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Are you sick and tired of feeling drained on Social Media because you are constantly trying to share share your message in a room full of sammies?

Are you FED UP of just feeling as if you blend in, in a bunch of FB groups and have this MEDIOCRE success and average publicity when you know that you are were for sooooo much more?

Are you tired of the INCREMENTAL day by day growth, rather than the EXPOENTIAL GROWTH?

Are you tired of just seeing everyone shine in the Media while you sit back and wish and wish?

If this is you, you are in the RIGHT place and I am taking a stand for you! BECOMING more FAMOUS in 2018 is the ONE thing that could change EVERYTHING FOR YOU! I wish I could say that Social Media in isolation is enough but you have tried and tested it and you know as much as I do that something is MISSING! Your snail paced growth is sucking the life out of you.


So many Celebrities, Brands, Influencers, Leaders, Preachers, Speakers
all have one thing in common consistent media coverage and
good PR over and over again.

We are talking about people that you admire or know such as:

- Oprah
- Kim Kardashian
- Kylie Jenner
- Gabby Bernstein
- Richard Branson
Bill Gates
- Joel Osteen
Mariah Carey
Joyce Meyer
Terri Savelle Foy
Tony Robbins
And you know that you have the potential to do what they do in big and beautiful ways!

Be honest with me....have ever caught yourself dreaming of being in Magazines, on TV Shows, on Podcast Shows, on radio and on big stages speaking live? Examples includes:

- Forbes
- Elle Magazine
- The Huffington Post
- The Today Show
- Loose Women (ITV)
- BBC Radio
- The School of Greatness Podcast
- Marie TV
-Mind Body Green
- Cosmopolitan
- Success Magazine
 - OK Magazine
- TedX talk
and other fabulous magazines, newspapers,  TV shows and so much more that you LOVE and ADMIRE!  

Well I am literally here to WAKE YOU UP LOVELY LADY!
I am here to tell you that YOU CAN BE in the MEDIA like your fave celebrities, brands and influencers and you don't have to settle for JUST having a little bit of visibility on Social Media, you can have BOTH
FAME and RECOGNITION in the Media and popularity on
Social Media. 

If are bored of just wishing and wishing to be on TV, to be in newspapers, magazines, podcasts and so much more....and if you aren't TRULY going for it! Now is your time to GOOO FOR IT LIKE NEVER BEFORE and make 2018 your year of Mastering PR and the Media!

I mean just imagine how your business will be impacted if you could be more FAMOUS, stand out more, be more visible and shine in a bigger way! This will can impact your level of influence, income, money flow, sales and lead you into an abundance of amazing opportunities! 

So many women entrepreneurs tell me that they want to be in the media at a level 10 and then they take NO action! This is self-sabotage.

This is why I created SOMETHING REALLY SPECIAL that I would love to take this opportunity to invite you to: 


You are invited to Sign up to my 4 Part Powerful Workshop Series titled:

'Mastering Media'

This is totally PERFECT for the girl boss that wants to make 2018 her year of BREAKING INTO THE MEDIA! This is for you if you are sick of not having a Media page on your website and it's for you if you are bored of your brand and you want to add some good PR and Media coverage to JAZZ THINGS UP and SPICE UP your BUSINESS! 

Here are the lessons that I will be cover and how it will all work: 


Just incase you were wondering what are some of my
PR and Media achievements and Successes include,
here are a few things below: 

I have a Master’s degree in Education.
- I have a BA hons degree in Mass Communications and Sociology
- Over 150 TV appearances (which includes TV Hosting, TV Presenting, appearances and interviews which includes being on several TV channels such as ITV, Ben TV, RSTV, Dutch TV and MTV. 
- I have been in magazines and newspapers such as OK Magazine, The Islington Gazette and The Echo.
- I became an Author of her book Festive Success, Nine Golden Rules for Achieving your Dreams, Goals and Aspirations in 2015.
- I have travelled to over 47 cities and states across the UK and abroad.
- I have spoken at tons of schools colleges, universities, seminars and conferences in the UK and abroad this includes 'The World Congress Conference' (in Turkey) and several times at 'The Comparative Education Society Conference (in Bulgaria). 

Queen Chioma in the Media


Featured Video Testimonial: Edaliz, Puerto Rico, Social Media Manager and Author shares her experience of working with Queen


Featured Video Testimonial: Esther, USA, Massage Therapist
and Female Entrepreneur.  


