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It’s time for you to stop hiding and you know it! Your days of blending in and being in a room full of sammies is OVER!

How do I know this?
Because just like you, I had a season in my life and biz where I did this too. I ran a VERY fabulous beauty pageant brand where we had so much media exposure but then one day I decided to put in on hold whilst launching my PR and Media brand. But what I FORGOT is the power of applying all that I did in my pageant biz into my PR biz.

Instead of pitching to the media for myself and getting myself out there, like I used to, I spent most of 2016 up until the middle of 2018 hiding on Facebook, hiding on Instagram and being super visible on other Social Media platforms, believing the lie that I could somehow use Social Media ALONE to build my business and that this would help me to attract all of the clients, sales, opportunities and publicity that I desired. Boy was I wrong.

I started to feel stuck, drained, exhausted, I focused on promoting my clients in the media but I forgot about promoting myself in the media. I started noticing that NOT all GIRL BOSSES will make it if they neglect PR.

Some of us are just destined to be in the Media and until we make this happen everything will be slow and boring for us.

Once I stopped believing the lies, I decided to do what actually WORKS which is to start adding more PR and Media into the mix. And by saying YES to my calling to rise up and be SEEN in the MEDIA again all of a sudden doors began to ope for me.

Since late 2018 up until now my results have been:

  • I’ve been booked for several Podcast Interviews

  • I became a contributor to Thrive Global by Ariana Huffington (Founder of The Huffington Post)

  • I became a contributor to The Undeniable Life Blog

  • I’ve had over 8 Podcast Interviews.

  • I’ve was booked for 7 Live Speaking Gigs in a University in London

  • I was booked to Speak abroad, at a University in Amsterdam.

  • I was invited to do a Instagram takeover and I had a live Instagram interview with ‘I am Queen Magazine’.

And I’m just getting started!

These results are also happening for my fabulous PR and Media CLIENTS too and so much more!

This is year will not be the same as any other year! You will be SIGNIFICANT and RELEVANT this year! You will shine like never before and you will be celebrated online and offline like never before. 

But you have to be WILLING!
Willing to...

- Play a BIGGER game 
-Invest in yourself to move to new heights in your business  
-Throw away excuses and let go of limiting beliefs that have held you back for years 
- Use the power of PR to create a BIGGER BUZZ around your Brand 
- Try new things to shake things up in your business 
- Take the action that you need to see your dreams go from wishes into reality
And above all you need to be wiling to BREAK OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE and do the work that will lead to you being the SIGNIFICANT AND RELEVANT women entrepreneur of your dreams in 2019.
- Say YES to media and growth opportunities that will transform everything for you...even if it means traveling to new cities, states and countries
 - Raise your visibility and be 10 or even 100 times more consistent than you are currently being right now

If you are ready to discover how to use PR, Media and the power of Publicity to achieve all of the above and so much more then totally check out my FABULOUS new programme...

(6 Week Group Coaching Programme)  

Here’s what to expect…

5 x Powerful Modules
Which will include videos, audios, workbooks and worksheets designed to help you shine in a bigger way online, attract good PR and manifest media opportunities in 2019
(Valued at £1997) 


You’ll also receive following…

4 x Group Coaching Calls on Zoom
Each session includes PR and Media Coaching, I will answer your questions and help you prepare for bigger fame, publicity, growth, and impact in 2019.    
(Valued at £1,297).  

A Private Facebook Group for Members Only  
In the private FB group you will receive bonus live trainings, encouragement, support and accountability, I will set you mini-challenges and it's a wonderful chance to surround yourself with other fabulous women in the programme that are up to big things in the world like you.  
(Valued at £597)
Access to my COURSE 'The PR and Media Bundle'.
Video Trainings, Audio Trainings, Worksheets and Workbooks, 
Sample Pitch Letters to the Media etc.   
(Valued at £297).

 Having worked with over 150 Women from 6 Figure Coaches to National Beauty Queens I can confidently say that I can help you to get your brand out there in a BIGGER way! I want you to be CONFIDENT, FABULOUS, AMAZING AND BRILLIANT on a variety of stages and camera. 

