MY PRESENTATION WENT WELL! Back from Golden Sands, Bulgaria (The Comparative Education Society Conference)

Hey Blessed Friends,


I want to say a BIG thank you for all of your lovely encouragement, lovely words, love and support me and private msgs that you send me via Facebook, Instagram and E-mail. 

I travelled to Bulgaria and was there for a week! I got back on Sunday and I am already missing Bulgaria BIG TIME! Because we were literally on a resort by the beach, we had lots of pools all around us and the streets were FULL of shops, fun fairs and activities to do. 

I delivered my paper on Thursday last week in Bulgaria (gave my presentation) at one of the sessions at the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society Conference.

And it went really well!


This day literally reminds me of when I made the decision to become a International Motivational Speaker!

I used to write down on paper, imagine and dream and say out loud... several times a day...things like:

- I speak at schools, colleges, conferences and at events.

- I'm always on TV and radio.

- I travel all over the UK and abroad speaking at events and changing lives.

- I'm always booked perform and speak at events!

And then one day it started happening!

This conference below is one where you actually get your work published into their book!

And you get awarded with certificates too for participation and training.

I've now had my work published into several books and received so many certificates.

As I've been here 8 times now!

To have such an opportunity your work will have to be full of substance as the editors are top notch academics (Doctors and Professors) that can (or will) reject your paper if it doesn't meet the criteria.

So it's such an honour.

With LOVE and Blessings


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One of the ways to really stand out in front of the Media is to be active in raising money for charity.

Become an Ambassador for a Charity or raise thousands for charity by creating some kind of campaign.

Do a 10K walk or a 10K run, a half marathon or a full marathon. Or come up with some other ideas of things that you can do to raise money for charity such as organising a local fashion show for your local community. 

I won have won several Charity awards, crowns and titles. I won Miss Charity Kent, Miss Charity UK and Miss Charity Europe 2011 in the Face of Europe Pageant, I raised over £1,600 for Charity.

I did this by speaking at events, creating my own charity fundraising events, selling my CD's and donating a percentage of the profits to charity etc.

I didn't stop there I actually continue to raise thousands of pounds every year through my Beauty Pageant Business for charity.

The girls and women in my pageant are always encouraged to raise at least £50-150 each for charity every year (they choose a charity or two of their choice) and set up a Just Giving Page and they get busy doing things like Cake Sales, Jumble Sales, 10K Runs etc to meet their charity goals.

We have also raised money at some of our events also through ticket sales etc.

So over the years, we have raised over £10,000 for charity via my pageant business and we helped an organisation to raise £12,000 so that's a total of over 22K.

These kinds of endeavours really helped me and my businesses to attract tons of Media interviews, press and publications.

The Media really LOVE it when a brand is charitable and they love it when a business supports good causes too.

So go for it!

Become  Charity Supporter too! 


I totally recommend creating some kind of a Charity fundraising challenge for yourself/brand!

Are up for it?

If so...let me know in the comments section below what can you do to get more active in raising big amounts of money for charity this year?

How much money would you like to raise for charity if you knew that it was totally possible?



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Business Can be Painfully Slow and BORING WITHOUT CONSISTENT PR AND MEDIA COVERAGE (How to Fix this with SPEED)


Many of the women that I speak to tell me how slow there businesses are, how hard it is for them attract the publicity that they dream of and how difficult it can be for them to secure Media interviews and raise their visibility.


There is another problem...some women  have lots of CLIENTS, they have the MONEY IN THE BANK, they have some publicity under there belt too i.e. the occasional FB Interview or Podcast Interview. However they want soooo  much MORE! They feel that they weren't just BORN to be on Social Media and have an ONLINE BRAND but they have always seen themselves as women that would travel around the world, speaking on stages, sharing their messages, being on TV etc but it's not happening and they feel super sad, defeated and confused as to why they can't have moreeeee success in the offline or Media world too. 

I've realised that no one is going to care about your brand that much if you don't add some SERIOUS PR and Media to the mix! 

You'll always feel like a cat that's just screaming at the top of your lungs to get attention on Social Media. 

You'll always feel as if something is missing that you can't quite put your finger on.

You'll always feel as if others are getting wayyyy ahead of you and you are just blending into the background. 

You'll always be the one watching others shine while you keep promoting the same old stuff on Social Media. 

Imagine actually been on a podcast show or a radio show with engaged listeners and ideal clients for a change or being on a TV show where people are actually watching you with sheer admiration and delight. 

Imagine being in a magazine with avid readers that instantly hit you up on Social Media and that join your newsletter with speed. 

When I appeared on a TV Show I had about 50 people recognised me on the streets and at events! They would come up to me and congratulate me or whisper "that's the girl from that TV show".

Ladies don't you just want to be FINALLY celebrated this year for all of your and work? 

Don't you just want to be recognised and to shine? 
Because I know I do! 
This is part of your healing. 

You can't heal properly without truly receiving the honour that comes from being an inspiration and a role model in the Media. If you are destined to be in the Media. 

Sometimes the truth is...there is no medicine like the medicine of good publicity!  

I promise you! 

If you have been bullied, wounded, rejected, betrayed I can't tell you how good it feels to go on a

TV show and know that people that hurt you are watching you shine! 

You can and you will have the last laugh. 

Those wounds that have haunted you for years are just waiting to heal when they receive the LOVE that’s supposed to flow in! 

Imagine getting hugs from your fans and your followers that come up to you after you speak at a prestigious event in your city or abroad! 

When I travelled to Speak in Turkey many years ago, gave academic presentations at the World Congress Education Conference and performed at their Gala night (on a huge Boat) in front of thousands...I had so many amazing Turkish fans come up to me and shower me with love, hugs and so many amazing words! They told me that 'I would be as famous as Rhianna one day'...and then they said "In fact you will be even more famous than Rhianna" and they all agreed! I have always held on to those words! Perhaps that's what made me be consistent with being in the media. 

I want this life for you too fabulous, 

I want you to speak at events, travel all over with a purpose, make a big impact, have international fans, perform, do media interviews and just have a year crowned with MEDIA MOMENTS!

With Love,

Queen xx                                          

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Featured Client: Emem Washington, USA, Gospel Singer and Attorney shares her experience working with Queen Chioma Nworgu

Dear Lovelies,

Today I would like to take this opportunity to feature one of my AMAZING Clients.

Her name is Emem Washington, she is from Houston, USA, she is a Gospel Singer, an Attorney and a Entrepreneur and she is on a mission to make a BIG impact through her Music and her Course and her Live Events in a powerful way!

Emem has worked with me in a few of my programmes such as my Celebrity Female Entrepreneur in your Programme, she has had a few 1-1 PR and Media Coaching sessions with me and also did my Boot Camp 'Social Media, Publicity and Money'.

Emem got so many amazing results working with me that I decided that I would do an interview with Emem instead of it being just a video testimonial. 

Here you go WATCH IT NOW: 

Some of Emem's achievements working with me included:

- Being featured in a UK Magazine
- Going to the Dove Awards (this is like the Grammy Award Show in the Gospel Industry).
- Met amazing Celebrities such as Erica Campbell from Mary, Mary, she took photos with them and filmed with some of them at the Dove Awards. 
- She was featured in couple of Blogs
- She organised two filled out amazing workshop events
- She secured a 45 mins TV Interview  
and more! 

Now I am not going to take credit for Emem's success but it is sooo exciting to see all that she has achieved in such a short space of time. 

It was a pleasure to work with her. 


Follow Emem on Instagram here:

Thanks for watching and reading.

P.s. If you are interested in working with me then I would LOVE for you to complete this form here and also considering joining my programme 'Mastering Media' last date to join is the 1st of April 2018.  

10 Ways to Manifest Media Interviews

Are struggling with the whole PR thing? 

Do you feel as if something is blocking you from attracting publicity for your brand? 

Do you dream of doing AMAZING media interviews but you have no idea how to make it happen?

If so you are in for treat as I have some AWESOME tips for you baby on how you can start MANIFESTING MEDIA INTERVIEWS! Yayyyy!!

1) Build your Confidence: 
Read as many articles and books on Confidence as possible! Study confident people and mirror them! Confidence is the most important quality that you need to possess if you are super keen to have SUCCESSFUL Media interviews this year.