10 Reasons to Sign up to this  Powerful 4 Part PR Workshop Series: 
-1) Understand how you can Use PR and Media to attract more clients,more sales and quality leads
2) Learn how to Build your Media Page on your Website along with building your Media Kit
3) Create Powerful stories that attract Media Coverage
4) Master your interview technique and improve your presentation skills for Media interviews and Speaking gigs

5) Learn POWERFUL Media Copying Writing, how to add tweaks to your website and to how you show up on Social Media so that journalists, TV hosts, Producers and editors start
reaching out to you instead of you always having to chase them.
6) Learn how to take your brand from local status to Celebrity status or High Profile status

7) Learn how to Secure your amazing  TV interviews, Radio interviews, Podcast interviews,

Magazine features, Guest Blogging Opportunities, Press, Publications.
8) Overcome or learn how to manage shyness, nerves, stage fright or the fear of being more visibility
on camera or on stage. 
9) Become the next level you...more confident, charismatic FABULOUS and glamorous.  
10) Discover how to create a BIGGER buzz around your brand using Social Media.

BONUS: Understand PR Crisis, PR Management and Brand Protection...to avoid making critical mistakes that could cost you lots of money, your reputation and that could get you into legal hot water! You might already be making some of these mistakes so discover things to stop doing ASAP! 

Testimonial: Emem, Attorney, Gospel Singer and Entrepreneur shares her experience of working with Queen Chioma


So just to recap....here's what you get when you sign up: 

1) You will have access to attend all 4 of the Powerful PR and Media Workshops on Zoom which includes live coaching and live Q&A.

2) Access to my 30 day Private FB group to help you get support, accountability and to receive the ENCOURAGEMENT that you need to implement what you learn in the workshops. 

 3) Additional bonus trainings, Templates, worksheets and workbooks that you can access right away when you sign up.

4) Receive Powerful PR and Media Training Strategies Ideas that can transform your brand and launch you into bigger levels of publicity.

5) Inspiration, motivation and encouragement to help you become the celebrity girl boss that you have always dreamed of being. 

My mum once said to me 'Stop watching people on TV, be on TV yourself'. 

I actually thought she was kidding at first but one day she said it again and I took it as a sign and I decided that I would make it happen.
I decided that I would be on TV the way that she stated and since then I have been on TV over 100 times.


I can't wait to work with you and share my BEST PR and Media strategies with you and help you become a more FAMOUS VERSION OF YOU! YOUR BRAND DESERVES TO BE IN THE MEDIA IN BIG WAYS! 

Make the impact that you know that you were born to make. 

Imagine having how much your brand will skyrocket if your BIZ in sales, clients, money, status and so much more when you get the media attention that it deserves. Give yourself permission today!

"If I were down to my last dollar I would spend it on Public Relations"
- Bill Gates

Every lady that signs up to Mastering Media will also receive a
90 mins PR and Media Coaching Session where we can run through things such as what's working in your biz, what's not working, discuss how to create your press kit and design your Media page and strategies for attracting Media interviews. 

The Investment for Mastering Media
(The Powerful 4 Part Workshop Series)

This programme is valued at £997
But the Investment is only £527 Woo hoo!

Get Signed up today here: 

Yes I'm in for 1 Payment of £527.00


Yes I'm in for 2 x Monthly Payments of £295


    Yes I'm in for 3 x Monthly Payments of £196



What will happen when I sign up?
You will be sent a congratulations/welcome e-mail within 24hrs. And shortly after you will be invited to the Facebook group along with being sent access to the private Members area where you can access some bonus audio trainings, and a list of the Schedule.

Who is this for?
It's PERFECT for you if you are 100% ready to be on TV Shows, Podcast Shows, in Magazines, Newspapers, Blogs and if you want Speaking Gigs and so much more! If you want your first or your next 8-15 interviews within the next 3-6 months. This is for you if you want to know how to build and fill your Media page on your website and if you truly want to attract good PR. This is for you if you want to see shifts and breakthroughs in your business in regards to your mindset and in your lifestyle. 

Who is this NOT right for?
This is not for you if you wish and wish to be in the Media but aren't willing to do anything to actually make it happen and if you do not want good PR or Publicity for your Brand within the next 6-12 months. 

When does it start?
This all begins on the 24th of April 2018 and all the workshops will take place on Zoom. 

What will happen if I can't make the workshops live? Will there be a replay?
No worries, if you can't show up live as YESSS totally, there will indeed be a replay for each of the workshops. All of these sessions will be placed into a private Members area for all course attendees. You will also get access to 4 powerful bonus training videos along with other workbooks, audio trainings and we will discuss each class and have live Q&A in a private FB group.

I have a few more questions, how can I find out more about this pr and media series?
Awesome, simply send over an e-mail to info@queenchiomamedia.com and we will get back to you :-)

Refund policy: Please note that there are no refunds for this programme. All sales are final