This is your TIME and your MOMENT to be the kind of GIRL BOSS that's always on Podcasts, on TV, in magazines, in newspapers, on radio and in BLOGS in order to GROW your BUSINESS, attract more CLIENTS and have the CREDIBILITY that your brand TOTALLY NEEDS!

Have you ever dreamed of achieving any of these amazing things: 
- Having lots of AMAZING Media logos on your website
- Having more C
redibility, Authority and Clients as a Result of Having lots of Press
- Having a BIGGER and BETTER reputation due to Becoming a Key Figure in the Media

- Having your friends, family, fans and followers that view you as 10 or even 100 times more famous, powerful and influential as a result of having Media Recognition
Becoming 10 or 100 times more inspirational and powerful than ever before because you
KEEP attracting PUBLICITY for your Brand
- Becoming the next BIG influencer in the Entrepreneurial space or in your field
- Becoming a Celebrity or a High Profile person
- Reaching thousands, ten's of thousands or even MILLIONS of people with your
message, story and talents
- Having your products and services SELL out like HOT CAKES due to being featured

on Podcast shows and on Radio Stations?
- Having your FIRST BIG TV Interview (or attracting consistent TV interviews)
- Receiving invitations to be Interviewed on Podcasts and on Radio

- Having Consistent Guest Speaking Opportunities
- Attracting Magazine Features in your FAVE glossy magazines such as Forbes,
Elle, Vogue and Cosmpolitan
- Being on the Cover of a Magazine
- Having local features in lots of Newspapers and on Blogs such as the Huffington Post
and so much more...and the thing is...I know that deep down inside that you
 know your dreams are possible but you need help to get unstuck, you desperately want more accountability, support and help because you know that you just can't do it by yourself.

This is your time and moment to discover exactly what it takes to have consistent MEDIA INTERVIEWS, Publicity, features and publications! Because let's face it! Your POTENTIAL CLIENTS aren't HIRING you because of your LACK OF PUBLICITY
and you aren't selling as much of your products and services as you COULD if you were actively featured in the Media from Speaking at events to being on Podcast shows!


Or maybe you have all the MONEY in the world right now, the perfect fancy website, the glamorous Social Media accounts, and the BEST team but deep down you feel MISERABLE because you aren't in the Media the way you DREAM you want to be a Celebrity (attending more events, travelling more and shining like never before BUT you feel STUCK and glued to your laptop) 

If you have agreed to ANY OF THE ABOVE statements then I have GOOD NEWS for you!
my exclusive PR and Media Mastermind Programme is totally calling your name:

Introducing my new
PR and Media Mastermind for
Female Entrepreneurs #GirlBossess

and Female Coaches that want to Attract Major Publicity, Features and Press for your Brand to NEVER Lack Credibility or Authority AGAIN!


Hello, my name is Queen Chioma,
I am an International Motivational Speaker, a TV Presenter, a Former Multiple Award Winning Beauty! I am also a Pageant Director for one of UK's Leading Beauty Pageants titled "UK's Dazzling Beauty" labelled as
the fastest growing pageant of 2012! I have worked with over 100 girls and women helping them to break into the Media as a result my contestants and my clients have attracted Covers in Magazines, 2 and 4 page spreads in Magazines, Podcast Interviews, TV interviews and so much more! One of the things that led to me making this decision to do this work was being invited to move to Cyprus to join a girl band a few years ago! This was in 2010! I was trying to become a Professional Singer and I finally got my BIG BREAK!

However jumping up and down with excitement and after telling all of my family and friends the good news! I quickly began to get a nagging feeling that there was still more work to be done in the UK! My mothers friend (who is also my mentor) said "You don't have to go to Cyprus if you are having doubts, but if you don't go to Cyprus then you really need to actively seek opportunities. The lady that called me from the Entertainment Company in Cyprus sensed my doubt and they decided to postpone the opportunity (which I thank God for) I then started to do as he recommended and I began actively seeking opportunities like never before, I became more visible! I applied to compete in Beauty Pageants (and I ended up competing in the Face of Europe Competition at Disney Land Paris and I also competed in several heats of the Miss Great Britain pageant), I won many crowns, titles and awards as a Beauty Queen, I started featuring in adverts and being in programmes such as Dinner Date ITV! I landed a
TV Presenting job at Ben TV studios, I travelled to 44 cities and states across the UK and in different parts of the world and I organised over 30 events
(Beauty Pageant events and Success Seminars). 