2) Practice Posing in the Mirror: 
The more fabulous you feel in the Mirror the more confident you will feel on stage and on camera. 

3) Have HOLLYWOOD Charisma: 
I believe that Hollywood Charisma is when you carry yourself like a Celebrity or like a Beauty Queen! Act like you are on a Red Carpet 24/7 baby! And up will attract media opportunities like a magnet. 

4) Build your Media Page: 
It's a non-negotiable if you are SERIOUS about breaking into the media in powerful ways! I'm gonna be covering how to do this in my 4 part workshop series "Mastering Media".  will be doing a specific training on this which will be powerful.

5) Study Media Interviews: 
Watch as many as possible! And analyse interviews! Take notes, notice what makes you think "this is sooooo good" and notice what makes you CRINGE! This will help you prepare and improve for your Media interviews. 

You have to really WANT to be in the media, you have to yearn for these opportunities...and desire them...and you will draw in these media moments to you quicker than you can imagine! 

7) Pitch to the Media and Follow up:
I reached out to the Media several times and I still do! Let go of your fear of pitching and embrace it and remember that following up is the GOLDEN KEY! I've secured soooo many Media interviews on TV, being in Magazines and in Newspapers just because of this! I've been fortunate enough to have attracted about 50% of my Media coverage but the other 50% has been me reaching out and making it happen! 

8) Drop the Arrogance and Pride
Be humble....humility is the soooo can't be proud, rude or a nightmare to interview or an overbearing person to work with! You won't last 5 minutes in the Media like this. Always go into that humble state. Oprah is humble, Obama is humble, Michael Jackson was humble. Go for what you want and own your brilliance, stand your ground and all....but don't be a pain in the butt. Or you will block all good media opportunities. 

9) Carry yourself with High Levels of Elegance and Grace: 
I encourage you to study books on Elegance and etiquette! I think I have about 7 books on Beauty, Etiquette, Queens English etc. I bought these books because I run a Pageant business and I used to be a Beauty Queen! I've trained hundreds if not thousands of Beauty Queens and Models (over 100 in real life and the rest online) and I always teach them the importance of elegance and grace. 

How you treat people is everything! 

Legends make people feel AMAZING! They say 'please', 'thank you', they are polite, they are warm, they can carry themselves high but they can also be as down to earth as a neighbour. 

If you go to Africa you need to know how to make Africans fall in love with you. 

If you go to Asia you need to know how to make Asians feel good and make think that you are pretty special. 

If you go to South America you need to know how to delight your South American fans.

When you speak to people do you just switch off after a certain time? 

When you speak to people do you just get bored and start looking around the room? 

Would you talk to a waitress or a homeless person the same way that you would talk to a President or a Prime Minister? 

Do you look down on people who are not at a certain level in life? 

Or do you treat all people the same? 

Ponder and reflect on this today! 

And work on this over and over again as it's something to always work one. 

10) Get Some Outfits Ready for your upcoming (POTENTIAL) Media Interviewsssss
f you TRULY BELIEVE that you are going to be on TV, on Radio, doing Speaking gigs etc.....then get show the Universe that you are ready by GLAMMING UP...start trying clothes and shoes on or go out and buy 1-2 new outfits for your upcoming interviews! Don't wait to be booked....get ready now! I have a video training on this in my PR and Media Bundle.

BONUS TIP: Do mock interviews/role plays with family, friends, an expert in the Media or hire a PR and Media Coach and get some expert training and ask for feedback on what you are doing well and find out what you need to improve. 

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This is your moment to shine ladies! I'm inviting you to jump in! 

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5 Ways to Prepare for Media Interviews Once you are Booked

Have you ever wondered what to do when you are BOOKED for an upcoming Media Interview?

Have you been wondering what steps to take to get fully prepared when you get the BIG YES?


If so I have listed 5 key tips below that can help you,

Here we go: 

1) Be confident and full of charisma on camera and on stage
(make a decision way ahead of time to really OWN IT).

2) Improve your interview technique by doing mock interviews and role plays.You can also practice your speech or answers in front of the mirror. Do this at least twice before your interview.

3) Buy something fabulous to wear for your upcoming live interview, if possible, or wear one of your best outfits. Smart or Glam works best but you can also wear casual but jazz it up by wearing a few accessories.

TIP: Get all dressed up even if it's a podcast/radio interview that's not live, as you will sound more confident and exciting if you do this which will make the interview a bigger HIT for you.

4) Pray before your interview to calm your nerves. A lot of Celebrities do this before they go on stage. This is a great way to put everything in God's hands and embrace the fact that God has got your back! 

5) Believe that you CAN! Do not doubt yourself my friend and don't expect the worst. Expect the interview to go well. Being positive is the key. You've been giving this amazing opportunity for a reason so FAKE it until you make it! Own it, Claim your success with confidence. 

I often like to stand up and walk when I am speaking to journalists/editors etc on the phone as this makes me sound more powerful and assertive. If I sit down I sound too laid back/quiet. But it depends as sometimes you might need to be cosy as it might be a more of a relaxed conversation. So think about your communication skills when you are speaking with the media. Use your gut to determine if you need to be more assertive or tone things down.

And there you have it!!

Go out there and SHIINE and do exceptionally well in your next Media Interview.
I am rooting for you :-) 

With love,


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I am super passionate to help you shine in the Media in a BIGGER way than you are currently right now.

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Are your Leaving Tens of Thousands of Pounds or Dollars on the table (due to a lack of PUBLICITY)?


Be honest with me

Are working on everything in your business but you are 150% leaving out PR and Media?

Are you hiding, playing small, experiencing non-stop crickets and are you struggling to raise your visibility?

If you're doing everything AMAZING on Social Media...from posting amazing content on instagram to live streaming in your FB group...but you're avoiding your calling to BREAK INTO THE MEDIA you are making a big mistake beautiful lady!

I'll tell you's because you are POTENTIALLY leaving THOUSANDS OF POUNDS OR DOLLARS on the table! (If not millions) I'll tell you HOW? 

1) Consistent good PR and Media coverage gives you and your brand more credibility which means you will sell more of your products and services and attract more clients (in abundance). So if you aren't having the publicity that you want or need, it's time to work on this today MISSY!

2) You get to silence the critics...having more MEDIA COVERAGE will be a great way to SHUT those up...that are laughing and looking down on you and looking down on your business and your entrepreneurial dreams (they start to take you seriously when you start being recognised by magazines and newspapers which will lead guessed it...more sales and more clients because you will convert some of the doubters into fanatical fans. 

3) You actually make more money! You become wealthier because publicity turns to MONEY! All you need to do is look at all of the richest people in the media and ask yourself why are they so wealthy and then if you do a little bit of research, you will realise it's because they all have HUGE publicity for their brands! It's their TV interviews, podcast interviews, press etc that's made them millionaires! So if you think that you are making money now imagine how much money you will make once you start leveraging the power of PR!

It's on this note that I'm urging you to ACTUALLY GET YOUR PR AND MEDIA HOUSE IN ORDER TODAY! I am currently offering my special office which is my PR and Media Coaching Programmed "7 Weeks of PR Coaching and Pitching Service" and it's at a special rate of just £997 until the end of Feb 2018 then it won't be this price will go back up to £1497 I have significantly reduced the fee for a short which. If you feel that this 7 week's of PR and Media Coaching speaks to you then be sure to join us me. 

Simply apply here:

I have 4 spots open in total.

And so if you feel called to work with me then definitely GO FOR IT! 

Here are some signs that you are a great fit for my programme:
- You are getting BORED, bored, bored of the same old promo on Social Media
- You dream of being on TV, on Podcast Shows, in Magazines, in Newspapers and on Radio etc.
- You are too busy in your business to pitch to the Media by yourself for weeks on end so you want to hire someone FABULOUS to do this on your behalf.
- You want to attract new clients, make more money in your BIZ and close more sales with ease.
- You do not have a Media page on your website and you know that you totally NEED one (or want one). 
- You are beautiful, special, gifted, talented, skilled and ready to share your story, mission and IMPACT THOUSANDS OF WOMEN if not MILLION all over the world through the power of PR and the Media. 

I hope to work with you BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING LADY, if you are one of the ladies that I searching for then message me on FB today or apply to work with me here.

