Queen Chioma Nworgu, MA, BA (hons) is a International Motivational Speaker, a Singer, Success Coach, TV Presenter and the Director of UK's Dazzling Beauty. She was born and raised in Great Britain and her heritage is Nigerian. She was born in Southampton and lives in London where she has lived since she was a little girl.                                                                                

Queen Chioma first appeared on TV when she was about 8 years old. Then went onto TV again when she was 19. In 2008 she landed a big opportunity to interviewed on Hidden Treasures on Ben TV and since then she has had over 150 TV appearances across various TV Channels which include ITV 1, BBC, MTV, Living TV, RSTV (Nigeria), Dutch TV and Latin TV. She has worked as a TV Presenter/Co-Host/Guest Speaker on Lizzy Show Ben TV for several years. She was also a TV Host for the TV Programme on Ben TV called UK Policies for in 2011 where she got to interview high profile people in the Media and Politics, along with Big CEO's of organisations. Her biggest TV appearance on TV was on a show called Dinner Date on ITV in 2012 which has aired on several channels on Sky since then. The episode has repeated on ITV 2, ITVBe and on several other channels several times a year for over 5 years. 

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING AND ACADEMIC WORK: Queen Chioma has a Masters degree (MA) in Education and a BA (Hons) degree in Mass Communications and Sociology, she also worked for London Metropolitan University as an School Ambassador as a Mentor and Role Model to hundreds of students. Queen Chioma regularly speaks at Schools, Colleges, Universities, Seminars and Conferences in the UK and Abroad presenting academic papers and strategies for success. She recently came back from presenting a paper at the Comparative Education Society Conference held in Bulgaria, June 2018. She has been a speaker at the ICEST conference also which is held in Nigeria.  

As a Singer she has performed over 100 times in front of large audiences (hundreds of people and sometimes thousands) at concerts, corporate events, government events, shows, gala nights, TV shows, christenings, wedding events, parties, talent shows across the UK and Internationally; countries include Bulgaria, Turkey, Nigeria. She has 3 YouTube accounts  which includes Youtube.com/QueenChiomaSinger with over 180,000 video views in total across 3 channels.


Queen Chioma is the Author of the Book has had her academic work published in several books which includes 'International Perspectives on Education' (BCSE 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012 and 2010). Her Interview is also featured in Award-winning Young Entrepreneur Sabirul Islam’s new book ‘Young Entrepreneur world, How 25 Teen-Trepreneur’s left the world leaders scratching their heads’ which is available on Amazon.


Queen Chioma is the Director of UK's Dazzling Beauty pageant which is labelled as the fastest growing pageant in the UK 2012. As a former multiple award winning Beauty Queen, she has also won several titles and awards since she began competing in Beauty Pageants at the age of 27.  Her titles include Face of Islington 2012, Miss Charity Europe 2011/12 (Face of Europe) which she won at Disney Land Paris when she competed in the European finals for the title of Face of Europe in December 2011, she also made the final 10 on the live stage (which consisted of 5 award winners and 5 girls with the judges highest scores). She is the 1st Black-British Nigerian female to have ever make it to the 56 European finalists’ after she won the title of Miss Charity UK 2011 (Face of Europe 2011) in Sept 2011, prior to that she won Miss Charity Kent 2011. She is also Miss Publicity London 2011 (Face of Europe) and Miss Stardust Boutique 2011. She made the judges pick - top 5 at Face of Pageants UK 2011, placed as 2nd Runner up for Miss West Sussex 2010 (Miss Great Britain 2010), top 5 for Miss Essex GB 2010.

QUEEN CHIOMA has a warm, charismatic personality that brightens up anyone’s day it is no wonder that she has been able to impact and transform the lives of so many lives in our society. One of her biggest passions is travelling. She has travelled to over 44 cities and states across the UK and abroad. Her hobbies include Badminton, Swimming, going to the gym and socialising with friends and family.