5 Frequently asked PR and Media Questions (along with the juicy answers) for Girl Bosses that desire Media Interviews in 2019

Happy New Year beautiful people,

So excited that we are OFFICIALLY in the new year of 2019,

Woo hoo..how exciting!

Today, I wanted to answer some common questions that I am often asked in regards to PR and Media. So many women want to know how they can attract publicity and secure amazing media interviews but many have no idea how to make these dreams a living reality.

So I thought I will answer some questions that many of you have…let’s do this:

1) What is a Press Release and who should I send it to?
This is an announcement, an update or an official statement that you send to the Media (this can be in regards to your business or your brand). You can use this press release to declare what your business is up to, what your brand is set to achieve in the near future, you can share exciting information or important news. You should send your press release to journalists, media houses, media sources, TV hosts, producers, radio presenters (this usually works best when you are trying to secure press/publicity/media interviews) etc and you can also upload your press release onto to your website (on your Media page).

2) What are the benefits of having a Media page on my website?
I believe that having a Media page on your website should be a non-negotiable for any girl boss that is serious about having consistent Media interviews, press and publications. I don’t think it should be an option. A media page is a great way to display all of your publicity on a page separate from all of the other pages on your website. It’s a great way to showcase all of your achievements and also announce to the Media that you are available for more opportunities. A media page is not compulsory but having one can make your brand come across as more professional, it can give the media a chance to read your articles and binge watch/binge listen to your features/interviews and it can make a PR persons job 10 times easier when they are putting you forward for Media opportunities. It can also make the Media’s job easier as they can simply check out your publicity all in one space and see if you are a good fit for their platforms instead of them having to spend hours googling you to see where you have been featured. Imagine not having a testimonial page on your website and how this can significantly decrease your chances of attracting clients and closing sales that’s how I feel about a Media page, I feel that without one, you are simply letting dozens of Media opportunities and good PR slip through your fingers.

3) Who do I pitch to when I am trying to secure Podcast Interviews?
Great question, if you are doing the pitching by yourself, visit the podcasters website and find out if they have a criteria on how they like to receive pitches. They sometimes ask you to fill out a form (and if this is the case then be sure to complete I). In some cases they ask you to send over an e-mail (This is a great chance to sell yourself and tell them why you want to be a guest on their show). If you are unsure of how to pitch (unsure of their criteria) simply send over an e-mail and ask them to be on the safe side, then do as they have requested.

4) I dream of having lots of Media interviews in 2019 how can I make this happen?
Get crystal clear on exactly what you desire, grab a pen and paper and write down your top 20 media interviews/features/publications that you would love to secure. For instance Glamour Magazine, Business Insider, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, The Today Show, Fox News, ITV, BBC etc once you have your list, go one step further and create a vision board so that you can begin to visualise yourself been seen in these magazines and media platforms. Next thing to do is to know your why, why do you want to be interviewed and featured in 2019? Work on your Media pitch, work on your angles, stories and master your interview technique and put yourself out there for Media opportunities by pitching to the media and following up. With the above being said make sure you are a great fit for these publications, shows, media platforms and if you are not, be sure to work on your brand, up-level, expand, work on selling yourself better, so that you can book media interviews easier.

5) I only seem to be attracting Podcast Interviews and I can’t seem to attract anything else, like magazine features, TV interviews, Radio interviews, what can I do to start attracting other types of Media coverage?
One of the best tips that I will give you is to spend less of your time on Social media and spend more of your time learning everything you can about PR, so that you can become a match for bigger opportunities. Secondly, I recommend that you consider investing in PR and Media Coaching or hire a Publicist. A PR and Media Coach is useful as he/she can help you bust through blocks, train you up on key media do’s and dont’s, fill you in on media essentials that you need to have in place and help you to become a magnet for different types of media opportunities that you desire. A Publicist pitch to the media and secure media interviews on your behalf. A Publicist usually has a wide range of connections and can put you forward for several TV shows, Radio stations, Newspapers and Magazine Features without the fear of rejection (as they are usually thick-skinned, media-trained and well experienced). Publicists usually know that it’s a numbers game and so they don’t give up until they win…whereas when you are pitching for yourself it’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t get booked within a few days or weeks. I’ve heard some women entrepreneurs tell me that they give up easily when they pitch and hear nothing back. Publicists keep their pipeline full and they rarely take no for an answer, they follow up once, twice or even three times (over a period of a few weeks or months) if necessary. That’s what you need to do too if you want to do your own pitching.

Do you have more questions or need more tips if so shoot me a message via Instagram @queenchioma?

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Many blessings



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A Few Christmas Photos and Wishing you a Happy New Year in Advance

Wow today is the 31st of December,

We have finally come to the end of the year,

I thought to use this time as an opportunity to say a big THANK YOU for your loving support, your wonderful friendship and beautiful likes, comments that you’ve given me over the year!

Here are some of my photos from Christmas Day,


I want to wish you a Happy New Year full of blessings and tremendous success,

With love

Queen Chioma Nworgu MA

PR Glitches and Media Mistakes


Have you ever wondered what PR glitches or Media mistakes you could be making without even realising it?

This could be to do with:
- Copy on your website, how you show up on Social Media, 
- Words or phrases that you use or say repetitively, 
- Attitudes or behaviours that you display,
- Answers questions in the wrong way when you are booked for Media interviews. 
- Errors on your Media Page. 
- Failing to MAXIMISE your publicity when 
you get it and the list goes on!

Here are 3 PR Glitches or Media Mistakes to Avoid:

1. Failing to Stick to the Dress Code: 
If you are asked to show up wearing smart wear or black tie attire for your speaking gig or for your media appearance don’t show up in jeans and a t-shirt. This shows that you don’t respect the Host or honour the event which can block future opportunities from coming your way.

2. Failing to Have a Strong Media Page on your website: 
Failing to have this BASIC Media essential in place is probably making you MISS OUT on 15-20 Media opportunities a year! Imagine all of the journalists/TV hosts/producers/podcast hosts etc that visited your website and left because they couldn’t be bothered to figure out if you do Media interviews or not. Maybe some will go the extra mile and send you a message using your contact box or send you an email...but some won’t bother! Give them their space on your website so that they can watch your interviews, read your articles/check out your features and see if you are a good fit for their show or publication. Influencers like Gabby Bernstein, Garry Vee and Marie Forleo all have strong Media pages and they are always featured in the Media in HUGE ways so having a Media Page is clearly a good thing to have! Model successful people.

3. Not Hanging out where the Media Hang out: 
If you are logging on to Facebook and Instagram 24/7 but you never log on to Twitter...you are making a big mistake - if you are serious about being in the Media an attracting good PR for your brand. Why? Because the Media hang out on Twitter religiously! It’s the best platform to engage with the media in real time and it’s a great way to chip into media conversions that will get you featured or mentioned in the Media tomorrow!

I could go on and on!

Most women shy away from Media Opportunities or play a small game when it comes to PR because they are awfully afraid of making mistakes or being shown up on TV or Radio.

But you don’t have to AFRAID to shine in a bigger way - you just need more TRAINING that’s all.

