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Woo HOO!

You made it here,

I am so glad that you came as I know you! You are destined for BIG THINGS in 2018 and with some accountability, support and the right PR and Media coaching and guidance you can really unleash the Superstar in YOU!

- Be honest with you realise that you have the potential to become a become the next Marie Forleo, Gabby Bernstein, J-lo, Tony Robbins, Richard Brandson or the next Celebrity Girl Boss, Superstar or BIG brand in the world? 

- You probably know that you are called to move to a new level, GO BIG and SHINE in a BRIGHTER way in 2018 than ever before..on Social Media and in terms of PR and the Media. 

- I am SUREEE that you dream of being featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Elle Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Vogue and on TV Shows such as The Today Show, Fox News, Oprah...local radio stations, local podcast shows, on your fave blogs, on radio and the list goes on. 

- And maybe you have been dreaming of launching your own TV show, or Podcast show or launching  your very own book? 

BUT MAYBE! Just feel stuck, confused, unsure or blocked on how to prepare for these amazing opportunities, you perhaps wonder 'When will these good things happen to me' or you think 'Why can't I be in the Media consistently (and fabulously) like Marie Forleo, Gabby Bernstein, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, J-lo, Oprah?' Or whoever it is that you admire. 

If you know that you are just NOT going for it as you know you should then its time that you get the ACCOUNTABILITY AND THE SUPPORT that you need to make this year your year! YOU DESERVE TO SHINE IN A BIGGER WAY IN 2018 (just like the GIRL BOSSES, CELEBRITIES AND LEADERS THAT YOU ADMIRE). 

If YOU HAVE EVER WONDERED WHY you aren't making enough money in your business, why sales are slow, why you are hearing crickets, why you don't have enough traffic, leads or why you are just BLENDING IN on Social Media (even though you probably have hundreds of fans or thousands of fans) then I have something SPECIAL that I would like to share with you. A course that could potentially transform your life and your BIZ!!

I would love to take this opportunity to invite you to join me for my new KICK BUTT, MOTIVATIONAL AND INSPIRATIONAL boot camp!!! 


Introducing...drum roll....


This is fabulous PR and Media Boot Camp where I'll be sharing POWERFUL PR AND MEDIA strategies, steps and action items that you need to take over a 60 day period, that will take you from having ZERO publicity for your brand (or very little publicity) to HUGE publicity and good PR for your BIZ.

I will share 15 powerful lessons with you in a private Facebook group. Covering key topics that will quickly help you to get featured in the Media. 

- I will share sharing exactly what celebrities and high profile people do to attract amazing opportunities, good PR, media interviews, media coverage, publications, media mentions, stardom level and how they create a buzz around their brands and turn RAVING FANS into life long customers. 

- I will ALSO share exactly what I've done in my life to achieve the PR and Media WINS that I've achieved in my life....such as over 150 TV Interviews and TV appearances, travelled to 45 cities and states, Over 50+ Speaking gigs all over the UK and abroad, Over 50+ performances all over the UK and abroad, Over 10 Years of TV Presenting work, Organised over 40 events with over 1000+ attendees, winner of several crowns, titles and awards in the Beauty Pageant world and so much more. 

If you want this too and so much more....join us for the Stardom Boot Camp today. 

- It's all about sprinkling stardom qualities and super star qualities into your brand so that you become sooooo much more media attractive than ever before so that you being securing bigger media moments and successes in 2018 than ever before. 


Here is what you will learn by taking my Boot Camp Stardom (Here is a sneak peak into what I will cover):

Lesson 1:   "Success Strategies, Mindset Work and Planning for 
                   PR, Media and GREATNESS in 2018."

Lesson 2:    "Stardom Factor: What it is and How to Increase
                    your Stardom
to Attract Good PR
                    and Media Coverage."

Lesson 3:     "12 Star Qualities that you Must Posses if you want
                    to be a Super Star, Big Influencer or a
Celebrity Girl Boss in 2018." 

Lesson 4:     "What Celebrities, Influencers and BIG BRANDS do to
                PLAY BIG
(8 FACTS)."               

Lesson 5:     "8 Steps I took to Travel to 45 Cities and States"
                    (And how to go GLOBAL in 2018)

Lesson 6:     "How I Built my Beauty Pageant Business from SCRATCH and
                    attracted 200 contestants + 1000 event attendees."

Lesson 7:    "How I Attracted Consistent TV Interviews, Magazine Features,
                   Press, Publications and Guest Blogging Opportunities (200+)

Lesson 8:    "How I Attracted  Years of TV Presenting work, TV Hosting work
                   and Presenting at Events." 

Lesson 9:   "How I Organised over 40 Events, Seminars, Workshops
                   (And Steps
 to Take to Make your Events a HUGE Success)". 

Lesson 10:  "7 Things that I have Sold Online to Make my First 20K
                    (Coaching, Courses, E-books)". 