Some of my personal successes include: 
 Raising thousands of pounds for charity 
- Winning multiple awards crowns and titles as a Beauty Queen 

- Travelled to 48 cities and states living out my dreams and focusing on my purpose work
- Booked for over 50 speaking events all over the UK, Bulgaria, Nigeria and Turkey
- Booked to perform (sing live) at over 50 events in 5 countries
- Appeared or Interviewed on several TV channels which includes ITV, ITV 2, ITV Be, Ben TV, Living TV, Dutch TV, 
RSTV (Nigeria) and Faith TV (local and mainstream media)
- Helped my clients to gain interviews and features on fabulous Podcast shows, TV shows, Magazine features, Magazine Covers, Radio Interviews, Guest Blogging
...and so much more 


Do you know what Marie Forleo, Gabby Bernstein, Michelle Obama and Denise Duffield-Thomas all have in common?

They are Highly visible in the Media and on Social Media.

They all have lots of media coverage, media interviews and publicity under their belts, they are all best selling authors, they have been fearless about putting themselves out there on Social Media.


This is your time and moment to become more HIGH profile and break into the Media like Never Before! You and Your Brand Deserves amazing Publicity! 


Check out some Fabulous Testimonials BELOW: 



Who is this Programme right for?
This is perfect for success driven Female Entrepreneurs, Girl Bosses, Female Coaches, Authors, Public Speakers, Aspiring Celebrities, High Profile and Creatives that are on a mission to make a bigger impact than ever before. Women that dream of having amazing media opportunities from Speaking gigs to TV appearances to share your story, vision, gifts, talents and your message with the world while changing lives and increasing your income and sales.

Who is this Programme not right for? 
This isn't for you if you have 0 interest in attracting publicity for your brand into the Media in bigger ways than ever before, within the next 6 months. You are not success driven, you like your comfort zone way too much and you're not willing to try new things. This is also not right for you if you think you know it all already and if you are unteachable.

When do we officially start:
4th of June 2019.

I have more questions how can I get in touch with you or a member of your team:
Totally get in touch lovely, we’ll love to hear from you, simply send over an e-mail to us and we will reply shortly


The Value for Significant and Relevant is:

However you don’t have to pay that much (whoo hoo) as
this is at a super affordable price point…

The Actual Investment for Significant and Relevant is ONLY:
1 x Payment of £597


Or Choose the 5 Month Payment Plan Option below
5 x Monthly payments of £133


Imagine how you will feel when your business has sooo much more PUBLICITY, VISIBILITY AND MEDIA COVERAGE, imagine how much more credibility you will have in front of your clients when they see you on TV, in magazines, on blogs and when you start meeting and collaborating with influences and Celebrities

 ‘Significant and Relevant’
officially begins on the 4th of June 2019.

I can’t wait to work with you beautiful lady.


About me:
My name is Queen Chioma Nworgu, MA, BA (hons) based in London, UK. I'm a PR and Media Coach/Publicist, a Presenter and an International Motivational Speaker and I've been on TV over 150 times which includes ITV 1, ITV 2, Ben TV, Nollywood TV, BBC 1 and MTV and been in Newspapers and Magazines such as OK Magazine, Essex Style Magazine, The Voice Newspaper, and The Southern Echo. I've helped over 150 ladies to BREAK INTO THE MEDIA in a bigger way than ever before! So many of my Clients and Contestants (6 figure Coaches, 7 Figure Coaches, Gurus, Beauty Queens and Aspiring Celebrities) have been on some of the BEST TV shows, on Radio, on Podcast shows, in Magazines and in Newspapers and have attracted some of the most amazing SPEAKING and PERFORMING opportunities! In December 2019 I became a contributor to Thrive Global by ‘Arianna Huffington’ and ‘The Undeniable Life’. I regularly speak at Schools, Colleges, Universities, Seminars and Conferences. I have a big love for travelling, so far I have travelled to 49 cities and states in the UK and abroad.

Please note that results may vary.

Refund Policy:
Please note that there are no refunds for this 6 Week Package.

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