With love. 


P.s. I want to leave you with this inspiring quote:
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others".

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PPP.s. Check out this new Testimonial that I received this week from the amazing and beautiful Edaliz from Puerto Rico, she shares her experience of working with me. (Watch the video below):

MY PR AND MEDIA DREAMS CAME TRUE (How I made it happen and how you can do the same)

Chioma March 2011 132.JPG

Oh my goodness, I have exciting BDAY is in literally 4 day and so I am cheerful woo hoo! I am thankful to God for what he is about to do in my life this year as He is a faithful God. 

I have been reflecting lately on how far I have come in regards to publicity.

So many of my Media dreams have come TRUE such as being on TV over 150 times. This includes having countless opportunities to speak at so many events in the UK and abroad along with getting the opportunity to sing at soooo many events all over the UK and abroad also. 

The reason why I was able to manifest so many of my dreams and aspirations was because I

I used to always always confess things like:

I speak at schools, colleges, universities, seminars, conferences and at exclusive events.

I travel to different cities and states making a difference. 

I am constantly on TV, on radio and in magazines and in newspapers. 

And so much more! 

I used to write these statements down over and imagine myself speaking and performing on stage.

I also used to PRAY AND ASK GOD to expose me to amazing opportunities and to help me to achieve my dreams AND HE ANSWERED ME AND LED ME INTO PATHS OF SUCCESS. He will do the same for you too if you ask Him. 

I'm AMAZED that many of my DAZZLING aspirations have come true and it still continues to happen. I am expecting God to do so much more this. 

Here are some of the things that I have achieved in a nutshell: 

- I've given presentations (speaking and teaching) at over 50 events in the UK and abroad. Which includes the House of Parliament (probably my biggest speaking opportunity to date). However speaking in front of 9,000 students in Nigeria over a 3 day period was pretty awesome too! 

- I've been on TV over 100 times from MTV to ITV. 

- I've organised over 40 events with over 1000+ guests that attended. 

- I've worked with over 200 amazing girls and women from the Beauty Pageant world to the Business world. 

- As a Professional Singer I've performed at 50+ events all over the UK and in Turkey, Bulgaria, Austria and Nigeria.  

- I regularly get invited to and attend GLAMOROUS, corporate, celebrity and exclusive events such as Award Shows,  Fashion Shows  Beauty Pageants, Book launches, TV events, Charity Events, Exhibitions, Red carpet events, Conferences, Seminars etc. For instance I was invited to attend the X-factor Screening and Red Carpet Event (it was amazing)! Imagine being in a cinema room at 02 London with the judges. And being able to ask them questions and imagine meeting so many celebrities and being just inches close to them as they pose on the red carpet. 

- I seem to bump into Celebrities everywhere I go! I've met at least 25 now from Katie Price to Gwen Stefani. I mean I even got to see Kate Middleton....she came to a building on my STREET! Just two doors away from my house! To visit children at a Children's centre. The whole street was FULL of paparazzi! It was crazy amazing! I got to be in front of the Princess! It was super cool! I uploaded a video clip to Instagram (this was about 2 years ago) @queenchioma  

I'll be teaching how I achieved all of this BREAKING IT DOWN FOR YOU so that can IMPLEMENT my steps and understand my SYSTEM for attracting publicity in my 7 Weeks of PR and Media Coaching Programme and Pitching Service (If interested in apply to find out more here). I also teach a LOT of this stuff in my new PR and Media Bundle (which is available to access if you choose to sign up now).  

Most courses just teach you BUSINESS SYSTEMS, client attraction methods,  sales strategies but ultimately many of you have heard it a million times before but know nothing or very little on the subject of PR and how to use the Media effectively to elevate your profile and brand. 

You are leaving tens of thousands of pounds (or dollars) on the table as a result! If not more! TRUST ME . Brands, big influencers and celebrities are super RICH because of PR! Imagine how many more sales and clients you can attract if you add some publicity to the mix. 

That's why Bill Gates (the richest man) in the world said: "If I were down to my last dollar I would spend it on PR"

Maybe this is the thing that's blocking you and stopping you from moving to the next level of success. 

It's time to boldly CLAIM YOUR PLACE on podcast shows, on TV, on radio, in magazines, in newspapers, at glamorous events and do the things you've always wanted to do such as SING, TRAVEL, TEACH, SPEAK, EMPOWER, MEET MORE PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE and get your mojo back! 

If brand is sooo ready for more then jump in and invest in my new Bundle called 'The PR and Media Bundle'.  

It's only $67 dollars and you will receive over 2.25hrs worth of audio trainings, worksheets and workbooks to help you attract your first few Media interviews, features and publications within the next 30 days. 

So what are you waiting for? JUMP! 

Decide to make those affirmations too, pitch to the media, be more visible and play a BIGGER game. 

Thanks so much for reading lovely and wishing you a blessed weekend, 

With LOVE Queen xx

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PPP.s. Check out this new Testimonial that I received this week from the wonderful
Esther Estar, she shares her experience of working with me. (Watch the video below):

Your time to Launch into Stardom is NOW!

27750331_10159871901355004_3885559189091779590_n - Copy.jpg

There are a handful of people in this world....(perhaps you are one of them) that will never, never, never, never be FULLY satisfied in life until they (or YOU) LAUNCH INTO STARDOM in some way shape or form, I don't care how much you try to pretend that this isn't TRUE (you can't hide in life and be happy if you are made for sooooo much more). 

If this is you.... a large potion of your abundance, joy and even some of your BIGGEST BLESSINGS will show up when you start showing up in a bigger way than EVER before!  

Imagine how exciting your life will be when:  

You start receiving unlimited invitations to SPEAK AT DIFFERENT EVENTS on variety of STAGES in your city and abroad. 

You start to serve a BIGGER AUDIENCE THAN EVER BEFORE in the real too not just on Social Media. 

You capture the attention of the Media and they start INTERVIEWING YOU on TV, on RADIO and on PODCAST SHOWS, featuring you in magazines and in newspapers. 

You become FULLY BOOKED back to back to Host events, perform at events or to teach at events. 

YOU LAUNCH YOUR BOOK and do a BOOK tour in 3 countries and 7 cities.  

You arrange Amazing EVENTS for your Social Media fans and followers to attend in REAL LIFE! A meet and greet where you get to hug everyone over, discuss and eat delicious mini snacks.   

You start selling more of your products and services like HOT CAKES! BECAUSE you turn faithful fans into SUPER FANS!

You have your Media page up on your website, your press kit done and you are attracting such good PR and powerful media opportunities as a result.  

Pause, breathe in, breathe out and soak all of that in.  

I'm going to be honest with you and tell you are literally THREE FEET FROM GOLD! 

But no one can force you to take your brand to the HIGH PROFILE OR CELEBRITY LEVEL! 

No one can force you to LAUNCH INTO STARDOM.

You have to decide to be famous.

You have to decide to stop screwing around with your gifts and talents and take them more seriously. 

You have to embrace courage and put yourself out there in GLAMOROUS ways not always hiding all the time and blending in. 

You have to show up in a totally different way than how you are showing up right now to make things happen for yourself so that your CALENDAR with amazing Media bookings and Appearances. 

This year can look sooo different if you let it! 


WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: 3 Ways to Increase Stardom Factor in your Brand in 2018

Leave me a comment below and let me know what TIP resonates with you most or what are your takeaways? 

I look forward to hearing back from you shortly, 

With love and blessings


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New Video: 8 Bad Habits to Nip in the Bud in 2018 for Boss Babes


Happy New Month, 

I have a new video for you and it's all about BOSS BABE TIPS! 

Can you believe that we have now stepped into the new Month of FEBRUARY? 

This is actually my BDAY month so I am excited for sure. 

But can you believe that this first month of the new year has just FLOWN by sooofast! 

And that is HOW LIFE is, 

Life moves really quickly and so we have to KEEP up so that we don't get left behind. 

Do you sometimes feel that your colleagues or your mentors or celebrities or people that you KNOW are just FLYING BY and making it BIG while you are watching them thinking 'What about me?'.

If you have ever thought this way then I want you to CHECK out my latest video.

It's all about letting go of bad habits that you can truly NIP IN THE BUD so that you can move into the greatness that you are called to step into.

