Be honest with me (this is a place when you can open up)
Do you ever get FRUSTRATED or FED up of seeing all of your colleagues or these big time GURUS having so much media coverage when you just know that you have EXACT same SKILLS, TALENTS and A HIGHLY INSPIRATIONAL STORY (if not more than theirs)?

Do you ever feel that you and your BRAND is being overlooked for amazing media opportunities because you haven't exactly figured out how to stand out and shine or how to pitch to the media in a way that gets you a big YES?

If you have ever wondered, wished or dreamed of being some what famous to help people, share your products and services, to showcase your talents and to make a DIFFERENCE in the world then you are in the RIGHT PLACE.

This is your time, your chance and your moment to make it BIG and discover how to use the media to lift your profile and brand.

I would like to invite you to hire me as your PR Consultant
and Media Coach! 

Hello, my name is Queen Chioma, I am a International Motivational Speaker, a TV Presenter, a Former Multiple Award Winning Beauty!

- Let me show you how I attracted over 100 TV appearances, magazine features, over 50 press releases and high levels of publicity
- Let me help you to attract between 12-20 Press Releases, Magazine Features, TV Interviews, Speaking Gigs etc within a period of 3 Months

As seen in.png

But also I want to help to actually have this same kind of success inyour business too! I want to pitch to the Media on your behalf.
As there is quite frankly an art to pitching and I am an expert in this field. I have pitched to the Media over 100 times (for myself and my for my clients) and have had so much publicity and also helped my clients and my contestants to have the same success!
Having worked in the Media industry for several years along with having a degree in Mass Communications and Sociology, and my A-levels include Media studies, I know a thing or two about what the media are searching for their publications.


What we will cover over the next 3 Months during our sessions

Month One: 
Pitching to the Media and Packaging yourself for Major Publicity

This is where I pitch to the media on your behalf to get you as much exposure and publicity as I possibly can in a period of a month
-  I will searching for podcast shows, TV shows, Radio shows, Magazines, Newspapers, that are perfect for you and your brand and profile pitch to these shows on your behalf
- We will meet once a week via Skype or Phone for up to 1hr where I will give you feedback and all responses that I have had from Editors, TV Hosts, Podcast Hosts etc and on what they want from you i.e. a Video, a list of questions to complete, images etc. 
- I will assess all of your Media Interviews, Social Media Platforms, Videos, Blog posts etc and give you feedback on how you can adjust everything to really STAND OUT AND SHINE in front of the media
- I will communicate with you via e-mail on a weekly basis

Month Two:
Preparing for Media Interviews and Reaping the Media Harvest

This is the month
I will give you Coaching on how to be more Media Attractive for attracting TV interviews, magazine features, 
- We will do role plays and prepare for all interviews that you have fast approaching
- We will go through Media Interviews that I think they will ask you and help you to give the best answers to each question
- I will help you handle tough interview questions based on my years of experience in the TV industry and based my academic background of studying Media Studies and Mass Communications
- I will train you on how to think like a Journalist
- I will train you on how to act like a Celebrity

Month Three:
High Level Publicity and Visibility for your Brand

- I will help you with creating your publicity pack
- I will help you with writing press releases
- I will help you with your Media Page on your Website
- I will help you with creating your Media Portfolio
- I will help you with creating videos and adverts that will SCREAM I am media attractive book me today to be on your show
- I will help you with how to keep having more Media Interviews, TV show booking
- I will help you with consistency in the Media so that you have a ongoing flow of Media Opportunities rather than consistent feast and famine
- I will help you to handle criticism
- I will help you to present yourself with higher levels of Confidence and Charisma! I will give you as much coaching as I possibly can on Confidence and Charisma as these are the TWO most important qualities that you must have if you want to be in the MEDIA CONSISTENTLY
- I will help you to Shine BRIGHTER
- I will give you Media Secrets, Celebrity Tricks, Ideas

Mistakes I see Multiple 5, 6 and 7 Figure Entrepreneurs making along with High Profile People, Aspiring Celebrities and Gurus:

- You are afraid to be on BIG TV shows such as Oprah and think it's only for big players like Marie Forleo and Brendon Burchard. 
Sometimes it takes just ONE GREAT story or one great idea for you to attract the attention of someone as big as Oprah
so don't dismiss yourself
- You feel intimated by the Media
- Your so focused on Attracting Clients and making thousands or millions or pounds or dollars sooo much which is excellent but you leave your Media page and all of your publicity to luck and chance
- The Media opportunities that you get on a monthly basis is SOOOO SMALL that you are literally on the level of a low profile person in the Media Industry and you claim to be a multiple 5, 6 or 7 figure business woman/man. You are making big money but your media presence is so poor (this needs to change beautiful) 
- You are secretly ashamed of your website and online status because you know that you are lagging behind when it comes to the Media. 
And you are afraid that your clients will soon start wanting to see some serious media credibility (make a decision to fix this problem and you will no longer have to live in fear and shame) 
- You seem to think that Social Media is the beginning and the end of business. For some reason you just can't see the wider picture that the Media can blow up your client list, profile and your brand 100 times quicker than Social Media (you can have both) 
- You are not on a weekly TV show (even if it's a local TV show) or you are not having at least 1-2 TV appearances/TV interviews a month (this is not good for your brand) 
- You are not getting much PRESS compared to your competitors
- You are afraid to go to real life events because you think it's a waste of time so instead you hide behind doing webinars and being on your laptop 24/7
- You simply do not know how to answer tough questions asked by real Journalists that have been doing media interviews for years
- Your stories are not CAPTIVATING enough for the media
- You know that you are not really living the DREAM, all you do is work, you are not really travelling around the world, you are not really do anything interesting in your social life and so you feel like you are deceiving people! 

If you can identify with at least 2-3 of this problems then you are TOTALLY in this right place. I can truly help you to achieve the amazing consistent media opportunities, media breakthroughs and publicity that you are destined to achieve and attract!

Now is your time to go big like NEVER before. 

This is package is perfect for:
Female Entrepreneurs and Female Coaches that have established brand, those that have hit Multiple 5 Figures, 6 Figures or 7 Figures. My package is also wonderful for High Profile People i.e. Authors, Motivational Speakers, Gurus,

This is not for you if: 
- You are not willing to show up to our weekly session (once a week) if you are too busy to commit to this then you are basically too busy to be in the Media
- You are not willing to commit to doing the exercises that I set for you
- You are not willing to break outside of your comfort zone
- You already think you know it all
- You are half hearted on your journey to success

I will do the HEAVY LIFTING for you
- I will pitch to between 12-20 Media Companies a month i.e. Magazines, Newspapers, TV shows, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Blogs  and I will follow up with all of them to increase your chances of being featured/interviewed.
- I will help you to prepare for Media Interviews, Speaking Gigs,
Media Appearances and Publicity
- I will help you to present your brand in the BEST way for Media Opportunities
- I will give you excellent Media Training along with helping you to improve you Communication Skills
- I will help you to get FULLY booked with outstanding Media Interviews, Appearances, Publications and Features
- I will help you to put your Media Page on your website together
- I will help you to get the amazing media opportunities that you want such as being nominated for awards, partnering up with other amazing Celebrities, brands or Entrepreneurs like you

- Imagine how you will feel when you are on you are being interviewed on your favourite TV shows, podcasts, radio shows and when you speak on some of the BIGGEST stages in different parts of the world?

- Imagine how successful you will feel when you are in magazines, newspapers and guest blogging like NEVER before

- Imagine the fans, followers and opportunities that you WILL attract when you have a HIGHER level of visibility and publicity.
Imagine your Brand being up there with the BEST of the BEST! 


If you are tired of pitching to the media by yourself with limited results and if you are struggling with breaking into the Media then invest in yourself today! I am here to be at your service :-) 

My 3 Month Package for PR services and Media Coach
is an investment £1,997

If you would like to set up a 3 or 4 month payment plan please e-mail here: