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I am so happy that you are here, I’d love to you get the clarity that you need around PR and Media and offer you the Coaching and Mentoring that you need to take your Publicity to new heights.

What to expect from the PR and Media 60 Mins Call

On the call you can ask me 4-5 key questions (and of course if we have more time to cover more questions I’m happy to answer other questions for you). This is a great session to sign up to if you are seeking for some PR and Media strategies, tips, ideas to skyrocket your brand in the Media.

Topics that we can cover during the call:

  • PR Crisis and PR Management

  • Attracting Media interviews via Social Media

  • Social Media visibility strategies/PR strategies to grow your online (and offline) audience

  • Launching into Stardom/Becoming a Celebrity

  • Attracting Clients and Increasing Sales using PR and Media Strategies

  • Media Interview Technique/Nailing Tough Interview Questions

  • TV interviews, TV appearances and TV Presenting

  • Organising live events/Event Managment Strategies

  • Book Tours/Book Launch Events

  • Hosting Events/Becoming an MC at Events

  • Securing Podcast Interviews and Radio Interviews

  • Securing Magazine Features, Magazine Covers& Newspaper Interviews

  • Becoming a Contributor for Top Media Publications/Guest Blogging

  • Brand Protection/Damage Control/Reputation Management

  • Pitching to the Media and Following up (Best Practices)

  • Media Essentials i.e. Media kit, Showreel/Sizzle Reel

  • Media Page Assessment

  • Raising your profile/Good PR for your Business

  • Building relationships with the Media i.e. Journalists, TV Hosts, Producers

  • The Media Do’s and Dont’s.

Questions that you can ask me during the
Pick my Brain PR and Media call?

Here are a few examples of common questions that my audience and clients tend to ask me:

  • What should I put on my Media page?

  • How can I pitch to the Media and follow up like a pro?

  • What should I put in my Press Kit/Media kit?

  • How to build my media page on my website or how can I updated it to make it stand out even more?

  • How can I raise my profile to become a Celebrity?

  • How can I use Social Media to build relationships with the media?

  • How can I get Media logos on your website?

  • Can PR and Media increase my credibility and brand reputation if so how?

  • I am securing some really good media interviews and features but they are too small, what steps can I take to attract BIGGER media moments?

  • I am launching a book, what are some great ways to promote my book in the media?

  • How can I convert my publicity into clients, sales and more income in my business?

  • My business is growing rapidly and my visibility is increasing more each day, what can I do to prevent a PR Crisis?

  • How can I have a comeback from some bad publicity?