If you find yourself doing things like complaining, comparing yourself with others, dwelling on the past, watching videos in BED in a very depressed state (sometimes) and so much more then GE WATCHING MY VIDEO asap!

Here it is: 
NEW VIDEO: 8 Bad Habits to Nip in the Bud in 2018 for Boss Babes

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3 PR and Media Secrets to Build your Brand in 2018


With it being the 6th day of 2018 I thought to ask you a solid few solid questions in regards to PR and the Media. 

- Have ever wondered what steps to take to make this your YEAR to attract more media coverage than ever before? 

- Do you feel as if a lack of publicity is holding you back?

- Are pretty much done with hiding and blending into the background? 

- Are you sick and tired of wishing to be in the Media and you actually want to make it happen? 

If you have answered YES to at least one of these questions then this article is totally for you! Here are some tips to implement to change your current situation. 

1) Do a Few Give Aways this Year:
Give away a few copies of your books, items of jewellery from your jewellery line, makeup etc you could send this out as gifts to a few friends/family/celebrities/colleagues, you could do this for raffles draw prizes, or you could do this as a online competition. Celebrities, Gurus and brands do giveaways all the time. It's a great PR strategy and a great way to get your work out there in a bigger way! And it can lead to a big increase of sales, great recommendations and good reviews.

2) Create a Press Kit and Build your Media Page:
Get at least one of these two things done ASAP! If you want to be on TV, in newspapers, on podcast shows, radio, in newspapers, speaking at events etc I can guarantee that your chances of getting booked or featured will increase by 50%-80%. Even when I was just starting out something in my gut told me that having a Media page was a non-negotiable and that having things like flyers was a non-negotiable too! So I listened to that voice and my Media coverage (personal along with my beauty pageant press) is way over 200. So it truly works!

3) Update your Professional Bio (Have Two Versions if Possible):
Have a bio for potential clients and one for the Media, two different styles. One thing that I see on most entrepreneurs websites (that I believe is holding you back from breaking into the Media in a bigger way than you could ever imagine) is your bio is only speaking to your potential client and the copy on your website is also doing the same.

- Speak to potential clients and you'll get clients.

- Speak to the media and you'll secure Media coverage - it's that simply.

- You have to sprinkle some media copy onto your website. NOT JUST client attraction copy!

- The Media will not hang out where they are not acknowledged or welcomed.

- Imagine how many journalists, reporters, etc have visited your page and just moved on because you didn't speak to them or give them any reason to contact you.


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Happy New Year!!! 25 Lessons, Highlights and Moments Worth Sharing from 2017

Happy New YEAR everyone! 


I hope you are having a delightful 2018 so far.

This year I am actually on a BIG MISSION to get outside of my comfort zone in a bigger way than EVER before. I have sent myself a HUGE challenge to Speak, Teach, Travel and to Perform as a Singer, and BE IN THE MEDIA in a bigger way than EVER before. I am doing a 200 events tour and I will speak more about that very soon! But if you are my fan on Facebook you can scroll through my live streams to check out the live stream where I share the details. But watch this space.

I have had so many successes and breakthroughs and amazing moments over the years, however, I wouldn't say that 2017 was the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE, it was most certainly a good year, but it was a year of learning more than anything and when I say learning I mean literally spending more time to read books and really journal, plan and reflect.

So here we go: 


1) Content is EVERYTHING, never underestimate the power of showing up, doing the work and creating Content on Social Media, via your newsletter, blog and etc. 

2) There is NO shortcut to Success, because even if you have the success that you want in a veryyyy easy way you will not get the lessons that come along with acquiring success over time. 

3) Consistency is the KEY!!!

4) Snap chat is STILL my favourite place on Social Media as it's a unique platform that is clear of clutter and it's a place where I can truly show my fans, family and friends my most authentic, organic and fabulous self without having to feel so exposed as you do on other platforms. This is what I share more behind the scenes on this platform than others because it's more private and I like it that way! The filters are incomparable and no other platform can compare even if the other ones are good. 

5) Facebook live is GENIUS I think that this platform has been a game changer for me this year. I have pretty much live-streamed several times a week throughout the whole of 2017 and I've never looked back. I believe that this platform has really helped me to add tremendous value to my community, clients, fans, followers and it's helped me to attract new CLIENTS, learn from amazing mentors and coaches and make friends. 

6) Anything that's utterly USELESS in your life is on it's way out. Frustration is usually a sign that your nearly ready for your next breakthrough or it's an indication that something good is just around the corner. 

7) There are so many haters in this world that don't want you to live outside of the norm! It's so acceptable to get a normal job in society but the moment that you want to go FULL TIME as an Entrepreneur or as an Artist or Speaker etc so many people will despise you and try and discourage you 24/7. Unfortunately they are nothing other than enemies of progress. They will mock you behind your back, laugh at your efforts and be as fake as ever but you will have the last laugh ONE  DAY so don't be discouraged. BIG WINS ARE ALWAYS AROUND THE CORNER. Cast your burden on the Lord as the bible says.  

8) I've realised prefer selling mini-courses, and hosting boot camps that are around the price point of £57-£297 than trying to GET lots of clients. I do love working with a small handful of clients but I've realised that I much prefer 'the one to many model'. I have always been that kind of a person that loves helping LOTS of people which is why I have a Beauty Pageant Business where I have had over 1000 people that have attended our events. 

9) "If you are talking to everyone you're talking to no one" - Marie Forleo. This quote is so true and what I got from this quote is, if I am just pitching via live streams, posting Instagram posts and sending out my newsletter without actually having 1-1 conversations, speaking to potential clients about my offers and following up with prospects I won't actually get any clients or have the success that I want in my business. I don't believe in just throwing spaghetti at the wall. You need to know who your ideal clients are and be bold to reach out to them.   

10) Your parents, wife, husband, brother, sister, manager or whoever is in your life will control you and treat you like a 5 year old or as a 15 year old if you let them. You have to put your foot down and set boundaries and let people know exactly how they need to treat you.  

11) Respect yourself and others will respect you. 

12) Stay hungry, passionate, enthusiastic and determined to succeed. Being half hearted just won't work. 

13) PR and Media is NON-NEGOTIABLE as this is the only way to CUT THROUGH THE NOISE! With the highly saturated audience on FB and other platforms it's so important to realise that having publicity for your brand can make you stand out in front of potential clients. 



15) One of the best things that happened at the beginning of 2017 was my Brother passed his exams and became a qualified Commerical Pilot at the age of 23. Woo hoo.  Here is a photo of us, we had a family photo shoot.


2) I went to the Professional Beauty Show on the 27th of Feb 2017 (the day before my birthday) and it was so amazing and so much fun as usual! I've been to this big exhibition a couple of times before, it's so uplifting, glamorous, entertaining! There is a red carpet, lots of backdrops to take photos, you meet celebrities there, you can buy or test many beauty products, and participate in activities. I got my face done with glitter makeup which was fun. Attending a few high profile events every year is one of the best ways that I stay media and client attractive and it's one of the ways that I constantly lift my profile and brand. I actually met Katie Price and took photos with her at this event in 2012. (Below are photos of Louise and I at the event last year).  


16) My grandma passed away last year at the age of 105 and we went for her burial in Nigeria in April. It was a celebration rather than us mourning as she lived so long and she was an incredible grandmother to us so we had a lot of good to reflect on. I really appreciate all of the friends and family that came to see us in Nigeria and all of the love that everyone showed us around this time. Thank you, thank you, thank you if you were one of them.


17) I travelled to Sofia and to the mountains in Bulgaria in June 2017! This was one of the most amazing holidays/academic conference trips that I've ever had. I really loved being in the Mountains. It was so therapeutic, wonderful and also fun. I've been to Bulgaria 7 times now and visited many cities. I really love speaking at the Bulgarian International Comparative Education Society Conference so much! Being a part of this conference for so many years has been a life changing experience for me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to always participate in Conferences abroad. 

download (2).jpg

18) I FINALLY launched my AMAZING second new music video  November 2017 "Fun, Free and Festive" with Evon Media (Evon Productions) and I am so happy that I finally did this as this was on my to-do list for a long time, it was so much fun working on this video, you can watch it here if you haven't watched it yet. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported my video by watching it and sharing it etc. Please keep watching the video, sharing and leave me a comment if you'd like to show me some love. 

