buy a book on Media studies or a book on Mass Communications. You can also buy a book on any industry that is related to Media studies such as Communications Studies, PR, Video Production, Radio, Cinematography, Film Studies and I even recommend that you buy a book on Politics (you won't regret this).  Please put down your Social Media books, Marketing books and Business books for a few minutes or even a few hours a week to TRULY give some time and attention to your Media and PR Strategy, you will thank me for this one day!  You can also do research by keeping up to date with all current affairs and the latest celebrity gossip. Download an app or subscribe to a few newspapers such as The Guardian Newspaper and Vogue Magazine. It may seem a bit annoying to keep up to date with celebrity news and current affairs and I am not suggesting that you spend 5 hours reading 10 magazines a day but you do need to know what's going on in the world (in terms of Popular Culture and High Culture). The last thing you want is to be asked a series of questions during your interview and come across as uneducated simply due to a lack of research.  

In the next Blog Post I will be sharing 2 more ideas that you can implement to speed up the process of breaking into the Media in 2017! YAY get excited...

In the Mean time I want to introduce my new Media and Publicity Home Study System to you: 

Here is what you will get INSTANTLY once you sign up to my programme now:

🌟 15 Ways to Attract Media Interviews, Features and Publications in the Next 30 Days - Audio Training, 60 Minutes

🌟Sample Emails: Pitching
to the Media: 
    3 examples of catchy email subject lines and 1 example of what to say in
    the email that can get the media saying yes to interviewing you

🌟100 Media Interview Questions (Workbook) 
    (A list of frequently asked questions& tough interview questions that you
     are likely to be asked in upcoming interviews along with a few powerful
     interview tips) 

🌟Making Appearances: A list of 21 Exclusive Events to Attend to Help
    you Attract More Publicity

🌟 21 Ways to Prepare for TV, Podcast and Radio Interviews - (E-Book) 

🌟 10 Ways to Attract Media Recognition and Publicity to Lift your
     Profile and Brand - (E-book)

With Love and Blessings from Queen
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Merry Christmas& A New Video (Reasons to Join me for my PR and Media Mastermind)

Merry Christmas WONDERFUL!! 

Thanks so much for visiting my BLOG again :-)
You are so welcome here!

So perhaps you are wondering what my PR and Media Mastermind is all about and if that's so then you are in the RIGHT PLACE as I created a 12 minute video where I share all the details on what to expect if you decide to join us for the programme.

But please bare in mind that the group coaching programme is limited to 10 ladies ONLY!

Watch the video below today: 

I want to wish you a wonderful Christmas, full of love, blessings, peace, liberty, success, fruitfulness and hope! I pray that you get all you dream of today and that God bestows you with a highly glorious 2017!

Hope to see you in my PR and Media Mastermind you fabulous #GirlBoss 

Love and hugs from Queen

Happy Christmas Eve& A Special Invitation to Join me for my PR and Media Mastermind (Limited to 10 Girl Bosses Only)

Happy Christmas Eve,

Wow can you believe it? Christmas is nearly here! Already,

So I am sure that you have heard the WORD that I have opened up spaces for my PR and Media Mastermind YAY how exciting :-) I am currently searching for 10 amazing success driven Female Entrepreneurs that I would totally LOVE to help to attract more publicity and media recognition in 2017. 

Here are the main elements of the programme:
1) It's a 3 Month Group Coaching Programme
2) It is designed to help you attract Media Interviews, Magazine Features, 
3) This programme is for fabulous women that want to break into the Media in a bigger way than ever before
4) 8 Core Modules
5) 8 x Group Coaching Calls (1 call every other week + 2 bonus calls) 
6) Videos, Audios, Worksheets, Cheat Sheets, Checklists, Templates and Sample Letters
7) Weekly office hours
9) Access to our Private Facebook group for all Mastermind Members
5) High levels of Accountability
6) High levels of Support
7) PR and Media Training
8) 2 x 1-1 Private PR and Media Coaching Sessions with Queen Chioma

But wait there's more as I will also give you over £400.00 worth of bonuses which includes
exclusive training videos, audios and my PR and Media Home Study Course (wonderful isn't it?

Here are 8 Reasons to Sign up NOW: 
1) To have more wonderful Media logos on your website so that you have the credibility that you and your brand needs to attract more clients and to prove your reputation
2) To have more influence, authority and status in the industry
3) To be a brighter star amongst so many bright stars i.e. Celebrities clearly shine brighter than most people (whether we like it or not) and that's why they become so famous, this can happen to you and your brand too   
4) Become the go-to-person in your in your field.
5) Become more powerful, inspirational and admirable to your fans and followers
6) Attract exclusive invitations to speak, attend or host some of the worlds biggest events i.e. Conferences, seminars, summits, award shows, red carpet events, youth events, church events etc
7) Reach thousands or even MILLIONS of people with your message, story and talents
8) Break outside of your comfort zone and become more visible to those who need you the most
9) Attract more clients and attract more MONEY into your business (the more appearances you have in the media, the more your income will increase) 
10) Watch yourself on TV, see yourself in your favourite magazines, listen to yourself on podcast shows! 

So what do you say AMAZING lady? Are you going to join us and be part of this Mastermind programme? 

I would LOVE for you to become one of the 10 amazing women that grabs this opportunity to be in a community surrounded by like-minded women that are determined to GO BIG in 2017!

Featured Testimonial:

Check out all the details of the programme by clicking here

Wishing you a WONDERFUL Christmas beloved friend,

Love from Queen Chioma xx