I cover so much in my course The PR and Media Bundle.

And I’m inviting 1000 women to go through this bundle by this time next year.

If you want to know how to use the power of publicity to boost your brand and make a global impact then totally get the PR and Media today!

Link in the comment section.

With love


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🖤She is Unstoppable Book Launch Party in London was a HUGE Success🖤

IMG_9939 (2).JPG

I have exciting updates for you,

I recently became the Publicist/PR person for this amazing new amazing book and two launch parties called ‘She is Unstoppable’.

Yesterday the first Book Launch Party took place in Soho, London which I attended.

She is Unstoppable is based on 12 women sharing their inspirational journeys. The book covers many themes which includes adversity, struggle, overwhelm, upset, abuse, sexism, ageism, self harm,
ill health, addiction.

It was so amazing to see these fabulous authors share their stories which includes themes on adversity,

Many of these new best selling international authors travelled from various parts of the UK such as London, Scotland and Wales and from various states in the USA.

I truly loved the fabulous atmosphere and the spirit of women empowerment that I felt in the room.

Check out a few of the images below.

Queen Chioma with Jen Hardie Curator of Best-selling International book She is Unstoppable and I

Queen Chioma with Jen Hardie Curator of Best-selling International book She is Unstoppable and I

Queen Chioma with Kate Bollanou, one of the best-selling international authors of ‘She is Unstoppable' Book

Queen Chioma with Kate Bollanou, one of the best-selling international authors of ‘She is Unstoppable' Book

Megan Fraiser, International Best-Selling Author of ‘She is Unstoppable Book’.

Megan Fraiser, International Best-Selling Author of ‘She is Unstoppable Book’.

Isabela travelled from Switzerland to be with us at the ‘She is Unstoppable Event’.

Isabela travelled from Switzerland to be with us at the ‘She is Unstoppable Event’.

A lovely group photo of the She is Unstoppable International Best Selling Authors

A lovely group photo of the She is Unstoppable International Best Selling Authors

Queen Chioma, Yolande Letsou Fashion Blogger & Artist with the  Charity Ambassador at Women’s Aid

Queen Chioma, Yolande Letsou Fashion Blogger & Artist with the
Charity Ambassador at Women’s Aid

Queen with fabulous Jen Curator of the Book and the Unstoppable Ladies

Queen with fabulous Jen Curator of the Book and the Unstoppable Ladies

Queen with Isabella Danise (Success Coach and Lifestyle Expert) and Yolande Letsou

Queen with Isabella Danise (Success Coach and Lifestyle Expert) and Yolande Letsou

Yolande Letsou Fashion Blogger and Artist with a few of the She is Unstoppable International Best Selling Authors, Bridget Zyka, Rebecca Hawkes, Megan Fraiser and Joanna Petrie-Rout

Yolande Letsou Fashion Blogger and Artist with a few of the She is Unstoppable International Best Selling Authors, Bridget Zyka, Rebecca Hawkes, Megan Fraiser and Joanna Petrie-Rout

Jennifer Hardie, the lady who made all of this happen! Founder of She is Unstoppable

Jennifer Hardie, the lady who made all of this happen! Founder of She is Unstoppable

Salome Asabre from Her Story Matters Magazine

Salome Asabre from Her Story Matters Magazine

Westend Vocalist Sabrina Alouche and Jennifer Hardie (Curator) performing a duet together

Westend Vocalist Sabrina Alouche and Jennifer Hardie (Curator) performing a duet together

I am extremely excited to see how She is Unstoppable changes women’s lives on a global scale.

What excites me the most about this book and these women is the very fact that they are donating all of the profits from this book to two women’s charities which includes ‘Women’s Aid’. What a powerful way to give back and support good causes.

I am truly thankful to Jennifer Hardie the Curator for giving me the opportunity to be part of this amazing project.

I also want to thank God for blessing me with this opportunity as I know that without his grace and favour it wouldn’t have happened.

For more photos and video clips follow me on Instagram @queenchioma today and leave me a comment letting me know that you checked out this latest blog post.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next blog post,

Many blessings.


P.s. Check out the ‘She is Unstoppable Book’ Instagram page and be sure to follow for updates.

PP.s. Get your copy of She is Unstoppable book Volume 1 here today on Amazon UK or Amazon USA. It’s available as a hard copy and on kindle.

What is ONE Media Interview Worth in your Business and Life (Here are 6 Examples of the Value that it Can Bring)


Have you ever wondered what exactly can a Media Interview do to BOOST your Brand or Life?

Do you want to use PR to take your business to the next level but you aren’t sure of exactly what the benefits are?

Do you often leave media opportunities to the BACK SEAT in your Business and life because you aren’t really sure of how it will impact your biz?

If so you are in for a LUCKY TREAT as I will be sharing 6 ways that Media interviews can be of value to your brand and life!


When you get featured in the Media or when you secure a Media interview. It usually causes EXCITEMENT! Your fans and followers to give you instant praise, celebration mode begins automatically, your friends, family, clients, colleagues, mentors will say things like congratulations, “well done”, “wow, you are amazing”, etc. You’ll usually get hundreds of comments and likes on Social Media and dozens many DM’s. This has happened to me so many times! ESP when I was on ITV! In fact I don’t go anywhere now without at least one person saying “I’ve seen you on TV”. And I remember when I was on BBC 1 at the age of 8 years old. My aunties both called me to tell me that they watched me on TV and they were screaming with excitement and they said that they were so proud of me! This kind of reward can make you want to keep up the good work!


God can use your Media interviews to shame your critics and the haters in your life! Katie Price often says that success is the best revenge and I agree with her! When your naysayers see you shining on stage and shining on different shows they will feel ashamed because they tried to put you down! They will feel embarrassed because they are criticizing someone that is being elevated into greatness.


I was once contacted my an old friend after I was on TV, we fell out over something really small but she watched me on a programme an she reached out to me and told me that she really felt bad and that she just wanted us to make up and be good friends again. I accepted her apology and said that I’m sorry too! She didn’t even want to hear my apology, she said “I saw how sweet and genuine you were on TV, and it really made me realise how stupid it was for us to have fallen out over something so silly”. I knew that she wasn’t just trying to get something from me! I knew that she was sincere. This TV appearance genuinely healed our friendship. And I thank God for it!


When you get featured in the Media it raises your brand to new heights. It shows that your business is making progress, it shows that your business is doing something right! You can’t attract media attention if there isn’t at least SOMETHING POWERFUL associated with your brand! But what’s worrying is if you keep being in business year after year and you don’t attract publicity! It means that something is off. You can’t be outstanding and NOT attract Media Coverage it’s impossible! This can be the boost of confidence that you need to keep showing up in your business despite the challenges that face.


If your fans or clients or potential clients are confused about what you do or what your business is all about this is a great time to clear things up! When you talk about your business you get to explain what you do, clarify things, give updates and share facts, figures, products, services etc. Imagine if your potential clients think that you are a Social Media Manager instead of knowing that you are a Business Coach...this could explain why you keep getting all of those random questions that don’t match up with what you do. One NEW INTERVIEW can give you the chance to share your story, your message, and your mission (authentically) in front of hundreds, thousands or in some cases MILLIONS! What a powerful GIFT!


