My Music

Queen Chioma is a TV appearing Singer that has performed in front of hundreds and thousands of people in 5 different countries which includes Bulgaria, Turkey. Her music has aired on Ben TV, RSTV and other TV channels. You can also download her music on iTunes and on most digital stores.  

Watch her official music video "Because of you" on this page and listen to her songs!

You can also download her popular EP "Because of you" which consists of 7 R'n'B/Inspirational Songs which are upbeat and completely lively.
Available on iTunes and most digital stores online. 

Queen Chioma is currently in the process of filming her next official music video for her song "Fun, Free and Festive" and will be recording in the studio in the early part of 2017 to start working on her new Music Album!

Queen Chioma Singing Live at Events:
Here are a few videos of me singing live at some events in the UK! 

Queen Chioma has been singing since she was a little girl! And she loves to put on a GREAT show! She is currently available for Singing at Shows, Touring, Gigs, Performing at Local, National and International events! She is also available for TV Interviews, Radio Interviews and other Media Interviews.

Queen Chioma has made thousands around the world believe that they can achieve anything through her live performances and music! 

If interested in booking her please e-mail us today for all singing or pr enquiries: