"I am delighted to recommend Queen Chioma as the perfect host and master of ceremonies for specialist events as a result other professionalism and expertise in front of the camera and audience's"
- Lord Brett McLean of Hastings

"My university life as a business student was extremely hard to cope for the first two years of my undergraduate programme. It was perhaps the differences of the academic structure and expectations than the one I had back home, thus my first three years of the University was a constant struggle towards achieving a first class. I was in need for a mentor, a coach and a guide to excel in my final undergraduate year at the University. After searching for various academic coaches on LinkedIn, Google and friends, I came across Queen’s youtube video on achieving first class degree. It was a very inspiring video and I dropped an email to request for a Skype meeting on her coaching services. I remember it was the first time I have ever talked to an individual who is passionate about success and inspired me to bootstrap all the resources I have as a student to invest in my own success. Queen provided me with guidelines, motivation, hunger for success and thus lead me to rise from a constant marks or 40-50% (just pass and 2:2) to above 70% (first class) in my university works. I would recommend Queen’s coaching services to any friends or families who are in need of an academic and success mentors. She is friendly, motivating, inspiring and gives personalised coaching services to her clients. Queen also encourages me to think and behave as a first class student, and relentlessly reminding me of my own aims and vision whenever my enthusiasm starts to wear off. Working with Queen has made me realise that success is obtained through a very strong internal locus of control, and that I am in charge to change my behaviour and attitude to attract success in the academic field. With that, I am truly grateful and indebted to Queen’s coaching services". 
- Nabilah, University Graduate and Entrepreneur


"Having a coaching session with Queen Chioma made me feel empowered like a kick up the behind to do the things I've wanted to do. I found some things useful and other things I already knew just needed confirmation like a 2nd opinion that I was on the right path. Queen has hundreds of ideas and lots of experience and her advice really works. It is worth talking to her. You will feel good about yourself and will leave the conversation on a high. I absolutely loved our conversation and it felt relaxed and non formal. It was like talking to a friend. Your advice was great although I feel that I was already on the right path there was some things I hadn't considered therefore your ideas were taken onboard".
- Emma Pearce Singer and Beauty Queen

"I attended Queen Chioma's ‘Determined to Succeed’ seminar at Holiday Inn, Stratford on Sunday 3rd November 2013 and I can honestly say that I left this event feeling truly motivated and empowered. The key speakers spoke expertly and engagingly, sharing their insider advice and providing invaluable hand-outs. Sharing the day with these inspirational individuals filled me with the courage, self-belief and willpower to achieve my dreams. They encouraged me to embrace change and welcome natural opportunities, instead of settling for second best and ignoring my true calling in life. I would wholeheartedly recommend this event to anyone who gets the chance to attend – it may just prove to be life-changing!"
- Samantha Laurilla, Professional Singer and Entertainer


"Queen Chioma is a motivational speaker and  the Pageant Director of UK's Dazzling Beauty, which is a successful business. Queen has worked extremely hard in all her endeavours and invests lots of time helping her contestants to succeed in the pageant and to be successful beyond the pageant. Queen is an inspiration to young women and those trying to make it in the pageant industry; personally Queen has helped me through out my studies, by reading and providing me with tips on how to improve my course work, dissertations and my CV and not to mention she is always there to encourage me. Thank you Queen for all your support, All the best with your future endeavours".
- Helen, Masters degree Graduate in Criminology and Criminal Justice

"I have known and worked with Queen Chioma since 2004. In this time I have had the privilege to see her develop into an accomplished speaker whose energy and example make her excellent at connecting with young people and student audiences. Always determined to push herself to new heights, Queen Chioma is adept at inspiring and motivating others through her own experiences".
- Richard SteerCommunications and PR Officer at City College Norwich

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"I want to thank God for giving such a person of Queen-Chioma Nworgu to the human race. She is an instrument meant to help in changing and re-positioning the youth of our time; in April 2012 I came across this wonderful and skillful young lady as she visited her home country Nigeria to impact in the youth of her nativity.As the President of the youth body in our Diocese (Evo), I observed the following in the life of Queen-Chioma Nworgu. 
A: During the conference organised by our Diocese tagged “Generation Yes”, which recorded approximately two thousand youth in attendance, God used her to inspire the youth by her motivational talk. In her talk, so many youth listened to her courage charging the youth to have the fighting spirit to make it in life, not minding the situation surrounding her vision.
Between the time of her stay in Nigeria, the entire youth have been filled with strength ranging from her motivational talk, presently to the glory of God, some of our youth have gotten admission into the University and are doing well, we have some who have been battling with gender equality, today they are now strong to face challenges due to their contact with Queen-Chioma Nworgu.  
B: As a Singer, she displayed high quality in her song and the spirit behind her music is quite inspiring, touchy and perfect, we have youth today who are now discovering her talents because someone has motivated the youth towards discovering her talents in life".
- Chika Amadi - Youth President of the Youth Body Diocese Evo (Nigeria)

"When Chioma is around me she is always positive and not without question, she has a clear vision but she is prepared to listen to what other people have to say and cares for what others think although not to a point where she is gonna stop what she's doing. I always enjoy our studio sessions and its no surprise that Chioma always has a diverse and exciting calendar. Vocally Chioma listens, records and writes from the heart and is always in tune with her faith in both her speaking and singing abilities, although she sometimes misses a note or fluffs a line she's always prepared to laugh it off and try again without complaint and that always delivers results" 
- Daniel Spiller, Music Producer, Shoot the Dog Productions and Lead Singer 'The Broken Record Project'


"I first met Queen-Chioma Nworgu very early in 2011. At that time I was very very deep in the pursuit of my undergraduate degree. I must confess meeting her challenged and inspired me in no small way in achieving the first class degree that I eventually graduated with.I greatly admire the level of energy and professionalism she puts into whatever she does and the level of excellence that comes out of it. Prominent in the things she does is the UK Dazzling Beauty pageant shows and the motivation tv shows, and I must say she is very very good at them. I was opportuned to be a judge in one of her numerous UK Dazzling Beauty Pageants that is hosted all across the UK and must say she is a lively person to work with. She values handwork and professionalism and accords it the highest level of priority. Queen-Chioma Nworgu is one of my very few role models".
- Theophilus ApiafiMasters degree Student and University Ambassador

"The following correspondence concerns the party named as 'Miss Queen Chioma Nworgu' and a detailed reference in regards to a commercial project she took part in for UK Business Aid Limited. The named party Miss Queen Chioma Nworgu was employed as a lead performing ‘singing’ act for the official launch of a charity called Healthcare4africa in October 2011. Miss Nworgu was truly the star performer in a well organised show the party was extremely organised, professional, prompt and entertaining in front of a live audience.I was extremely impressed at the attention to detail and care which Miss Queen Chioma had directed towards her task. I would recommend the services of Miss Nworgu to any of my colleagues and friends because the delivery was far beyond the actual mandate".
Mr. U. Egenamba LLB Law (hons) / LLM International Law, UK Business Aid Limited 

"Queen Chioma Nworgu became Miss Charity for The Face of Europe 2011-12. She was a great ambassador who we feel truly earned the title of Miss Charity as she took her role very seriously, and not only raised much needed funds for our charity but was actively raising much needed awareness also through various fundraising events, conferences and seminars".
- Paula, Senior Charity Ambassador at Headway Charity Kent Folkstone (UK)


 " Chioma is a powerful, passionate and persuasive speaker, and her ability to ignite any audience into action is remarkable, and makes her one of the most exciting, relevant and memorable speakers I know."
- Dave Lunt 

 'I would give the beauty pageant coaching session that I had with Queen Chioma 10 out of 10, made me feel confident and it was fun'  
- Rosie Collici, Miss Universe GB Grand finalist 2011


"I think the seminar that you gave at our Sixth Form (Highbury Grove) in July 2009 was very good and well presented, three words that I would use to describe the seminar are encouraging, amusing and ambitious. I enjoyed the interaction with the audience as it dissolved shyness. I think that the whole event was well-planned and you were confident and your motivation just rubs off on us, this seminar has reinforced that you we can achieve anything". (Male Student 17, from Highbury Grove Sixth Form)  "I think the seminar that you gave at our Sixth Form (Highbury Grove) in July 2009 was very good and well presented, three words that I would use to describe the seminar are encouraging, amusing and ambitious. I enjoyed the interaction with the audience as it dissolved shyness. I think that the whole event was well-planned and you were confident and your motivation just rubs off on us, this seminar has reinforced that you we can achieve anything".
- (Male Student 17, from Highbury Grove Sixth Form, 2009)

"The seminar that you gave at my sixth form in July 09 on golden rules for academic success was very good, great and entertaining...I had a good impression of your presentation, I would describe it as great and entertaining. I would give your seminar 10 out of 10 and I would like you to come back to our school"
 -(Male Student 17, Highbury Grove Sixth Form)

"The seminar that you gave at my sixth form in July 2009 was motivating, successful and interesting. It was very good and made me think of what I would like to do in college, I feel that as a guest speaker you were very confident".
- (Female, 17, Highbury Grove Sixth Form)

"My overall impression of the festive success seminar (tips for academic success) is that it taught me to have self belief and to aim higher in life.I would describe the seminar as inspiring, motivational and encouraging. What I enjoyed most about it is: hearing about your life experiences and seeing that I could also have self-belief, I would give this seminar 10 out of 10 and I would like you to come back to our college"
- (Female Student, Bromley College)