I was Interviewed recently on a show and guess what within 48 hrs...I had 3 amazing opportunities come my way! One is to be part of a Virtual Summit, another one was to be featured in a Magazine and the other one was a fabulous Collaboration opportunity! ONE MEDIA interview can create a ripple effect...and the good news is...is you can also use your latest interview to follow up with the Media or to pitch to new Media sources, event organisers etc because there is always a BUZZ around something that’s FRESH and NEW! The media don’t want to keep getting links to your old interviews from 2012 they want to see you doing NEW things in the Media (even if it’s small)!

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  • Just like a mother doesn’t give solid food to a new born baby!

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Day Four: Enthusiasm and Optimism (How these Two Qualities can change your LIFE and BUSINESS forever). 

Day Five: How to be TRULY MOTIVATED, uplifted and passionate to do the TOP 5-7 THINGS (that you’ve been putting off for Months). 

Day Six: Unleashing your Celebrity Self! How to BOLDLY shine on Social Media and in the Media like a Super Star! 

Day Seven: 10 Things to Drop (like it’s Hot) on your Journey to Unlimited Success, Abundance and Stardom. 

Day Eight: How to Conquer Depression, Anxiety and Low Moments
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Day Nine: Big Come Back Power: How to Get your Mojo Back and Become Super Confident and Charismatic in All your Do. 

Day Ten: Total EXCITEMENT...
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Along with a few other bonuses! 

Bonus trainings:
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Interview with my Client: Kerin Bricese Founder of Haute, Fitness Health (sharing her experience of working with Queen Chioma)

Interview with my Client: Kerin Bricese Founder of Haute, Fitness Health (sharing her experience of working with Queen Chioma).

The other day I sat down with my wonderful Client Kerin Bricese and interviewed her on her experience of working with me in my 1-1 PR and Media + Pitching Package.

This package is designed with PR and Media Coaching, but I also pitch to the Media on her behalf, follow up with the media, track everything in a spreadsheet and help her to secure amazing Media interviews.

Since working together some of her successes include:

- Being interviewed on two fabulous Podcast Shows. 
- Featured on a Fashion Blog. 
- Being booked for another upcoming Podcast show in Sept. 
- A Magazine Cover and a Spread (coming out in Autumn/Fall).
- She created her Media Kit (it looks beautiful). 
- She got her Media page up (it looks super professional). 
- She created Media Intro Videos for potential interviews in the future. 

And we are expecting even more MEDIA opportunities and books to FLOOD IN! 

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Kerin Bricese shares what it's like to work with Queen Chioma
(PR and Media Coaching + Pitching Package)

Thanks for watching, 

If you are interested in PR and Media Coaching + Pitching please do book a session to speak with me  here. I have two spots open for 1-1 PR and Media Coaching + Pitching in my programme 'The Celebrity Female Entrepreneur in you' (3 month package). 

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Find out more about Kerin and her membership here: www.healthfitnesshealth.com
Follow Kerin on Instagram: @hautefitnesshealth

With love


10 Media Moments that I thank God for


Sometimes in life, I LOVE to take a moment to reflect on past achievements and today is one of those days! 

I'd love to share some of the amazing experiences that I have had that were really prolific and inspiring! And believe me when I say that if these things can happen to me...they can happen to you too. 

Let's go: 

1) The day that I met Gwen Stefani and got to chat with her! Her security wasn't around. It was a beautiful moment. I wondered how it happened.

2) The day that I was featured in OK Magazine! This was so amazing. I just couldn't believe it when it happened.

3) The moment that I got to take a photo with Katie Price at Pro Beauty Show.

4) The times that I have been featured in my local paper 'The Islington Gazette'.

5) My Big Break into Mainstream Media...when I got to be on a programme on ITV!

6) My feature/article in Essex Style Magazine.

7) Being invited to Speak at the House of Parliament (just in case you don't know what this building is, it's like the UK version of the White House). I was so honoured to give this presentation in front of Lords, MPs and Dignitaries& Academics. (Did this really happen? Still amazed). I'll upload a video clip soon.

8) When I landed my TV Presenting job with Ben TV on Sky. This changed my life as I got to be on this channel a multitude of times over a period of 10 years.

9) I was invited to an X-factor Red Carpet Event + Screening with the Judges. I was in a room with Tulisa, Kelly Rowland, Louis Walsh and Garry Barlow. It was really FUN.

10) I went to an A&R event several years ago when I was in my late teens and I got to be in a conference room with Damon Dash (Aaliyah's former fiance/Producer), Kelly Rowland and Solange Knowles. This was one of my FAVE moments as I got to learn so much about the Music Industry and what it takes to get a record deal! I got to hear these stars give such powerful talks.

BONUS: I got to warm up the stage for Nicole C Mullen (Gospel Super star) when I was in the Choir several years ago. We performed before she did and I got to meet her, she was so warm and friendly!

Let me know in the comment section below ONE OF YOUR Media moments! 

I would LOVE to hear from you,

Many blessings 



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You don't have to be a 6 or 7 figure Coach to experience publicity, media opportunities or extraordinary opportunities. You just need to put yourself out there in a bigger way and actually get the PR and Media training/coaching/mentoring that can help you to become a MAGNET for publicity.

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Summer Abundance: 8 Ways to Attract More Joy, Bliss, Good PR, Media Coverage, Fame, Visibility and Financial Abundance



Can you believe that we've had the HOTTEST SUMMER that we've had in YEARS in the UK?

Ok...so I now realise that you might be reading this from across the world so you MIGHT NOT know this...

But on serious note...we have had the most  BEAUTIFUL WEATHER ever *SO GRATEFUL*. 

It's as if the heavens opened over the UK and SUNSHINE just flooded into our country with so much GOODNESS. The last time we experienced this kind of baking hot summer was in the mid 90's. 

I know that it's started to cool down a little with rain and a drop in temperature...but with August fast approaching I'm sure that the SUN will beam with more beauty in no time!

This reminds me of my RECENT trip which was in Bulgaria. 

It was so much FUN, so fascinating, exciting and full of PURE BLISS..I was totally in my element and this made me TRULY realised on that I had been settling, holding myself back, self-sabotaging, playing small and living below my potential.

We went to Golden Sands Vana (Bulgaria) to speak at the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society Conference (this was in June) and I made a decision to play a bigger game when I was in my hotel room one day...I realised that I was soooo done...done living below my potential. When I travel and speak at Conferences I feel ALIVE and in FLOW and surrounded by sooo much ABUNDANCE!

I don't feel this way when I am stuck on my laptop...bored and making consistent live streams in my house. Now DON'T GET ME WRONG! I love live streaming on FB sooo much...but I'm an extreme extrovert, so my energy and my HAPPINESS increases as I go to things like go to events, when I'm around high vibe people and when I am up to big things in the world like Speaking or being on TV shows!