19) Our grand final for UK's Dazzling Beauty event (my pageant business) was on the 12th of November at Holiday Inn Winchester, Hampshire UK (I was born in Southampton Hampshire so not too far from my home town) and it was a so wonderful to meet the beautiful contestants, families and the Beauty Queens that attended. And the venue itself was just stunning! The hotel is one of the biggest hotels that I've ever seen in the UK (if not the biggest), we have hired a bigger room before with a huge stage at Hilton Brighton Metropole but the overall venue that we chose was so unique as the entrance alone was like an airport! And the front garden and back garden that they had outside was so perfect for taking photos. We didn't really take many photos as we usually do as we had such a busy schedule to get through so I truly do hope to visit Winchester again very soon as it truly is a gorgeous city.   


20) I realised that I love TEA a bit too much, I drink too much tea people. So I tried to give myself the restriction of just 2 cups of tea a day but I still keep taking it up to 3 sometimes lol. I did go on a tea fast a few times too which was good ;-) My fave tea is English tea and I also drink Chamomile tea with Honey, plain Chamomile tea and Blueberry tea. 

21) My top 3 favourite books that I read in 2017 were: 
- You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero
- The Universe has your Back by Gabby Bernstein
- Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

I also came to realise that 'The Power' by Rhonda Byrne is the BEST book that I have ever read (or shall I say listened to on audio) just after the Bible. I recommend that you download the book on it is a LIFE CHANGING BOOK! In my opinion I think it's better than the Secret (same author though). 

23) I got to meet with some of my wonderful Mastermind partners that travelled down from the USA and Europe which was really FUN! I also met some amazing people, made new friends, and attracted some of the most amazing fans and supporters last year! Thank you to everyone who added tremendous value in my life in 2017 and beyond. 

Here is a photo of Liene and I, we did some live streaming and posted it on FB, she travelled to London from Latvia and we met up for the first time in Spring after being Mastermind partners for a few months prior to meeting online in a business programme.


24) I got to meet Jeremy Corbyn twice last year! I have met him a few times in the past but I was so happy to meet him again in 2017 as he is such a wonderful Politician and he has such a big heart. 


25) I finally got to meet with my AMAZING friend of 6 years Elle on two occasions, we had so much fun in London doing things like Karaoke, playing pool and bowling. She encouraged me to join her on this app called Smule, it's a Karaoke app and now I've started singing regularly again on this platform. I even uploaded one of the videos to my old singing page on YouTube and I will keep uploading videos there. I added a few clips to YouTube and to Instagram too. I promise to sing throughout 2018. 

Watch a video of us singing on Smule here:

Bonus: I had such a WONDERFUL Christmas at my sisters house this year! It truly was so much FUN and very lively, there were at least 20 of us, here are a few photos of me when I got home, in my red Christmas dress and high stilettos. 


And that's a wrap!  

Thanks so much for reading and I am sending you so much LOVE and goodness. 

Many blessings, 


P.s. Leave me a comment below and let me know which 2-3 of my lessons, highlight or moments were your FAVE? And maybe you could even share one of yours too!! 

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Compliments of the Season! How to Have JOY over the Festive Season

Can you BELIEVE that it's almost Christmas, this means that it's also nearly 2018! Say whattttt? 


We literally have 3 days left and the BIG beautiful day will arrive! Christmas is such a PRECIOUS TIME!  It is a time to celebrate the Birth of Christ (as Jesus is the reason for the season), it's a time to unite with LOVED ONES, it's a time to bless friends and family with AMAZING GIFTS, it's a time for peace, joy and unity!

Even though you might already be enjoying the Christmas Spirit, I thought to share some ideas on how you can make the most of this time. Check out my tips below :-)

1) Play an ABUNDANCE of Christmas songs and festive music: 
Some of the really good songs to add to your playlist include: 'Simply having a Wonderful Christmas Time' by Paul McCartney (this is my favourite Christmas song by the way), 'The a Star' by Mariah Carey', 'O'Holy Night' by Mariah Carey,  'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas' by Johnny Mathis, 'Last Christmas' by Wham, 'Let it Snow' by Jessica Simpson, 'One More Sleep' Leona Lewis, '8 Days of Christmas' by Destiny's Child. Then of course you need to add in all of the really traditional songs to your playlist too such as 'Silent Night', 'Away in a Manger', 'We Three Kings', 'We Wish you a Merry Christmas' and 'Jingle Bells'. I can tell you that I have been rocking the Crimbo tunes over the last couple of weeks, and it has really lifted my spirits! I also recommend that you do the same and also do some Karaoke! Download the Smule app on your Android or on Apple (I'm on there as QueenChioma, add me today) #shamelessplug. You will LOVE Smule!

Don't be the one to ruin all of the FUN by choosing to not participate in all of the fun activities, pull your part of the cracker, jump for joy, wear the paper crown, open presents like a child and for goodness sake eat on the table with your family! Don't be the one that just goes off and watches TV like a grumpy fart. Really make an effort to be great to be around on Christmas day. Pull out the board games and play. Put on the music and dance.  Make it special for everyone and for yourself. 

3) Give Gifts: 
The way that I interpret Christmas is God gave his only son to die for our sins (John 3: 16) and I believe that He gave us His BEST GIFT and that's why I believe that we should be good at giving GIFTS TOO! The bible says that it's more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20: 35) so I want to set you a challenge to buy at least 3 people (that you LOVE or LIKE) a gift before Christmas and make sure you give it to them before the special date (or on the day). It could be a family member, a friend, a decide....and you should also buy Christmas cards and give them to friends and family (or send e-cards). I truly believe that one of the ways that we can TRULY REMARK WHAT CHRIST DID FOR US TO TO BE A BLESSING TO OTHERS! Don't be the one that always receives presents BUT NEVER GIVES ANY! Throw away stinginess and tightness, you will thank me one day! I love buying gifts for people (family/friends etc), it truly lights up my world. I love blessing people, it makes me feel that I am making other people happy and in turn I am blessed with abundant joy and funny enough the more you give the more comes to you too). So it's a win, win situation! But don't give to get something in return, just give from the heart.   

Other ideas include:
- Prayer and thanksgiving.
- Go to a Christmas Carol Night. 
- Wear your favourite Christmas clothes.
- Get yourself a Gift. 
- Give LOVE. 
- Smile. 
- Laugh. 
- Be thankful.
- Pray for Snow (actually we had a FULL DAY OF SNOW IN LONDON, GREAT BRITAIN THE OTHER DAY WHOO HOO, prior to this, it hadn't snowed in years). 
- Build a snow man (if you do happen to get snow where you live.
- Eat, drink and be merry (but sensibly of course). 
- Do some Baking.  

And there you have it!! 



P.s. Let me know which tip you will use and RUN with! Leave me a comment asap :-) 

PP.s. I would love for you to check out this old video that I created a while back for my Beauty Pageant contestants '3 Ways ro Enjoy your Christmas to the Full'

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15 Reasons Why Your Business is Going Nowhere Fast (And how to Transform this)

Be honest,

Have you been feeling a little weary lately?
Have you felt drained, discouraged, alone or even stressed out?

Maybe you feel that business has become soooo slow, so boring and so unfulfilling (compared to what you have experienced in the past). 

If you really want to create a BUZZ for your business but you don't know how to get the spark back then I encourage you to open up yourself to some of the reasons why things aren't work!

Here we go wonderful. 


1) You've Lost your Passion:
You just don't feel as motivated as you used to feel back in the day! You feel so bored of the same old, you feel as if you just dilly dallying which isn't fun. One of the best ways to get your passion back is to do more of what you LOVE! Your passion won't be sparked in your business if you never do the fun and exciting things that make you feel so good. 

Lack of Media Coverage: 
You have done everything to grow your business EXCEPT for take PR and Media seriously. It has always been something that you will do ONE DAY. Do you realise that this might be the missing link? By shying away from TV shows, Radio shows, Magazine features, Press etc you end up leaving thousands and thousands of pounds on the table along with leaving hundreds of amazing media opportunities on the table (and then you wonder why something seems to be hugely missing in your business). Now is the the time to start being in the Media my friend, no more hiding away from PR as this could really boost your sales and raise your profile in a way that is beyond what you could achieve with only online marketing. 