In my 3 Month PR and Mastermind Programme! I will help you to also break outside of your comfort zone and actively seek opportunities build your Publicity Pack, your Media kit,  and help you to attract solid publicity, press, magazine features, TV interviews, podcast interviews, radio interviews for your brand and so much more! Through the 8 Modules that are in this programme, we will dive into very important Media Topics that will help to TRANSFORM your BRAND

Imagine taking this programme and attracting WONDERFUL
Press Releases, Magazine Features, TV Interviews, Speaking Gigs all
within a period of 3-6 Months. Let me teach you how to make your Media and Publicity dreams a living reality! 

Here is what we will cover over the 12 weeks of  working together:

In Module One you will Learn the Following: 
- Build a Solid Foundation in Understanding the Media Industry and PR to Position yourself the Best Media Coverage that's in Alignment with your Brand
- The Top 25 Key Media Terms to Help you Prepare for Media Recognition, Media Interviews and Media Work
- Get Crystal Clear on How to Get Good PR for your Brand and Profile
- Build a List of the Best Podcasts, Radio Stations, TV Shows, Newspapers, Magazines and Blogs that you will like to
Appear in or be Interviewed on
- Discover the Media Do's and Don'ts  that Can Help or Prevent you From Attracting Good Publicity for your Profile or Business 

In Module Two you will Learn the Following: 
- Discover What Celebrities and Influencers are doing in Various Industries that Gets them Press, Features and Mainstream Media Success
- How to Pitch to the Media like a Pro in a Way that Gets you Featured Fast
- Learn the Difference between a Good Pitch and a Bad Pitch
- Gain the Confidence to Present yourself and your Brand excellently Online, at Events and in the Media
- Learn How to Share your Story Powerfully and Improve your Story Telling to Give Great Interviews and
Impact Thousands or Millions of Lives in a Deeper way
- Discover the Stories and Pitches that the Media and NOT interested in to avoid Time Wasting
- Steps for Putting together your Biography and Press Release
7 Ways to Tactfully Follow up with the Media Once you Have Pitched to them  

In Module Three you will Learn the Following: 
 - 11 Keys to Building Confidence and Charisma for Stage and Camera
- Strategies to Overcome Nerves, Shyness and Stage Fright
- How to Improve your Communication Skills
- Prepare for Speaking Gigs and Live Presentations Effectively
- Master Excellent Stage Presence, Lighting up a Room and Connecting with Audiences
- Learn How to Take your Etiquette, Elegance, Grace to the Next Level and Learn all Formalities, Protocols
so that you Shine when Attending Media Events and When Meeting Fans and Dignitaries   
- Tips on How to Dress for High Profile Events and Media Interviews

In Module Four you will Learn the Following: 
- How to Improve your Interview Skills and Understand how to Answer Tough and Common Interview Questions
- The Top 25 Media Interview Questions that are Likely to Come up in your Upcoming Interviews
- Discover Tactics on How to Improve your Communications Skills which includes Speaking with Clarity and Power, 
- How to Take your Presentation Skills and Your Presenting Skills to the Next Level
- Create Powerful Stories to Share on Stage, Camera and in other Media Platforms to Empower thousands of people
- Gain Tips for Preparing for Public Speaking or Motivational Speaking Opportunities
- How to Use Powerful Offline Marketing Strategies to Build your Brand and Influence
- Learn how to Start Being Booked for TV Presenting, Hosting Live Events and Co-Presenting
- Improve your Ability to Collaborate with Key Influencers and Powerful Colleagues 