I love to mix things up. And in fact my idea of LIVE streaming is to do this at different places...at events not just from my living room or bed room (this is the moment where you laugh out loud). 

So back to the message for today...

Jim Rohn said this 'For things to change you must change, for things to get better you must get better'. 

If things aren't changing for you, if you feel stuck, disappointed a lil bored, confused or if business feels dried up and average then totally check out my tips below on how to shake things up! 

Here are the SUMMER ABUNDANCE tips that I promised you '7 Ways to Attract More Joy, Bliss, Good PR, Media Coverage, Fame, Visibility and Financial Abundance': 

1) Do a BIG clear out...let go of things that no longer serve you: 
A few days ago I threw away approximately 25 things, from plastic containers (I tossed them in the recycling bin) to old books that I no longer read! This is one of the ways that I consistently open myself up to receive sooo much more by decluttering. If you want new things to show up for you, you've got to open yourself to receive. If everything is jam packed you won't be a magnet or a match for the amazing things that you want. Do you have 15,000 emails that need to be filed, sorted out and put into order, could you perhaps spend the day deleting all the e-mails that you no longer need? Do you have old clothes that you can send to Charity? If so GO FOR IT! Do a big summer clear out and you will see breakthroughs and good things trickle into your life.    

2) Listen to SUMMER music:
I love to listen to Praise and Worship (Hillsong Young and Free) and it makes me feel so empowered and infused with FUN and creativity and it also increases my faith. I also love to listen to Afro beats and old skool Garage music. I especially love the song 'It's a London thing'. I love dancing to music almost daily for at least 30 mins. It keeps me in great shape and it's so good for the mind. Dancing is a great way to BOOST your energy and to feel good. So put that music on daily and move those hips.  

3) Get into the BEST SHAPE of your life: 
Your happiness and joy is sometimes attached to how good you feel about yourself. As much as it's good to FULLY love yourself as you are...it's also important to look the way you want to look. So set yourself a challenge to get FIT and HOT for summer and this will totally open you up to more abundance. 

4) Visit more BEACHES than ever before: 
Don't just visit one Beach over this summer visit 5 if possible or spend a week at a resort or by the sea side. Somewhere that I LOVE to go to in the Summer is Brighton. Brighton (UK) has such a beautiful beach...it's so relaxing, fun and refreshing. City life is good but we need to soak up the vitamin D and freshness that comes just by the sea by going to the beach.  

5) Pitch to the Media and FOLLOW up like a Boss: 
Imagine having 5, 10 or 15 Media interviews booked over Summer and beyond...this is what can happen to you if you put yourself out there in a bigger way! There are thousands of TV shows, Radio shows, Podcast shows, Newspapers, Magazines...that you could be part of! You can be on TV and Radio. You can do all of the GUEST BLOGGING that you want but you have to BELIEVE and work towards it! Doubting yourself is not an option.

6) Host your Own Events: 
I want to encourage you to organise at least ONE event over this SUMMER period. And if you are feeling BOLD organise 2-3 events. Ideas of the kind of events that you can organise are:
A local Meet up, a Retreat, a Vision Board Party, a Book Launch Party, do a book tour in your country, organise live gigs or perform at events! It's so important to make sure that you are experience HUMAN CONNECTION, working online 24/7 can be lonely and isolating at times so do something FUN to bring your fans, clients, colleagues, friends or family together all in one place!    

7) Work on your Money Mindset: 
If you are struggling to make money in your business don't despair...there is an abundance of money...it might not seem like this is TRUE but it is. God wants to bless you with more money than you can imagine but he wants you to have the CHARACTER to be able to handle it! Having HUGE CHUNKS OF money with no discipline or poor money management skills can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. There's nothing worse than receiving a beautiful amount of money then totally lavishing it within two days....due to having a poor money mindset. Some of the books that I love to listen to over and over again on the audible app includes 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill and 'You are a Badass at Making Money' by Jen Sincero. These books help me to understand money and keep learning how to be a great magnet for wealth and abundance. I also love to carry out the exercises that are in these books as it's sometimes the exercises that make all of the difference. I also love making MONEY affirmations....I truly believe that this is one of the best ways to prepare for an abundance of money and riches. You have to think and speak like a wealthy person and feel RICH before the riches show up. Speaking words of lack and poverty will just keep you in that same place of underearning and deprivation. 

8) Pitch to the Media and Follow up like a BOSS:  
How many times do you log onto Facebook or hop on Instagram in a week? Compared to how much time you spend speaking with Journalists, Reporters, Editors, via Email or phone? If you are serious about attracting amazing publicity for your brand! You have to change the ratio and spend a few hours on your PR and Media game plan! I spend about 4-5 hours pitching to the Media and following up with the Media every week for my clients (publicist work) and it's amazing when you see the hard work all start to pay off...as some of my clients have been on amazing podcast shows, been on TV, had guest blogging opportunities, radio interviews, been in magazines and some have even made the COVER of magazines. And I've personally had countless TV interviews, TV Presenting work, been in a few wonderful programmes, been in a couple of films, I've had podcast interviews and lots of local, national and international speaking gigs! So this pitching thing totally works! But you've gotta be willing to put in the effort! Or hire a publicist to do the work for you. 

So now it's your turn MISSY :-) I'd love to know which 2-3 tips you LOVED the most and which ones are you going to implement or RUN with?

Drop me a comment below! 

Wishing you pure joy, pure bliss and pure LOVE, 

Queen Chioma Nworgu MA

Are you truly owning it and showing off your amazing GIFTS and TALENTS? Or are you hiding, holding back and playing small?


Do you know that one there are two factors that you could be failing to switch on in your daily life and during those grand and glorious moments...that could be holding you back in HUGE ways?

Do you know that if we're able to increase these two qualities this could make you go from... 
- low profile to SUPER HIGH PROFILE
- AVERAGE success to EXPONENTIAL success.
- Visible to SUPER VISIBLE. 
- Unknown to FAMOUS! 
- Never featured in the Media to ALWAYS featured in the Media.

These two qualities are:

1) Confidence

2) Charisma

And I've used these to qualities to attract unlimited TV interviews and TV Presenting skills in my life!

I get private msgs all the time via Social Media...or people come up to me when I'm at events or when I'm shopping and say things like "Wow I watched you on TV, you are so good at what you do, keep shining".

️The reason why someone like Jennifer Lopez is so famous, powerful and sooooo magnetic is because her CONFIDENCE and her CHARISMA are both sooo HIGH that this naturally keeps her at the TOP of her GAME! These two qualities make it easy for her to keep ON attracting amazing things such as fans, money, abundance, success and fame!

The reason why sooo many people can't get enough Beyoncé is because she comes across as so FIERCE, COURAGEOUS and ENTERTAINING and what this all comes back to is CONFIDENCE AND CHARISMA (she boldly goes for what she wants, she wears the outfits that she wants to wear, she owns her power, she's fearless and she's extremely LIKEABLE) and as a result...millions of people are naturally drawn to her!

Now I'm not asking you to be like Beyoncé or J-lo or any SUPER STAR or influencer...but always remember that successful people leave clues.