2) You Do Not Have at Least 7 Hours of Content for People to Consume on Social Media/Offline:
This could be podcasts, videos, blog posts, live streams etc. You need to create enough good and GREAT content that people can literally just binge watch on your content, this will increase your chances of making money and also make you stand out as an expert in your field. Daniel Priestly author of the book  'Over Subscribed' mentioned the importance of creating over 7hrs of content. He explained that some companies spend 7 hours with potential clients to close BIG deals. Now you know why some luxury brands invite you in for an appointment with Champagne.  Now you might say I have lots of videos on YouTube. Or you might say 'I have lots of FB lives' but maybe you are called to go even higher which could mean interviewing a powerful influencer once a week, creating a daily show, creating a weekly show or launching a podcast. Consider adding in new and fresh ideas into your Social Media strategy. 

3) Mindset Issues (Too Much Self-Doubt):
You are not working on your mind-set work! This includes journalling, letting go of wrong mindsets, forgiveness work and so much more! I encourage you to journal daily and write down your vision! There is a saying that goes like this "Millionaires write down their goals once a day, billionaires write down their goals twice a day". Get writing, keep doing the inner work.  

4) You are Giving Away the Farm on Discovery Calls or Strategy Sessions:
Maybe you are Coaching too much on discovery calls or strategy sessions and this makes your potential clients feel as if they are GOOD TO GO! They don't feel the need to work with you anymore as you have just given them so much value that they feel fine now. If you give too much away without even discussing your offering/services you are not doing your potential clients 

5) You are not visible enough on Social Media:
Your posts seem like they created by a robot rather than a real person because you never really allow the TRUE YOU to unfold, you are forever posting INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES and consuming lots of juicy content but what's that going to do for those who TRULY need deep transformation. If you don't teach online, show up powerfully online, dress super gorgeous from time to time (instead of filming in your boring house clothes), if you don't  


7) Non-Existent Media Page on Your Website
There a big percentage of people that will never buy from you or work with you until you get your media page up. Your publicity page establishes you as an expert, it makes you stand out in a room full of sammies. When you have a media page full of your amazing features i.e. Links to podcasts, magazines you've been featured in etc you indirectly prove to potential clients and the media that your brand has creditably. They think well if she's been in Elle Magazine and if she's been featured in 'The Huffington Post' surely she's doing something powerful in society then they jump at a chance to work with you. 

8) You are Not Consistent with Blogging: 
Blogging is a powerful marketing strategy that can help you pull in ideal clients and make you stand out as the expert. One of the reason why highly successful multiple 6, 7, or 8 figure Influencers such as Alex Beadon, Marie Forleo, Brendon Burchard, Kate Northrup and Jessica Nazarali have such a huge following online with hundreds of thousands of fans or millions of videos views online is because they blog consistently! Your blog is a way to pull in clients, increase your chances of being featured in the media and it can also prepare you to write your first or your next book. So I definitely encourage you to commit to blogging on a weekly, bi-weekly basis or blog at least once a month. Kat Loterzo (Katrina Ruth) blogs every day and she makes an average of 300,000 a month in her business along with being a multiple best selling author with 57 books on amazon. 

9) You refuse to hire a Coach (perhaps you need to even hire 3 coaches at this stage but you stubbornly refuse to invest in yourself and you wonder why you as always struggling.

10) You are holding on to past (for example you had a bad experience taking a course or buying a product and you've never allowed yourself to simply move on) and try another course

11) You rarely take advantage of good opportunities to do something outside if the box (competitions, castings, auditions, performances etc)

12) A lack of Charity work: 
The be all of your business is Social Media. This is when you put all of your marketing efforts into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc and you don't use PR,  

13) You Do not Make Enough Offerings:
You are so afraid of pitching and coming cross as too salesy (and your bank account reflects this). Now I know that you might find it really CRINGING to reach out to people but sometimes you need to, if your dream clients aren't coming to you, I honestly believe that there is no harm in reaching out to people and sending proposals to work with people that seem like your ideal clients. If you do this in a genuine, elegant and loving way then will be excited to receive your proposal. If you need help with this I encourage you to book a discovery call with me here and let me give you some tips on how to do this without coming across as pushy. 

14) You are Not Scaling your Business
One of the ways to do this is to create systems and structures, sample letters and processes. I will give you an example, I have noticed that my clients always want to know how to pitch to the Media and so I have created a sample pitch PDF where they can just learn exactly the process of pitching to the media and following up with the media. 

15) Poor Branding: 
Perhaps your  branding message, brand vision and your brand story is a bit off, perhaps it's time for a upgrade. One of the ways that I upgraded in my business is to hire a VA to do my graphics for me so that they look more glamorous and fabulous. I feel the difference when I post my glossy graphics on Instagram compared to when I do it myself. It's definitely worth investing in your branding in a bigger way! This could even mean doing something such as hiring a videographer to help you make better videos. 

And there you have it! 

Let me know what you think of this latest blog post? Which 2-3 points really reasonated with you the most?

Leave a comment below, 

With Love Queen Chioma xx


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3 Ways to Stay Super Motivated in your Life and Business


Happy Thursday Friends :-)

Have you been feeling a little demotivated, drained and emotional lately?

Have you been thinking too much, worried or anxious about your life or your business?

Do you feel drained, worn out and overworked in your business at times?   

If so this article is for you, go ahead and read it now: 

Here are 3 Ways to Super Stay Motivated in your Life and in your Business 

1) Never stop believing in your dreams and goals no matter how hard life gets at times:
There is so much that's happening in our world right now and you might be tempted to just totally GIVE UP! But I want to urge and encourage you to believe that good thing are just around the corner for you. Believe in miracles, believe that any day from now you will make it in your business, in your career, in your life, in your relationship/marriage and TRUST that things will work out in your favour. Expect blessings, joy, good news and favour.

2) Be inspired every day and make sure you also inspire others:
You could listen to lots of inspirational music (create a playlist) and be sure to add the song 'Make it happen' by Mariah Carey to the list, cook a new dish, learn an instrument, learn a new language, spend time in prayer and worship, travel to new countries, cities, and states, make videos, go for a new photo shoot etc.

3) Get into a habit of being a blessing to others: 
Joyce Meyer often says 'Get your mind off of yourself and start being a blessing'. Sometimes we think about ourselves too much and this doesn't help us as all it does is make us dwell in self-pity. Today write a list of 10 things that you can do to bless others and get busy working on this list. Ideas include give away 3 copies of your book, buy flowers for your mum or for an aunt, visit your grandma, send a letter to a company thanking them for their incredible service, write 3 good reviews on Amazon, walk a friends dog, babysit your Godson, turn off your laptop at 6pm every day for a week and spend at least 2 hours spending quality time with family rather than excessively working on your biz and the list goes on.   

Leave me a comment below and let me know which tip you will implement today?

Love and blessings

P.s. If you are a fabulous girl boss and you would like some
PR, Media and some powerful Success Coaching to help you stay focused, motivated and driven to reach for your amazing dreams, and if you find that you are struggling more than you need to, then I encourage you to consider joining me for my new course which has started already! Module one is going out this week, it's called
'The Celebrity Female Entrepreneur in You" 
Click on the link below to register, limited spaces so hurry:

celebrity 1.jpg

Content is King and Consistency is Queen BUT don't Forget to DAZZLE your Audience by Improving the Quality of your Work

Dear Amazing Friend, 

I have always thought that Content is King and Consistency is Queen when it comes to entrepreneurial-ship. 

Wouldn't you agree with me? 

Well before you decide to agree with me or not, I want to say that I had an epiphany when I was speaking with one of my fabulous clients, and it was all about QUALITY!

I truly believe that we as entrepreneurs and as creatives can TRULY go to the next level of success by taking our content to the next level. 