In Module Five you will Learn the Following: 
- Discover How to Write amazing Press Releases that will get you Featured in Newspapers and Magazines
- Understand and Learn Media Copy Writing Skills
- Learn 4 Ways to Build your Publicity Pack
- Discover How to Build your Media Page from Scratch or How to Take your Media Page to the
Next Level if you Already Have One
- Learn How to Create your Media Kit
- Learn How to Write Great E-mails, Great Letters and How to Speak on the Phone with Journalists, Reporters,
TV Hosts, Bloggers, V-loggers, Podcast Hosts, Radio Presenters etc in a way that Makes them want to Feature you
- Learn how to Package yourself like a Professional for Media Bookings
- Gain Ideas for Creating your Demo and Showreel

In Module Six you will Learn the Following: 
- Learn How to Make Appearances like a Celebrity at Exclusive Events that will Transform your Brand forever
- Learn the top 12 Types of Events that you Should be Attending Consistently if you are Serious
about Breaking into the Media which includes Conferences, Charity events, Red Carpet Events and Award Shows
- Discover How to Take Photos with Celebrities and High Profile People in a way that will
make you seem more influential than ever before
- Learn How to Use the Media to Make your Travelling Dreams a Living Reality
- Improve your Networking Skills and Social Skills
- Get Powerful Tips on How to Host your Own Workshops, Seminars, Social Events and Training Days
- Become the Kind of Girl Boss that's always Booked to Attend Glamorous Events Locally, Nationally and Internationally

In Module Seven you will Learn the Following: 
- How to Use Social Media to Attract Press, TV Interviews, Magazine Features and Radio Interviews
- Tips and Tricks on How to Improve your Blogging and V-logging Skills
- How to Engage with Big Inflencers, Leaders, Gurus, Celebrities and Interview them on your
Website, YouTube or Blog
- How to Use Social Media Strategitically and Tactfully Increase your Profile, Credibility, Fanbase and Visibility
 - The 21 Things to Post on Social Media to Attract More Money, Clients, Sales and Media Attention
- The 7 Things that Female Entrepreneurs, Girl Bosses and Female Coaches are doing on Social Media that is
Considered to be Bad PR for their Businesses
- How to Use Facebook, YouTube, Snap Chat, Twitter and Instagram from a PR and Media Perspective

In Module Eight you will Learn the Following: 
- A Deeper Understanding of PR, PR Crisis and Brand Protection
- Discover the 7 Ways to Strengthen and Protect your Brand
- Communicate the Story and the Message of your Brand in a Way that Helps you to
Attract Success in the Media and Good Publicity
- Find out the 8 Ways to Improve your Customer Service Skills and Sales Processes to Minimise Bad Publicity  
- Set up Policies, Procedures and Protocols that you and your Team will Follow in Different Incidents, 
- How to Cope with More Fame, More Visibility, Rapid Growth, Bigger Fans and More Followers
- How to Cope with Criticism, Rejection from the Media, Followers or Competitors and Bounce Back Stronger
- How to Cope with Bad Reviews or Complaints about your Company, Products and Services from a PR Perspective
- How to Become a Powerful Role Model or Leader Locally and Globally without Losing who you are in the Process
- Learn how to Present your Brand in such a LOVABLE way that you attract consistent media features, media interviews, invitations to attend exclusive events, avid followers and super fans. 

But wait there's more....

Bonuses include: 

8 Reasons to Join Our PR and Media Mastermind: 

1) You are struggling to attract the kind of amazing publicity and
media recognition for your business

2) You do not fully understand how to attract
TV interviews, magazine features, press releases, podcast interviews and guest posting opportunities and it's affecting your brand
(because you can't reach a bigger audience and so you feel limited)

3) You want to be more confident and full of charisma on Camera,
Stage, Social Media and at Live Events. 

4) You want to become a Celebrity, a High Profile person
or have a BIG Brand that's consistently in the Media

5) You feel called to be in the Media whether that is TV Presenting, Guest Speaking, Motivational Speaking or Starting or Growing a Podcast show and you want to make your DREAM a living reality in 2017

6) You want to be surrounded with POWERFUL, FABULOUS INSPIRATIONAL and like-minded women in a group coaching programme that are also determined to shine in the media and change thousands or
even millions of lives

7) You are sick and tired of being jealous of 6, 7, and 8 Figure Business Coaches, Female Entrepreneurs and Celebrities and you are now ready to rise up and shine and have the popularity and visibility that they have or even 10 times more

8) You realise that working with me is essential for your media success!
You have put it off long enough, you have tried to succeed on your own and haven't really had much success! You realise that you need support in this area! 