It's all about your mindset and allowing yourself to shine in a bigger way.

If people TELL that you totally believe in yourself and in what you do with conviction and if they love your presence...they'll want to be around you!

They'll totally want to buy from you, listen to you, watch you, learn from you and hire you!

Imagine if you knew exactly whenever you need to...imagine if you knew how to increase these your CONFIDENCE AND YOUR CHARISMA...EXACTLY AT THOSE RIGHT MOMENTS, ON CAMERA, ON STAGE, AT THOSE GLAMOROUS EVENTS and even in your relationships and in social settings.

- Imagine how much more impact and influence you'd make and have. 
- If you increase your value imagine how much more money would swarm to you like bees to honey. 
- Imagine having thousands and thousands of new fans magnetise to you because you FINALLY show up in bigger way.

If you're not growing you're staying the same!

If you are not shining brightly and showing up as your most CAPTIVATING SELF you are hiding and repelling good opportunities.

Who is the CELEBRITY version of you?

The 2.0 version of you?

What would she do today?

What things would say YES to because she is ready for soooo much more!

And what things would she say NO to because she's so over playing small!

It's time for you to let your BEST self out today!

It's time to increase those two qualities!

Watch my latest video below to be inspired, encouraged and empowered today!

NEW VIDEO: 3 Quick Tips to Boost your Confidence and Charisma

Thanks so much for watching! 

Be sure to drop me a comment below...letting me know which tip resonates with you the most. 


Queen Chioma Nworgu

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MY PRESENTATION WENT WELL! Back from Golden Sands, Bulgaria (The Comparative Education Society Conference)

Hey Blessed Friends,


I want to say a BIG thank you for all of your lovely encouragement, lovely words, love and support me and private msgs that you send me via Facebook, Instagram and E-mail. 

I travelled to Bulgaria and was there for a week! I got back on Sunday and I am already missing Bulgaria BIG TIME! Because we were literally on a resort by the beach, we had lots of pools all around us and the streets were FULL of shops, fun fairs and activities to do. 

I delivered my paper on Thursday last week in Bulgaria (gave my presentation) at one of the sessions at the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society Conference.

And it went really well!


This day literally reminds me of when I made the decision to become a International Motivational Speaker!

I used to write down on paper, imagine and dream and say out loud... several times a day...things like:

- I speak at schools, colleges, conferences and at events.

- I'm always on TV and radio.

- I travel all over the UK and abroad speaking at events and changing lives.

- I'm always booked perform and speak at events!

And then one day it started happening!

This conference below is one where you actually get your work published into their book!

And you get awarded with certificates too for participation and training.

I've now had my work published into several books and received so many certificates.

As I've been here 8 times now!

To have such an opportunity your work will have to be full of substance as the editors are top notch academics (Doctors and Professors) that can (or will) reject your paper if it doesn't meet the criteria.

So it's such an honour.

With LOVE and Blessings


P.s. If you would like to see more photos and videos and clips.

Be sure to like my Facebook page
And Follow me on Instagram 

Let's stay in touch there. 

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One of the ways to really stand out in front of the Media is to be active in raising money for charity.

Become an Ambassador for a Charity or raise thousands for charity by creating some kind of campaign.

Do a 10K walk or a 10K run, a half marathon or a full marathon. Or come up with some other ideas of things that you can do to raise money for charity such as organising a local fashion show for your local community. 

I won have won several Charity awards, crowns and titles. I won Miss Charity Kent, Miss Charity UK and Miss Charity Europe 2011 in the Face of Europe Pageant, I raised over £1,600 for Charity.

I did this by speaking at events, creating my own charity fundraising events, selling my CD's and donating a percentage of the profits to charity etc.

I didn't stop there I actually continue to raise thousands of pounds every year through my Beauty Pageant Business for charity.

The girls and women in my pageant are always encouraged to raise at least £50-150 each for charity every year (they choose a charity or two of their choice) and set up a Just Giving Page and they get busy doing things like Cake Sales, Jumble Sales, 10K Runs etc to meet their charity goals.

We have also raised money at some of our events also through ticket sales etc.

So over the years, we have raised over £10,000 for charity via my pageant business and we helped an organisation to raise £12,000 so that's a total of over 22K.

These kinds of endeavours really helped me and my businesses to attract tons of Media interviews, press and publications.

The Media really LOVE it when a brand is charitable and they love it when a business supports good causes too.

So go for it!

Become  Charity Supporter too! 


I totally recommend creating some kind of a Charity fundraising challenge for yourself/brand!

Are up for it?

If so...let me know in the comments section below what can you do to get more active in raising big amounts of money for charity this year?

How much money would you like to raise for charity if you knew that it was totally possible?



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PP.s. I want you to know things like 'The Media Do's and Don'ts, 'Media Etiquette', How to Have More Confidence an Charisma', 'How to Increase your Stage Presence', 'How to Secure Consistent Media Interviews, 'How to Overcome Blocks and Limiting Beliefs that Stop you From Attracting Good PR for your Brand' and so much more! If you know that you have a STRONG calling to be seen in the media then do not resist your calling any longer.

Get the PR and Media Bundle today for just $197 (usually $357): 

Business Can be Painfully Slow and BORING WITHOUT CONSISTENT PR AND MEDIA COVERAGE (How to Fix this with SPEED)


Many of the women that I speak to tell me how slow there businesses are, how hard it is for them attract the publicity that they dream of and how difficult it can be for them to secure Media interviews and raise their visibility.


There is another problem...some women  have lots of CLIENTS, they have the MONEY IN THE BANK, they have some publicity under there belt too i.e. the occasional FB Interview or Podcast Interview. However they want soooo  much MORE! They feel that they weren't just BORN to be on Social Media and have an ONLINE BRAND but they have always seen themselves as women that would travel around the world, speaking on stages, sharing their messages, being on TV etc but it's not happening and they feel super sad, defeated and confused as to why they can't have moreeeee success in the offline or Media world too. 

I've realised that no one is going to care about your brand that much if you don't add some SERIOUS PR and Media to the mix! 

You'll always feel like a cat that's just screaming at the top of your lungs to get attention on Social Media. 

You'll always feel as if something is missing that you can't quite put your finger on.

You'll always feel as if others are getting wayyyy ahead of you and you are just blending into the background. 

You'll always be the one watching others shine while you keep promoting the same old stuff on Social Media. 

Imagine actually been on a podcast show or a radio show with engaged listeners and ideal clients for a change or being on a TV show where people are actually watching you with sheer admiration and delight. 

Imagine being in a magazine with avid readers that instantly hit you up on Social Media and that join your newsletter with speed. 

When I appeared on a TV Show I had about 50 people recognised me on the streets and at events! They would come up to me and congratulate me or whisper "that's the girl from that TV show".

Ladies don't you just want to be FINALLY celebrated this year for all of your and work? 

Don't you just want to be recognised and to shine? 
Because I know I do! 
This is part of your healing. 

You can't heal properly without truly receiving the honour that comes from being an inspiration and a role model in the Media. If you are destined to be in the Media. 

Sometimes the truth is...there is no medicine like the medicine of good publicity!  