If you have truly made up your mind to HIT your monthly goals of £5K months, £10K, £20K or whatever it is that you desire to achieve (financially) in your business then I want you to consider these following these 3 Steps that I have laid out fo you below:  

#1 Create More Content than Ever Before:
Make sure that you BLOG at least once a week, twice a month or at least once a month) I would really say that you should step it up to 1-2 times a week). Do not listen to anyone that says that blogging is dead because if it was we wouldn't be spending so much time checking out juicy articles online, or searching for the BEST advice through online magazines and entrepreneurial websites (as many of us do). Create amazing graphics to post on Instagram and do something LIVE every day such as Snap Chat, Instagram Stories or Live Stream on FB. I truly don't think that your business can or will stand out enough if you aren't leveraging these powerful platforms and I also think that you should upload videos to YouTube too. You can hire a VA to support you so that she/he can cross promote your content (re-purpose and reuse your content i.e. Take your latest live stream and upload it to YouTube or take your latest YouTube video and add text and create a mini 50-second clip for 18 Instagram).   

#2 Improve the Quality of your Content:
Create a spreadsheet and type up of all the title ideas that you can think of when it comes to creating content for blog posts, YouTube videos or for Live Streaming. Make sure you think of some juicy titles, good titles, AH-MAZING titles, catchy titles, powerful titles, shock-factor titles etc (Basically don't be predictable or boring with your subject headings or you will just lose people).

An example of a good title (basic/good/average): 
3 Wonderful Ways to Improve your Business

An example of a Catchy Title/Shock-Factor title:     
The 11 Reasons why Everyone thinks that your Business SUCKS (And how to Fix it)

Better titles/headings can make your videos, blog posts and live streams go viral! People will want to read or watch the content that you produce if they truly believe that you don't post fluff! They don't need another "Syrupy sweet message"  that leaves them in the same MESS but RATHER THEY WANT AND NEED TO RECEIVE A MESSAGE THAT WILL TRULY CHANGE THEIR LIVES OR THEIR BUSINESSES FOREVER! 

#3) Study three people that are JUST THE BEST OF THE BEST in your field and learn from them:
One of the best ways to challenge yourself to step up your game is to look at people that are extremely rocking it online with their content and really learn from them. Who do you check out every day or who do you enjoy listening to or watching? Look at their patterns and how they show up and see if you can let his push you to go higher! If they spend time doing live streams on Facebook for 20-40 minutes 5 days a week and blog every week without fail along with sending out 2-3 emails to their list every week then maybe this could be a success clue for you, (if you do what successful people do you will start to have what successful people have). Now I am not saying that you could make a video every week like Marie Forleo or live stream every day on Facebook, start small if you have to, make a decision to show up in a bigger and better way!  

And that's it my friend...message complete...but before you go anywhere, let me know what you think of my ideas, which one resonated with you the most and which tip will you implement asap? Also what content would you like to improve your business? 

Leave a comment below,

I can't wait to hear from you,

Many blessings

Queen xx

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I am inviting you to join me for my new programme TODAY! :-) 


My Trip to Bulgaria, 7 Years of Travelling to Bulgaria and Still Counting

Dear Fabulous Friend,

I recently came back (just over a couple of weeks ago) from a Conference that I attend in Bulgaria, when we arrived we stayed in Sofia (the capital) for a couple of days then we went deep into the Mountains to a place called 

The hotel that we stayed in was a CASTLE! the view from the front of the hotel was so captivating! It had a beautiful water fountain at front and the whole castle/hotel LIT UP AT NIGHT :-)  We were so deep in the mountains that we were pretty much in the middle of nowhere. The beautiful pathways, trees and HUGE mountains were just STUNNING, driving through the mountains on the way there and the way back was just a remarkable experience. 

We also went to a town in the Mountains (for a day trip), we went to a place called Samokov where we went to explore the Bulgarian history and culture at the Art Gallery, the History Museum etc. It was so amazing (look out for photos on Facebook and my Instagram, I've uploaded a few so far).  

As mentioned, I came to Bulgaria for a Conference, the International Comparative Education Society Conference and it was so educational, inspiring and empowering! As usual, I got to spend lots of time with my academic colleagues and made new friends with powerful Professors and Dr's from various parts of the world i.e. South Africa, Nigeria, Mexico, South America, North America, Australia and the list goes on.

I've been to this conference 7 times now and every time I attend I learn sooo much about what's happening in the Education system in various parts of the world. 


If you have ever wondered why you should go to Bulgaria then now you know why? This place is BEAUTIFUL, 

As mentioned I have travelled here 7 times (that's 7 years of commitment) I have visited several cities and places such as the Black Sea (Sunny Beach) and Plovdiv.

I truly thank God for wonderful travelling opportunities,

Thanks for reading my latest blog post.

Love and blessings


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You are the Ultimate Girl Boss But you are RUNNING from your Calling to Break into the Media

You have it all! You are beautiful, sexy, fabulous and amazingly good at what you do!

You are into the glamorous things in life! You love the idea of wearing sequin clothes AND designer perfume! You love your heels and you enjoy being your most feminine self by dressing up and showing off the best version of you!

You have worked soooo hard to create a BRAND that people just fall in LOVE with (every day)! You have beautiful graphics, stunning photos, a fabulous online presence, a great website and you work with AMAZING CLIENTS! Your following on SOCIAL MEDIA grows every day! 

But for some reason, you feel as if something is missing! Sometimes you go to bed feeling empty! You wake up wondering why all of your successes just aren't making you happy anymore! 

You sense in your heart of hearts that THERE is a BIGGER CALLING on your life!
There is a message in the pit of your gut!

A voice deep inside you (perhaps you believe that it's God himself) telling you....there's still more work to be done! That you are playing wayyy to small! You know that deep down you are born for so much more! To achieve your TRUE POTENTIAL might require that you get uncomfortable and start doing things that you've never done before!

I know what the calling to go higher feels like as I've had that same calling too, that same feeling in the pit of my gut! This is why I decided to put myself out there in a bigger way than ever before and I began my TV Presenting work, performing as a Singer at over 50 events in 5 countries, I started to speak locally, nationally and abroad and I consistently pitched to the Media and would share my story, my motivational messages and my songs all inspire people like never before (ONLINE AND OFFLINE). I've now been on TV over 100 times and I've travelled to 45 cities and states! It's amazing what you can achieve if you get out of your own way! 

WAKE UP beautiful lady! 

Today, I would like to invite you to take a LEAP OF FAITH by considering your BIG PURPOSE AND CALLING IN THE MEDIA! I invite you to SHAKE OFF COMPLACENCY TODAY!

I invite you to create a game plan to take your message further than SOCIAL MEDIA! ✅ Because there are millions of people (OFFLINE) that need you! Many of them will read ELLE MAGAZINE, MARIE CLAIRE or watch the News but they will never sign up to Instagram or Facebook! So you better get in front of them and get out of the entrepreneurial bubble that you are living in as it's not as REAL as it seems!

Real life is real! And that means that you have to travel, network, socialise, do media interviews and find your tribe even if it means that you have to go on the News and speak about your business! 

You just never know where your next Client is hanging out! It's time for you to play a bigger game and you know it!

Sooooo, If you know that you have a higher calling and that you are SUPPOSED TO do the following: 
- Speak at Schools
- Speak at Colleges
- Speak at Universities
- Speak at Seminars
- Speak at Conferences
- Speak at Exclusive Events
- Speak on TV
- Speak on Radio
- Speak on Podcast Shows
- Feature in Magazines
- Feature in Newspapers
- Write Journals for various Publications
- Perform on Stages all over the world

Then I would like to invite you to work with me! Let's explore your calling (of breaking into the Media) together! Let's create a game plan for your publicity and your success!
I'm searching for a handful ladies that would like to consider joining me for my HALF DAY INTENSIVE! 

Find out about my transformational PR and Media Makeover Session here:

As mentioned, I'm hosting VIP PR MEDIA AND MAKEOVER sessions! How it works is, we will spend 4 hours together Face to Face in London or via Skype (1-1) and I will help you to discover why you feel so PRESSED TO FEATURE IN THE MEDIA, get clear on your Story (or stories) that you intend on sharing with the media and on stage, master your interview technique, improve your media pitch so that you start getting the amazing media bookings, media interviews and amazing features that you want and we will work on increasing your confidence and your charisma for camera and stage! I'll give you ideas and strategies for building your Media page on your website and we'll even work on your posture, poses and outfits to wear for events so that you can switch on that HOLLYWOOD GLOW at any red carpet and at other exclusive events that you attend and so that you shine in your photo shoots in a profound way! 