Who is this the PR and Media Mastermind for?
This is perfect for success driven Female Entrepreneurs, Female Coaches, Girl Bosses, Authors, Public Speakers, Motivational Speakers, TV Presenters, Aspiring Celebrities, Beauty Queens, Models, Professional Singers, Professional Dancers, Fashion Designers, YouTubers, Social Media lovers, Bloggers, High Profile people, Athletes and the list goes on. This is for the inspirational woman that has gifts and talents that she TRULY wants to share and get out there. You know that you were born to be in the Media and you know that you can't TRULY live your purpose by staying stuck behind your PC or laptop all the time. You know that deep in your GUT that media opportunities are waiting for you to grab them with both hands but you just need someone to hold you accountable and show you step by step what you need to do to attract 10 times or even 100 times more publicity for your business. 

Who is the PR and Media Mastermind Programme NOT right for? 
- This isn't for you if you have no interest in breaking into the Media in bigger ways than ever before, within the next 3-6 months.
- You are not success driven, you like your comfort zone way too much and you're not willing to try new things.
- This is also not right for you if you think you know it all already and if you are unteachable. 
- You are not willing to invest in yourself and can not come up with the money to join the PR and Media Mastermind Programme

What results will I get if I join the PR and Media Mastermind:
This programme will help you with the following: 

- Have products and services SELL out like HOT CAKES due to being featured
on Podcast shows and on Radio Stations?
- Having your FIRST BIG TV Interview (or attracting consistent TV interviews)
- Receiving invitations to be Interviewed on Podcasts and on Radio
- Having Consistent Guest Speaking Opportunities
- Attracting Magazine Features in your FAVE glossy magazines such as Forbes, 
Elle, Vogue and Cosmpolitan (This includes 2 and 4 page spreads and even being on the Cover) 
- Having local features in lots of Newspapers and on Blogs such as the Huffington Post
and so much more...and the thing is...I know that deep down inside that you know your dreams are possible but you need help to get unstuck, you desperately want more accountability, support and help because you know that you just can't do it by yourself
- Attract Magazine Features which could even include Being on the Cover of a Magazine
- Attract Amazing Press and Articles in Newspapers and Blogs for your Brand

Let me show you how I attracted over 100 TV appearances which includes TV Presenting, Hosting TV shows, being in programmes& adverts, magazine features, guest blogging, podcast interviews and
I will also show you how I attracted over 50 press releases for my pageant business UK's Dazzling Beauty. If you want to learn how to get speaking gigs and opportunities to perform at events then this is for you too as I will show you step by step what I do to attract opportunities to perform and speak at national and international events in the UK, Bulgaria, Turkey, Nigeria etc
at Schools, Colleges, Universities, Seminars and Conferences.

It's a BIG YES to this AMAZING opportunity :-)
take me to the payment page

6H2A5456 (1).JPG

What you will get in this programme:

1) 8 x Group Coaching Calls
2) Videos, Audios, Worksheets, Cheat Sheets, Checklists, Templates and Sample Letters
3) Weekly Office hours
4) Access to our Private Facebook group for all Mastermind Members
5) High levels of Accountability
6) High levels of Support
7) PR and Media Training
8) Bonuses worth over £500.00
9) 8 Core Modules
10) Social Media tips and Business Strategies
and so much more!

You will also receive a FREE ticket worth £447.00 to attend my live event "The PR and Media Mastermind Half Day Event"
where you will get to meet your sisters that will also be
in this programme
this will be your chance to get even more breakthroughs!
(more information on this event coming soon)

Yes I am ready to invest in myself right now!

My Guarantee to you:
If you take this programme and get no results whatsoever I will coach for you FREE for 1 month complimentary, that's 4 weekly 1-1 calls
(via Skype or E-mail) to make sure that you get the
VERY best success and results from this programme. 