I promise you! 

If you have been bullied, wounded, rejected, betrayed I can't tell you how good it feels to go on a

TV show and know that people that hurt you are watching you shine! 

You can and you will have the last laugh. 

Those wounds that have haunted you for years are just waiting to heal when they receive the LOVE that’s supposed to flow in! 

Imagine getting hugs from your fans and your followers that come up to you after you speak at a prestigious event in your city or abroad! 

When I travelled to Speak in Turkey many years ago, gave academic presentations at the World Congress Education Conference and performed at their Gala night (on a huge Boat) in front of thousands...I had so many amazing Turkish fans come up to me and shower me with love, hugs and so many amazing words! They told me that 'I would be as famous as Rhianna one day'...and then they said "In fact you will be even more famous than Rhianna" and they all agreed! I have always held on to those words! Perhaps that's what made me be consistent with being in the media. 

I want this life for you too fabulous, 

I want you to speak at events, travel all over with a purpose, make a big impact, have international fans, perform, do media interviews and just have a year crowned with MEDIA MOMENTS!

With Love,

Queen xx                                          

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Featured Client: Emem Washington, USA, Gospel Singer and Attorney shares her experience working with Queen Chioma Nworgu

Dear Lovelies, 


Today I would like to take this opportunity to feature one of my AMAZING Clients.

Her name is Emem Washington, she is from Houston, USA, she is a Gospel Singer, an Attorney and a Entrepreneur and she is on a mission to make a BIG impact through her Music and her Course and her Live Events in a powerful way!

Emem has worked with me in a few of my programmes such as my Celebrity Female Entrepreneur in your Programme, she has had a few 1-1 PR and Media Coaching sessions with me and also did my Boot Camp 'Social Media, Publicity and Money'.

Emem got so many amazing results working with me that I decided that I would do an interview with Emem instead of it being just a video testimonial. 

Here you go WATCH IT NOW: 

Some of Emem's achievements working with me included:

- Being featured in a UK Magazine
- Going to the Dove Awards (this is like the Grammy Award Show in the Gospel Industry).
- Met amazing Celebrities such as Erica Campbell from Mary, Mary, she took photos with them and filmed with some of them at the Dove Awards. 
- She was featured in couple of Blogs
- She organised two filled out amazing workshop events
- She secured a 45 mins TV Interview  
and more! 

Now I am not going to take credit for Emem's success but it is sooo exciting to see all that she has achieved in such a short space of time. 

It was a pleasure to work with her. 


Follow Emem on Instagram here: 

Thanks for watching and reading.

P.s. If you are interested in working with me then I would LOVE for you to complete this form here and also considering joining my programme 'Mastering Media' last date to join is the 1st of April 2018.  

10 Ways to Manifest Media Interviews

Are struggling with the whole PR thing? 

Do you feel as if something is blocking you from attracting publicity for your brand? 

Do you dream of doing AMAZING media interviews but you have no idea how to make it happen?

If so you are in for treat as I have some AWESOME tips for you baby on how you can start MANIFESTING MEDIA INTERVIEWS! Yayyyy!!

1) Build your Confidence: 
Read as many articles and books on Confidence as possible! Study confident people and mirror them! Confidence is the most important quality that you need to possess if you are super keen to have SUCCESSFUL Media interviews this year.

2) Practice Posing in the Mirror: 
The more fabulous you feel in the Mirror the more confident you will feel on stage and on camera. 

3) Have HOLLYWOOD Charisma: 
I believe that Hollywood Charisma is when you carry yourself like a Celebrity or like a Beauty Queen! Act like you are on a Red Carpet 24/7 baby! And up will attract media opportunities like a magnet. 

4) Build your Media Page: 
It's a non-negotiable if you are SERIOUS about breaking into the media in powerful ways! I'm gonna be covering how to do this in my 4 part workshop series "Mastering Media".  will be doing a specific training on this which will be powerful.

5) Study Media Interviews: 
Watch as many as possible! And analyse interviews! Take notes, notice what makes you think "this is sooooo good" and notice what makes you CRINGE! This will help you prepare and improve for your Media interviews. 

You have to really WANT to be in the media, you have to yearn for these opportunities...and desire them...and you will draw in these media moments to you quicker than you can imagine! 

7) Pitch to the Media and Follow up:
I reached out to the Media several times and I still do! Let go of your fear of pitching and embrace it and remember that following up is the GOLDEN KEY! I've secured soooo many Media interviews on TV, being in Magazines and in Newspapers just because of this! I've been fortunate enough to have attracted about 50% of my Media coverage but the other 50% has been me reaching out and making it happen! 

8) Drop the Arrogance and Pride
Be humble....humility is the soooo important....you can't be proud, rude or a nightmare to interview or an overbearing person to work with! You won't last 5 minutes in the Media like this. Always go into that humble state. Oprah is humble, Obama is humble, Michael Jackson was humble. Go for what you want and own your brilliance, stand your ground and all....but don't be a pain in the butt. Or you will block all good media opportunities. 

9) Carry yourself with High Levels of Elegance and Grace: 
I encourage you to study books on Elegance and etiquette! I think I have about 7 books on Beauty, Etiquette, Queens English etc. I bought these books because I run a Pageant business and I used to be a Beauty Queen! I've trained hundreds if not thousands of Beauty Queens and Models (over 100 in real life and the rest online) and I always teach them the importance of elegance and grace. 

How you treat people is everything! 

Legends make people feel AMAZING! They say 'please', 'thank you', they are polite, they are warm, they can carry themselves high but they can also be as down to earth as a neighbour. 

If you go to Africa you need to know how to make Africans fall in love with you. 

If you go to Asia you need to know how to make Asians feel good and make think that you are pretty special. 

If you go to South America you need to know how to delight your South American fans.

When you speak to people do you just switch off after a certain time? 

When you speak to people do you just get bored and start looking around the room? 

Would you talk to a waitress or a homeless person the same way that you would talk to a President or a Prime Minister? 

Do you look down on people who are not at a certain level in life? 

Or do you treat all people the same? 

Ponder and reflect on this today! 

And work on this over and over again as it's something to always work one. 

10) Get Some Outfits Ready for your upcoming (POTENTIAL) Media Interviewsssss
f you TRULY BELIEVE that you are going to be on TV, on Radio, doing Speaking gigs etc.....then get show the Universe that you are ready by GLAMMING UP...start trying clothes and shoes on or go out and buy 1-2 new outfits for your upcoming interviews! Don't wait to be booked....get ready now! I have a video training on this in my PR and Media Bundle.

BONUS TIP: Do mock interviews/role plays with family, friends, an expert in the Media or hire a PR and Media Coach and get some expert training and ask for feedback on what you are doing well and find out what you need to improve. 

P.s. If you want to learn more fabulous, fun ideas and strategies for attracting media interviews and good PR then totally sign up for THE PR AND MEDIA BUNDLE today! It's 1 payment of $247 and imagine how much more you will learn! 

This is your moment to shine ladies! I'm inviting you to jump in! 