Lesson 11:  "Making Media Appearances: 7 Types of Events that I Regularly
                   Attend to Lift my Profile and Brand".

Lesson 12: "How I Began and Grew as an International
                  Motivational Speaker with over 8
years of Speaking and Singing
                 at Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and at Exclusive Events". 

Lesson 13: Pitching to the Media and Following up like a PRO!
How to Contact Journalists, Reporters, Editors, Producers
(the Do's and the Don'ts). 

Lesson 14:  "The Social Media Master Class: 
How I use Social Media to C
lients, Increase Sales and Secure
Media Opportunities".

Lesson 15: "The Marketing Materials that you Need to take your
                   Brand to Local, National and International Level"
                  (Banners, Posters, Business Cards, Flyers etc).

Bonus PDF and Audio Training: 100 Media Interview Questions (PDF) and
Mastering Media Interviews (Audio Training) 

Bonus Video Training: Building your Media Page PDF and Video Training.

Voice Note Support: This is an amazing bonus as you get the chance to send me private voices with your updates and your PR and Media questions and I will answer them. During the hours of 9-5pm
GMT on Tuesdays and Fridays (value £500).

12 Benefits/Reasons to Join The Stardom Boot Camp:
- Learn how to Build your Media Page on your Website along with building your Media Kit.
- Creating Powerful stories that attract Media Coverage.
- Master your Interview Technique for Fabulous or Tough Media Interviews. 

- Become more Strategic with what you post on Social Media (use your time effectively by adding some PR and Media to the mix
rather than excessive promo on your Social Media platforms). 
- Stand out in a ROOM FULL OF SAMMIES on Social Media and start having bigger levels of offline success too. 

- Learn POWERFUL Media Copying Writing, how to add media tweaks to your website so that Journalists, TV hosts, Producers and editors start reaching out to you instead of you always having to chase them.
- Gain a deeper understanding of what to expect in terms of PR and breaking into the Media and how this can up-level your BIZ. 
- Make more money in your business, increase sales, close more sales with ease and to attract ideal clients.
- Be unapologetic with your message, use your gifts and talents powerfully and shine BRIGHTLY like the SUPER star that you are.
- Take your Confidence and Charisma on the stage, on camera and in your life in general to the NEXT LEVEL,
Be more visible online and offline.

- Understand how to get amazing TV Interviews, Podcast Interviews, Radio Interviews, Guest Blogging Opportunities and so much more. 
- Gain Ideas for attracting consistent Guest Speaking opportunities and Present powerfully on stage. 
- Learn How to Secure Magazine Covers, Spreads in Magazines and Features in Newspapers
and so much more...this is how I help my clients when they book Coaching with me!

Sign up today! Join us for "The Stardom Boot Camp"
this is your moment to move to NEW HEIGHTS

Featured Video Testimonial: 


Course details (What you Get When you Sign up):
- This Course is a 60 Day Bootcamp
- 15 Powerful Live Streams 20-60 mins each. (Value £1000)
- 2 Live Q& A Sessions. (£500)

- Access to Private Facebook Group for all course members (Value £500)
- Amazing PR, Media and Social Media, Branding and Business training.
- High levels of Accountability, Support and Encouragement to help you reach your FULL Potential in 2018.

Bonuses include: Worksheets, videos, templates and sample letters to
help you get the most out of this course and to help you leverage the power of PR and the Media to attract amazing publicity for your brand (value £300)

Voice Note Support: This is an amazing bonus as you get the chance to send me private voices with your updates and your PR and Media questions and I will answer them. During the hours of 9-5pm
GMT on Tuesdays and Fridays (value £500).

The Value of this programme in total is over £2,800
but good is NOT priced that highly at all...PHEW :-) 

Take a bold step today and JUMP IN, Join us for
"The Stardom Boot Camp"

The Investment for the Course is only: 

1 x Payment of £557

(Sign up before the fee increases, I am not sure if I will run this boot camp again and even if I do,
I will probably double the fee so sign up today)


 Or 3 x Monthly Payments of £204


Last date to join: 
24th of Feb 2018


and hand holding on this journey to AMAZING PR and Media
then sign up to the
VIP Option which includes
1-1 Coaching with me
Queen Chioma for 7 Weeks.

Here's what you get if you Sign up for the VIP Option: 
- 7 x 1-1 Coaching Sessions via Skype (each session lasts for 1hr)
- Voice Note Support via Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp
- High Priority E-mail Support
- Private, Accountability and High Value Support. 
Pitching service (value £1000): 
I will pitch to the media and follow up with the Media at least once, on your behalf (30-40 magazines, newspapers, TV shows, podcast shows, blogs etc).


Refund Policy:  All sales are final.There are no refunds for this course.

By making a payment you hereby agree that you have read and agree to my terms and conditions.