Dear Beloved Friend, 

I would love to invite you to my new AMAZING, life changing mini course called:

"The Festive Success Revolution" 

This is a kick butt, motivational, encouraging, inspirational and uplifting
12 Part Audio Programme designed to help you have: 



I am also launching this course as I would LOVE to celebrate the fact that my book "Festive Success,The Nine Golden Rules for Achieving your Dreams, Goals and Aspirations", has been out for two years woo hoo (thanks to everyone that has purchased it). 

I also have a group on Facebook called the Festive Success Palace with over 500 members, I have a Festive Success YouTube channel, I used to organise Festive Success Seminars in London for my local community which appeared on Ben TV and I am about to launch my new music video called "Fun, Free and Festive". 

So to celebrate the ABOVE I felt that this course is TRULY NEEDED, I want to celebrate your current success and encourage you to to DREAM BIGGER! This course can POTENTIALLY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE IN SO MANY WAYS as I truly believe that YOU NEED A FESTIVE REVOLUTION RIGHT NOW! 

As we are heading into the new month of September (which is often seen as a new year, a time for major change, a new season). I know that many of you might be feeling one or two of the following feelings:
- Stuck
- Confused
- Uncertain
- Unclear or what steps to take
- Unsure
- Unclear
- Anxious
- Depressed
- Lonely
- Frustrated

I truly know how it feels to feel this way and that is why I am passionate to help you break into greatness and live more of your festive dreams! Yay! 

Perhaps you are wondering if you should do one or a few of the
following things: 

- Launch a new business
- Step into a new relationship or leave a relationship
that is no longer serving you
- Get married
- Travel to new places
- Move to a new city or a new country
- Change your career
- Up-level all you do on Social Media
- Take your Brand to the Next Level  
- Start Blogging


To achieve the GREAT THINGS THAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE, you have to realise that you need HIGH LEVELS OF MOTIVATION, a new level of CONFIDENCE and a higher level of CHARISMA! You can't step into greatness doing the same old, and you can't take your Summer mindset into the new season of Autumn, you have to prepare for and show up in Autumn and Winter in a TOTALLY DIFFERENT WAY (are you ready for your new level of greatness? If NOT this course will help). 

How will the Course will be Carried out? 
Over a period of 2 weeks, you will receive 12 Audio Trainings which will all be posted in a private Facebook group for all course members ONLY. 

The Topics that I'll be Covering Over the 2 Week Course will be: 

- Master your Mission
- Master Success
- Be Bold on Camera and on Stage
- Dare to Shine and Break Outside of your Comfort Zone
- What is Festive Success and How the Have Plenty of it
- How to Stop Being a People Pleaser
- Understanding MORE of YOUR TRUE Purpose and Calling
- How to Have High Levels of Motivation and Inspiration
- How to Feel Supported, Safe and Protected in a World of Uncertainties
- Making Money through Social Media
- Using Publicity to Build your Brand
- Jazzing things up and Shaking things up in your Life
- Having the Ability to Say No
- Managing of Conquering Fear and Anxiety
- How to Have Better Relationships
- Overcoming Frustration, Irritation and Annoyance

If you are ready to truly prepare for greatness
Prepare for more wealth
Prepare for new levels of success
prepare for victiory
Prepare for GOOD THINGS

Then I encourage and urge you to sign up NOW for the Festive Success Revolution

Sign up now for a experience that will help you move up to that next level of success! 


A Bit About me: 

My name is Queen Chioma, I am a International Motivational Speaker, a TV Presenter and the author of the book Festive Success (which you can check out/order on amazon). I am also a PR and Media Coach and a Former Multiple Award Winning Beauty Queen turned Pageant Director. I have achieved so many of my FABULOUS GOALS, DREAMS AND ASPIRATIONS and
I am here to help you to achieve your AMAZING DREAMS especially with the new season fast approaching! I know that you want to end this year on a HIGH and I want you to know that it's NOT TOO LATE!  

Just incase you were wondering what are some of my achievements to take you through this programme here are a few below: 

- I have a Master’s degree in Education
- I have a BA hons degree in Mass Communications and Sociology
- Over 150 TV appearances (which includes TV Hosting, TV Presenting, appearances and interviews which includes being on several TV can't hannels such as ITV, Ben TV, RSTV, Dutch TV and MTV. 
- Becoming an Author of her book Festive Success, Nine Golden Rules for Achieving your Dreams, Goals wwand Aspirations
- Travelled to over 47 cities and states across the UK and abroad
- I have spoken at schools colleges, universities, seminars and conferences in the UK and abroad this includes The World Congress Conference (Turkey) and several times at the Comparative Education Society Conference (in Bulgaria). 


So if you want to doing POWERFUL THINGS before the year is over then I really want to invite you to join me for the "The Festive Success Revolution" NOW....JUMP IN TODAY!

I can't wait to work with you over two weeks!

The super early bird fee is just £37 to join my new mini course!

This will go up to £77 soon though so HURRY join the party!

Featured Testimonials:


Featured Quote:
"Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new". 
- Brian Tracy

I can't wait to see you in the Festive Success Revolution! JOIN NOW if this speaks to you, this is your time for change and transformation! 

This course starts on the 11th of October so REGISTER NOW, the fee increases to £77 in a few days to HURRY! 

Love and blessings

Queen Chioma Nworgu MA 
International Motivational Speaker and Success Coach  
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