Sign up today: 

Do you realise that sometimes it just takes ONE media interview to see total transformation in your business and in life! I featured in OK Magazine and was on MTV and both of these experiences changed my confidence and my life! 

So that's why I'm giving away a powerful gift! When you sign up for "The PR and Media Bundle" you will get to join my programme "Mastering Media" for FREE! My 4 part workshop series which is usually £527. Today is the LAST chance/last day to get this SPECIAL OFFER!! 


5 Ways to Prepare for Media Interviews Once you are Booked

Have you ever wondered what to do when you are BOOKED for an upcoming Media Interview?

Have you been wondering what steps to take to get fully prepared when you get the BIG YES?


If so I have listed 5 key tips below that can help you,

Here we go: 

1) Be confident and full of charisma on camera and on stage
(make a decision way ahead of time to really OWN IT).

2) Improve your interview technique by doing mock interviews and role plays.You can also practice your speech or answers in front of the mirror. Do this at least twice before your interview.

3) Buy something fabulous to wear for your upcoming live interview, if possible, or wear one of your best outfits. Smart or Glam works best but you can also wear casual but jazz it up by wearing a few accessories.

TIP: Get all dressed up even if it's a podcast/radio interview that's not live, as you will sound more confident and exciting if you do this which will make the interview a bigger HIT for you.

4) Pray before your interview to calm your nerves. A lot of Celebrities do this before they go on stage. This is a great way to put everything in God's hands and embrace the fact that God has got your back! 

5) Believe that you CAN! Do not doubt yourself my friend and don't expect the worst. Expect the interview to go well. Being positive is the key. You've been giving this amazing opportunity for a reason so FAKE it until you make it! Own it, Claim your success with confidence. 

I often like to stand up and walk when I am speaking to journalists/editors etc on the phone as this makes me sound more powerful and assertive. If I sit down I sound too laid back/quiet. But it depends as sometimes you might need to be cosy as it might be a more of a relaxed conversation. So think about your communication skills when you are speaking with the media. Use your gut to determine if you need to be more assertive or tone things down.

And there you have it!!

Go out there and SHIINE and do exceptionally well in your next Media Interview.
I am rooting for you :-) 

With love,


P.s. You will get soooo many more PR and Media tips, ideas, strategies, workbooks, templates, activities, audios, sample pitch letters/ media to the media, sample follow up with the media letters/e-mails, learn the media do's and dont's, discover how to get your first few Media interviews within the next 30 days and so much more by investing in my PR and Media Bundle.

I am super passionate to help you shine in the Media in a BIGGER way than you are currently right now.

Get the PR and Media Bundle here beautiful: 

Are your Leaving Tens of Thousands of Pounds or Dollars on the table (due to a lack of PUBLICITY)?


Be honest with me

Are working on everything in your business but you are 150% leaving out PR and Media?

Are you hiding, playing small, experiencing non-stop crickets and are you struggling to raise your visibility?

If you're doing everything AMAZING on Social Media...from posting amazing content on instagram to live streaming in your FB group...but you're avoiding your calling to BREAK INTO THE MEDIA you are making a big mistake beautiful lady!

I'll tell you why....it's because you are POTENTIALLY leaving THOUSANDS OF POUNDS OR DOLLARS on the table! (If not millions) I'll tell you HOW? 

1) Consistent good PR and Media coverage gives you and your brand more credibility which means you will sell more of your products and services and attract more clients (in abundance). So if you aren't having the publicity that you want or need, it's time to work on this today MISSY!

2) You get to silence the critics...having more MEDIA COVERAGE will be a great way to SHUT those up...that are laughing and looking down on you and looking down on your business and your entrepreneurial dreams (they start to take you seriously when you start being recognised by magazines and newspapers which will lead to...you guessed it...more sales and more clients because you will convert some of the doubters into fanatical fans. 

3) You actually make more money! You become wealthier because publicity turns to MONEY! All you need to do is look at all of the richest people in the media and ask yourself why are they so wealthy and then if you do a little bit of research, you will realise it's because they all have HUGE publicity for their brands! It's their TV interviews, podcast interviews, press etc that's made them millionaires! So if you think that you are making money now imagine how much money you will make once you start leveraging the power of PR!

It's on this note that I'm urging you to ACTUALLY GET YOUR PR AND MEDIA HOUSE IN ORDER TODAY! I am currently offering my special office which is my PR and Media Coaching Programmed "7 Weeks of PR Coaching and Pitching Service" and it's at a special rate of just £997 until the end of Feb 2018 then it won't be this price again...it will go back up to £1497 I have significantly reduced the fee for a short which. If you feel that this 7 week's of PR and Media Coaching speaks to you then be sure to join us me. 

Simply apply here: 

I have 4 spots open in total.

And so if you feel called to work with me then definitely GO FOR IT! 

Here are some signs that you are a great fit for my programme:
- You are getting BORED, bored, bored of the same old promo on Social Media
- You dream of being on TV, on Podcast Shows, in Magazines, in Newspapers and on Radio etc.
- You are too busy in your business to pitch to the Media by yourself for weeks on end so you want to hire someone FABULOUS to do this on your behalf.
- You want to attract new clients, make more money in your BIZ and close more sales with ease.
- You do not have a Media page on your website and you know that you totally NEED one (or want one). 
- You are beautiful, special, gifted, talented, skilled and ready to share your story, mission and IMPACT THOUSANDS OF WOMEN if not MILLION all over the world through the power of PR and the Media. 

I hope to work with you BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING LADY, if you are one of the ladies that I searching for then message me on FB today or apply to work with me here.

With love. 


P.s. I want to leave you with this inspiring quote:
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others".

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MY PR AND MEDIA DREAMS CAME TRUE (How I made it happen and how you can do the same)

Chioma March 2011 132.JPG

Oh my goodness, I have exciting news....my BDAY is in literally 4 day and so I am cheerful woo hoo! I am thankful to God for what he is about to do in my life this year as He is a faithful God. 

I have been reflecting lately on how far I have come in regards to publicity.

So many of my Media dreams have come TRUE such as being on TV over 150 times. This includes having countless opportunities to speak at so many events in the UK and abroad along with getting the opportunity to sing at soooo many events all over the UK and abroad also. 

The reason why I was able to manifest so many of my dreams and aspirations was because I

I used to always always confess things like:

I speak at schools, colleges, universities, seminars, conferences and at exclusive events.

I travel to different cities and states making a difference. 

I am constantly on TV, on radio and in magazines and in newspapers. 

And so much more! 

I used to write these statements down over and imagine myself speaking and performing on stage.

I also used to PRAY AND ASK GOD to expose me to amazing opportunities and to help me to achieve my dreams AND HE ANSWERED ME AND LED ME INTO PATHS OF SUCCESS. He will do the same for you too if you ask Him. 

I'm AMAZED that many of my DAZZLING aspirations have come true and it still continues to happen. I am expecting God to do so much more this. 

Here are some of the things that I have achieved in a nutshell: 

- I've given presentations (speaking and teaching) at over 50 events in the UK and abroad. Which includes the House of Parliament (probably my biggest speaking opportunity to date). However speaking in front of 9,000 students in Nigeria over a 3 day period was pretty awesome too! 