I have worked with over millionaires, six figure coaches, beauty queens, entrepreneurs, models, speakers, leaders...YOU NAME IT...and so I know exactly what the Media are looking for in Girl Bosses. It doesn't matter how BIG your brand is, or how small you feel it is; THERE ARE TV SHOWS WAITING FOR YOU, MAGAZINES ARE CALLING YOUR NAME AND PODCAST SHOWS ARE DESPERATELY WAITING FOR YOU TO HIT THEM UP!


Find out about my transformational PR and Media Makeover Session here:

Send me an email to today, if you are interested in working with me in this life changing session :-)

I also offer a 5 Week Package and a 3 Month Package.

I look foward to hearing from you soon :-) 

Many blessings

Queen xxx
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3 Ways to Use Social Media and Publicity to Make Money and Transform Lives


Have you ever wondered how you can use the power of Social Media and PR to make money while also changing lives in a powerful way?

Do you sometimes struggle with being consistent on Social Media?

Do find yourself ignoring the whole idea of pitching to the Media due to the fear of not knowing what to say or due to worrying about what people will think of you? 

If your answer is YES to any of the above then yay I am excited because I created this blog post for you wonderful! 

Here we go, 

1) Sell Amazing Products and Services Online: 
You have the answer to Sooo many people's prayers and you are the SUPER STAR that so many people need, however you are probably unaware of this and that is why you are on my blog post RIGHT NOW! I once prayed to God for help and I felt like He said to me "You don't need help you need to start helping more people". This could also be the case with you too. Perhaps you need to help more people and one of the BEST ways to do this is to create products and services that people will fall in LOVE with and at the same time, will also be life changing to the consumers that buy from you. Ideas include writing books, getting them published (self-published or published through a publishing company) and sell them in the hundreds of thousands. Other ideas include: Photography services, Coaching, Consultancy, Mentoring, Selling advertising space on your Blog, Creating Perfume and selling it online, Making Cakes for Companies and Parties, Becoming a Wedding Singer, Hosting Events, Virtual Assistant Work and so much more. The opportunities to make money while making a bigger impact are endless. At my upcoming live event Social Media Publicity and Money, I will be giving all attendees a work book with "21 Ideas of Products and Services that you Can Sell and Promote Online".   

2) Put yourself Forward for Media Opportunities Consistently: 
Using the power of PR and Media can be a BIG game changer for your brand. But you have to, have to, have to take it seriously! So many people want to be on TV, on radio, on podcast shows, they want to be featured in newspapers and magazines and they do zilch about it! Don't be one of them. Take action to break into the media by creating your biography, working on your pitch and pitching to the media through e-mail, phone and post. Also be on the look out for adverts and media opportunities that may arise. I have been on TV now over 150 times and it's all because I am constantly YES to media opportunities and I attend celebrity events, high profile events and charity events where I meet people in the media too (which is also important). A lack of publicity can result in a lack of sales and a lack of visibility which can keep you STUCK as an entrepreneur. 

Check out my mini course The Media and Publicity Home Study Programme here if you are struggling to attract media interviews, features, press or publications and if you want to get started today on attracting media coverage for your brand. 

 3) Create Powerful Content that Changes Lives: 
One of the ways to transform lives online is to ensure that you create powerful free content. 
This could be in the form of blogging, podcasting, sending out a weekly newsletter, creating videos, vlogging, posting high-quality photos, graphics, books etc. Also consider how you would like to help people through the Media and in terms of off-line strategies too. You could help the masses by speaking at live events, doing TV Presenting work, doing Book Tours, Performing locally (nationally or world-wide), sharing your story on a variety of shows, praying for people at Church events, teaching on Radio Shows and Podcasts etc. You could also do Modelling or Acting. You don't always have to do something super spiritual or business related it can be something FUN and entertaining such as Baking on a Cooking Shows. Get creative. Use your gifts and talents to empower people and inspire them.   

Read these two inspiring Quotes by Marie Forleo: 

"Without a doubt, brands who share the best free content always content can help you attract press and partnerships and even content makes it easy for people to spread the world about you and the more free content that you have, the more you get free traffic, free leads, and customers"
- Marie Forleo.

"Free content really allows you to make a difference in the world and share ideas that matter"
- Marie Forleo

A Special Invitation: I would love to take this opportunity to invite you to attend my LIVE event in London "Social Media, Publicity and Money". This is a fabulous mastermind half day event in London that I will be hosting, where I will be teaching you how to make your first 10K, 15K or 20K using the power of online marketing strategies, PR and Media. 

So many of you are doing EXCELLENT at using Social Media to make money (but for some reason, you are STUCK when it comes to PR and Media) or maybe you have been so used to using Social Media in a very basic way and as a result you are leaving money on the table and now it's finally time to start being more strategic, confident and charismatic online. 

By saying YES to attending my live event will mean that you will be getting outside of your comfort zone for sure...but imagine the amazing opportunities and possibilities that will arise as a result such as going to the next level, making more money, attracting publicity, meeting like-minded entrepreneurs, gaining inspiration and getting the motivation and powerful ideas that you need to make it BIG! So book your ticket today!! Click on the photo for all the details. 

Have a blessed day, 

Love from Queen xx

10 Ways to Go to the Next Level of Success in Your Business or Life

Happy Fabulous Friday Lovely, 

How are you wonderful? Hope that you are doing great! I recently went to Nigeria at the beginning of this month for my Grandmothers burial as you may or may not know (I updated my Social Media channels a few times esp FB). It went really well and I really thank God that she lived to the age of 105 which is just amazing, she was such a wonderful grand mother and will be greatly missed. Check out some images on my instagram page. 

Have you ever wondered what steps you can take to see a breakthrough in your business or life (right now) to start seeing some transformation?
Do you feel a bit stuck or as if you really want to shake things up?
- Are you bored or the same old? 

If so you are in for good news as I've created a list of things that you can do to move to the next level in your life or business to help you get rapid results! These are ideas are fun, free and festive (it doesn't always have to be something deep). 

1) Book your very FIRST or your next big amazing photo shoot (to make it even more exciting book the shoot in a new city or state that you have never been to before) 

2) Hire a videographer and create a professional, high quality videos for your YouTube channel (if you haven't created a channel now's a great time to FINALLY launch it) 

3) Send out 15 thank you cards to customers, clients, department stores, local businesses that have been a BIG blessing in your life 

4) Create a New Showreel/Update your existing Showreel 

5) Host a LIVE EVENT in your local city! 

6) Go to 2-3 new cities within the next 30-60 days (book the tickets, pack your bags& go it's that simple) you can go alone or with friends/family.  Go to a City that you have always DREAMED of visiting i.e. Dubai, Egypt, Mexico, Miami, Malta, Vienna, Paris, Brussels, New York! If you can't afford to go abroad NO PROBLEM go somewhere new in your country. 

7) Launch a new Website or Start Blogging 

8) Hire a Coach (Invest in yourself) Hey this might be a great time to throw in a shameless plug, I am actually seeking 3 ladies to work with 1-1 in my 5 week Coaching Programme so if you are interested contact me today to book a discovery session here

9) Do some Presenting work i.e. TV Presenting, Radio Hosting, Co-Host a show on a Podcast, Hosting a Party or a Wedding 

10) Get involved in Charity work (become an ambassador, do a 10K run, do a big clear out and send 2-3 bags of old clothes & shoes that you don't wear anymore to charity) 

8) Contact 25 Companies by phone and ask them to book you for Speaking Opportunities (start speaking at events, schools, colleges, universities, churches, conferences etc) 

9) Write your very first book or FINISH the book that you are working on

10) Commit to doing a live stream on Facebook every day for the next 7 or 14 days! 

Decide to go pro: This means no more showing up as an amateur, become more consistent, stand out like never before, say goodbye to making excuses for not being the best version of you and start show up in the world in a more powerful and beautiful way (Be known for being the BEST, the fastest or the greatest) 

Choose 3 ideas from the list above and complete these activities within the next 30 daysI challenge you to take my challenge! You can do it

Next steps: 
Sign up today for my 4 part media and publicity challenge here to get even MORE motivation and inspiration for turning your dreams into a living reality. 

And there you have it! Yay well done for reading this blogpost, you are such a WINNER!!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Until next time, stay blessed :-)