Yay! You came..I am so glad that you did as you are invited to join me for my BOOT camp 'Social Media, Publicity and Money' my 14 Day Boot Camp and a 6 Part Audio Course! Woo hoo!

The time for you you to go to the next level in the Media and Online is
has FINALLY arrived....this is your MOMENT to learn how to
attract amazing MORE publicity for your brand than ever before which will increase your fame and lead to more MONEY, clients and sales in your business :-)
 What if I shared with you some powerful strategies that will help you become more visible, confident and charasmatic on camera and on stage and what if you went GLOBAL as a result? 


I know you, 

You have so much potential, so much to give and so much to offer! But you aren't exactly using your
gifts and talents the way that you know you should are you?

You are leaving hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of pounds or dollars on the table and you know it!

Maybe you can relate to one of these statements below: 

You feel called to use Social Media, PR and Publicity more strategically to make a bigger income and impact on thousands if lives (if not millions) but you aren't exactly sure what tweaks to make to take all that you do to the next level!  

- You find yourself obsessing over some of the world's most successful Bloggers, V-loggers, Entrepreneurs, Mediapreneurs, Coaches, 
Public Figures and Celebrities
and you wonder why you can't have a band like them. And if truth be told you are FINALLY ready to rise up and become ONE OF THEM and stop living in your comfort zone. 

- You dream of making your FIRST or NEXT 5K, 10K or 15K or MORE by selling so much more of your products and services but you are not sure what is blocking your money flow.

You want to attract good PR and Media Coverage along with becoming more famous on Social Media but may you are not really putting yourself out there as you should (i.e. You are not pitching to the  media and following up or you are inconsistent in your marketing).  

- You want to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snap Chat in a way that will truly WOW your fans, followers and increase your influence and authority online. 

- You want to create THE KIND OF valuable content that can include blogging, v-logging, live streaming and send out rich newsletters...so that that your ideal clients and customers fall in LOVE with you and buy your products and services like HOT CAKES. 

- You want to overcome your fear of being too salesy and sell in a way that is full of ease and flow and authenticity, yet you also realise that your business isn't a charity and you realise that you truly do deserve to earn so much more for the amazing work that you do. 

If you have agreed with even ONE of the statements above then you are TOTALLY perfect for my boot camp and I know that it can help you so much! 

Here are the lessons that will be taught in this course
"Social Media, Publicity and Money" 
30 Day Boot Camp and a 6 Part Audio Course
(And so much more): 

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Bonuses Include: 2 Amazing Master Classes

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Dr Tracy Timberlake, USA, Award Winning Beauty Vlogger & Video Marketing Strategist and shares her experience of working with Queen

Esther, USA, Massage Therapist and Singer, shares her experience
of working with Queen.

Course Details in FULL: 
- This Course is a 14 Day Bootcamp in a private FB group for members only.
- You will receive 6 Powerful Audio Training's 20-60 mins long each.
- Weekly live Streams and Live Q&A in the FB group.
- Amazing PR, Media and Social Media training.
- High levels of Accountability, Support and Encouragement to help you reach your FULL Potential.
- Social Media, Publicity and Money Work Book, Worksheets, Templates and Checklists.


Imagine taking my new course Social Media, Publicity and Money and experiencing some of the following breakthroughs:
- More clarity on your ideal clients or ideal customers
- More confidence to sell your products and services online and off-line
- Huge amounts of content for your blog posts, video posts, social media posts
- A deeper understanding of how to use Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Snap Chat, Facebook and YouTube more powerfully and more strategically
- Fulfill more of your dreams i.e. Write your first book, organise your own events, 

- Receive the MOTIVATION, ENCOURAGEMENT AND ACCOUNTABILITY, SUPPORT and that you need to soar like an eagle
- Become more consistent with showing up on Social Media whether that's taking it seriously to snap chat everyday in amazing ways, making videos on YouTube every week, or showing up on Facebook live stream 3-4 times a week! 
- You will focus on Money generating activities and learn lots of fun ways to attract money so that you can live out more of your dream life
- Powerful publicity for your brand: You will secure some fabulous media exposure, press, features or you would been booked for some amazing media interviews
- More confidence and charisma on camera and on stage
- More clients, more sales and more money in your bank woo hoo! 
- More engagement on Social Media  

Edaliz, Puerto Rico, Social Media Manager and Writer
shares her experience of working with Queen

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A bit about me: 
Hello my name is Queen Chioma,
I am a International Motivational Speaker, a PR and Media Expert, a TV Presenter and a Former Beauty Queen with a Masters degree in Education and a BA hons degree in Mass Communications and Sociology! I created this programme as I've consistently attracted lots of publicity for myself and for my pageant business. I have been on TV over 100 times which includes channels such as MTV, Ben TV, BBC, Living TV and ITV, I been in magazines such as OK Magazine and on radio stations such as BBC London Radio. One day I had this nagging feeling in my gut that I needed to give back and help girls and women to attract the same opportunities...I decided to answer the call and since then I have helped over 150 girls and women to break into the Media through my Beauty Pageant Business UK's Dazzling Beauty Ltd and my PR and Media Coaching Business. It's intention to share with you how I make money online, how I attract publicity consistently, how I turn raving fans into clients and how you can be more visible and have a brand that stands out online. Along with sharing some of the mistakes that I've made or lessons so that you can be ahead of the game.   


Course details (What you Get When you Sign up):
- This Course is a 14 Day Boot Camp
- 6 Powerful Audio Training's 20-60 mins long each
- Access to Private Facebook Group for all course members
- Weekly live Streams and live Q&A in the FB group
- Amazing PR, Media and Social Media training
- High levels of Accountability, Support and Encouragement to help you reach your FULL Potential
- Social Media, Publicity and Money Bonus Video Trainings,
Worksheets and Workbooks.

This is your time to JAZZ UP YOUR BRAND, TAKE YOUR BIZ TO THE NEXT LEVEL AND BECOME more magnetic on SOCIAL MEDIA, MAKE MORE MONEY and Break into the Media with high levels
of confidence and charisma.

We start this programme: 
7th of June 2018

The Investment for the Course is: 

Yessss! I'm in for 1 x Payment of £327



Yessss! I am in for 3 x Monthly Payments of £122


Refund Policy:  There are no refunds for this course. All sales are final.

By making a payment you hereby agree that you have read and agree to my terms and conditions.