How many women can join this Mastermind Programme and how can I get started if I want to join? 
This course is limited to 10 amazing women ONLY and you can secure your spot by making the full payment of £1000. Or you can pay a deposit (3 part payment plan). Pls note that the price will increase to £1200 soon so invest today :-)  

How Do I know that this Programme Will Work for Me?
Breaking into the Media is something that can happen to you if you want it bad enough but it truly does depend on you. You have to show up to the live calls, be visible in the Facebook group, you also have to be willing to do the work which includes pitching to the Media and Preparing for i.e. Media Interviews. One thing that Jim Rohn said that I truly admire is this "That which is easy to do is also easy not to do" he used the example of exercise and said "It's easy to exercise but it's also not to do it, it's easy to eat an apple a day but it's also easy not to do it". So basically it's easy to work through the course content and take plenty of action if you TRULY want publicity for your brand bad enough, but it's also easy to sit on your gifts and talents and do nothing with the materials in this mastermind. The ball is truly in your court HOWEVER it is my intention, desire and aspiration that you get maximum results and lots of media exposure and publicity for your brand over the next 3 months and even 6-12 month later!

Why should I join you for the PR and Media Mastermind Now and Not someday?  
I truly believe it's because you are OVERDUE for major publicity and you are LAGGING BEHIND (you should be on TV, in magazines, and speaking at all of these big events already) and this programme will show you HOW to turn your wishes into a living reality! Secondly it's because "someday doesn't exist" according to Brian Tracy who is one of the most powerful Motivational Speakers and Success Coaches in the World! The reason why you probably haven't had the MEDIA SUCCESS of our dreams YET is because the truth is you haven't committed whole-heartedly in this area. You have kept your media success as a fantasy! While some up and coming entrepreneurs in your field (who are even LESS QUALIFIED, LESS EXPERIENCED AND WHO HAVE A TINY FOLLOWING COMPARED TO YOU) have managed to ROCK it in the Media, so it's now your time and moment to shine! Don't live in the struggle anymore. 

What could happen if I choose NOT to join you for the PR and Media Mastermind now and not someday?  
Your business may continue to have low media coverage which can really make your business silently suffer as a result. This is because you are missing out on new clients, leaving thousands or even millions of pounds on the table, you are missing out on doubling or even quadrupling your following on Social Media and you are hearing CRICKETS when it comes to speaking gigs. I want you to do what your FUTURE self will thank you for later (I love this quote) because have you thought about you going to do when all of your colleagues are shining and getting all of these big media breakthroughs in 2017? Are you going to say "Oh, that's not fair, I wish that was me?", "Will you get bitter and blame the Universe for your lack of publicity?"! Now is the time to grab the opportunity that is on your doorstep my friend! Trying to do it all by yourself is just so much harder when instead you can be in a community of women that are really going for their media dreams! 

When does the PR and Media Mastermind begin?
The moment you sign up! You will receive access
to the members site along with being able to join our
Private FB group for all girl bosses in the Programme!
Hip hip hooray! You will have access to the
orientation module, module 1 and 2. 

Ok Queen, I've read the whole of your sales page and I have seen the testimonials and I believe that I am ready to take the PLUNGE and go for it! I really want to surround myself with 9 other powerful ladies that are FULLY going for Media opportunities in 2017 like never before! I want to be fully prepared for all the Podcast interviews, Radio Interviews, TV Interviews, Magazine features, guest blogging opportunities and major up-level that is waiting for me...I am now going to put this off until SOMEDAY! Today is my day! I would 100% like to sign up for the programme, what is the investment for it please?

Wow I am so happy that you are determined to make your Media Dreams a Living reality! I can't wait to see you in the programme...

The Investment for the
PR and Media Mastermind
(3 Month Group Coaching Programme)
limited to 10 Girl Bosses is...

1 Payment (in full) of £1000
(the fee will increase to £1200 soon so hurry sign up now) 

Or Sign up for the 3 Month Payment Plan
(3 Payments of £288)

REFUND POLICY: Please note that there are no refunds for this mastermind programme! All payments are final,
by making a payment to invest in this programme you are agreeing to my terms and conditions