- I've been on TV over 100 times from MTV to ITV. 

- I've organised over 40 events with over 1000+ guests that attended. 

- I've worked with over 200 amazing girls and women from the Beauty Pageant world to the Business world. 

- As a Professional Singer I've performed at 50+ events all over the UK and in Turkey, Bulgaria, Austria and Nigeria.  

- I regularly get invited to and attend GLAMOROUS, corporate, celebrity and exclusive events such as Award Shows,  Fashion Shows  Beauty Pageants, Book launches, TV events, Charity Events, Exhibitions, Red carpet events, Conferences, Seminars etc. For instance I was invited to attend the X-factor Screening and Red Carpet Event (it was amazing)! Imagine being in a cinema room at 02 London with the judges. And being able to ask them questions and imagine meeting so many celebrities and being just inches close to them as they pose on the red carpet. 

- I seem to bump into Celebrities everywhere I go! I've met at least 25 now from Katie Price to Gwen Stefani. I mean I even got to see Kate Middleton....she came to a building on my STREET! Just two doors away from my house! To visit children at a Children's centre. The whole street was FULL of paparazzi! It was crazy amazing! I got to be in front of the Princess! It was super cool! I uploaded a video clip to Instagram (this was about 2 years ago) @queenchioma  

I'll be teaching how I achieved all of this BREAKING IT DOWN FOR YOU so that can IMPLEMENT my steps and understand my SYSTEM for attracting publicity in my 7 Weeks of PR and Media Coaching Programme and Pitching Service (If interested in apply to find out more here). I also teach a LOT of this stuff in my new PR and Media Bundle (which is available to access if you choose to sign up now).  

Most courses just teach you BUSINESS SYSTEMS, client attraction methods,  sales strategies but ultimately many of you have heard it a million times before but know nothing or very little on the subject of PR and how to use the Media effectively to elevate your profile and brand. 

You are leaving tens of thousands of pounds (or dollars) on the table as a result! If not more! TRUST ME . Brands, big influencers and celebrities are super RICH because of PR! Imagine how many more sales and clients you can attract if you add some publicity to the mix. 

That's why Bill Gates (the richest man) in the world said: "If I were down to my last dollar I would spend it on PR"

Maybe this is the thing that's blocking you and stopping you from moving to the next level of success. 

It's time to boldly CLAIM YOUR PLACE on podcast shows, on TV, on radio, in magazines, in newspapers, at glamorous events and do the things you've always wanted to do such as SING, TRAVEL, TEACH, SPEAK, EMPOWER, MEET MORE PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE and get your mojo back! 

If brand is sooo ready for more then jump in and invest in my new Bundle called 'The PR and Media Bundle'.  

It's only $67 dollars and you will receive over 2.25hrs worth of audio trainings, worksheets and workbooks to help you attract your first few Media interviews, features and publications within the next 30 days. 

So what are you waiting for? JUMP! 

Decide to make those affirmations too, pitch to the media, be more visible and play a BIGGER game. 

Thanks so much for reading lovely and wishing you a blessed weekend, 

With LOVE Queen xx

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PPP.s. Check out this new Testimonial that I received this week from the wonderful
Esther Estar, she shares her experience of working with me. (Watch the video below):

Your time to Launch into Stardom is NOW!

27750331_10159871901355004_3885559189091779590_n - Copy.jpg

There are a handful of people in this world....(perhaps you are one of them) that will never, never, never, never be FULLY satisfied in life until they (or YOU) LAUNCH INTO STARDOM in some way shape or form, I don't care how much you try to pretend that this isn't TRUE (you can't hide in life and be happy if you are made for sooooo much more). 

If this is you.... a large potion of your abundance, joy and even some of your BIGGEST BLESSINGS will show up when you start showing up in a bigger way than EVER before!  

Imagine how exciting your life will be when:  

You start receiving unlimited invitations to SPEAK AT DIFFERENT EVENTS on variety of STAGES in your city and abroad. 

You start to serve a BIGGER AUDIENCE THAN EVER BEFORE in the real too not just on Social Media. 

You capture the attention of the Media and they start INTERVIEWING YOU on TV, on RADIO and on PODCAST SHOWS, featuring you in magazines and in newspapers. 

You become FULLY BOOKED back to back to Host events, perform at events or to teach at events. 

YOU LAUNCH YOUR BOOK and do a BOOK tour in 3 countries and 7 cities.  

You arrange Amazing EVENTS for your Social Media fans and followers to attend in REAL LIFE! A meet and greet where you get to hug everyone over, discuss and eat delicious mini snacks.   

You start selling more of your products and services like HOT CAKES! BECAUSE you turn faithful fans into SUPER FANS!

You have your Media page up on your website, your press kit done and you are attracting such good PR and powerful media opportunities as a result.  

Pause, breathe in, breathe out and soak all of that in.  

I'm going to be honest with you and tell you are literally THREE FEET FROM GOLD! 

But no one can force you to take your brand to the HIGH PROFILE OR CELEBRITY LEVEL! 

No one can force you to LAUNCH INTO STARDOM.

You have to decide to be famous.

You have to decide to stop screwing around with your gifts and talents and take them more seriously. 

You have to embrace courage and put yourself out there in GLAMOROUS ways not always hiding all the time and blending in. 

You have to show up in a totally different way than how you are showing up right now to make things happen for yourself so that your CALENDAR with amazing Media bookings and Appearances. 

This year can look sooo different if you let it! 


WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: 3 Ways to Increase Stardom Factor in your Brand in 2018

Leave me a comment below and let me know what TIP resonates with you most or what are your takeaways? 

I look forward to hearing back from you shortly, 

With love and blessings


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- This is your time to break into the Media like never before. 

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New Video: 8 Bad Habits to Nip in the Bud in 2018 for Boss Babes


Happy New Month, 

I have a new video for you and it's all about BOSS BABE TIPS! 

Can you believe that we have now stepped into the new Month of FEBRUARY? 

This is actually my BDAY month so I am excited for sure. 

But can you believe that this first month of the new year has just FLOWN by sooofast! 

And that is HOW LIFE is, 

Life moves really quickly and so we have to KEEP up so that we don't get left behind. 

Do you sometimes feel that your colleagues or your mentors or celebrities or people that you KNOW are just FLYING BY and making it BIG while you are watching them thinking 'What about me?'.

If you have ever thought this way then I want you to CHECK out my latest video.

It's all about letting go of bad habits that you can truly NIP IN THE BUD so that you can move into the greatness that you are called to step into.

If you find yourself doing things like complaining, comparing yourself with others, dwelling on the past, watching videos in BED in a very depressed state (sometimes) and so much more then GE WATCHING MY VIDEO asap!

Here it is: 
NEW VIDEO: 8 Bad Habits to Nip in the Bud in 2018 for Boss Babes

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PP.s. Make sure you watch my new video here 8 Bad Habits to Nip in the Bud in 2018 for Boss Babes'. It's full of soooo much goodness! empowering content :-)