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Yay! You came.....I knew you would gorgeous!

OH MY GOODNESS, you are in the right place lady as I have a special offer for you that I believe that you will just LOVE!

DATE: 03rd of September 2019
TIME: 5.30pm London/12.30pm New York

TOPIC: ‘11 Ways to Raise your Visibility and Add the Celebrity Factor to your Brand’.

I am so excited for you to join me for this
PROLIFIC, POWERFUL AND INSPIRATIONAL master class that is designed to help you move to the next level in regards to PR and Media!

This is the reason why I want you to GRAB the opportunity to join me and the other ladies that sign up for this dazzling 1.5hr Class that’s designed to help you raise your visibility by 20-40%.

It's your TIME to shine in a bigger way than ever before!

8 Reasons to Sign up for my PR and Media Master Class:
1) Find out how to shine in a BIGGER way and become more of
your Celebrity self.
2) Learn how to attract amazing Media Opportunities, Podcast Interviews, Magazine Features,
TV Interviews, Guest Blogging, Sponsors and Speaking Gigs…that you’ve been DREAMING of for YEARS!
3) Understand how to use PR to increase sales and attract NEW CLIENTS.
4) Discover the Media do’s and don’ts (know exactly what you need to stop doing to avoid
blocking PR and Media).
5) Find out how I secured consistent TV Interviews, TV Presenting work
and TV appearances for years (and how you can do it too).
6) Discover how to become a good CATCH for Speaking Gigs and how to SHINE ON CAMERA
AND STAGES IN BIGGER WAYS than ever before.
7) Understand what’s holding you back from manifesting media opportunities and overcome blocks, barriers and limiting beliefs
8) Create a PR and Media Game plan to raise your visibility, influence, profile and impact.

All attendees will receive a workbook ‘Attract and Prepare for Media Interviews’ woo hoo!
This is full of exercises, journaling prompts, and a checklist that will help you to fully prepare for all things PR and Media.

This is totally for the woman that needs her BUTT to be kicked so that she can stop missing out on opportunities to TRAVEL, SPEAK, TEACH, PERFORM and do all of the other powerful things that you feel called to do.


It's only £32 to get signed up (valued at £97) so sign up today
before this special offer goes away!


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If you are sooo ready for amazing BREAKTHROUGHS, MORE FAME, MORE VISIBILITY, MORE INFLUENCE, if you want to use PR to build your brand and if you want FABULOUS IDEAS TO TAKE YOUR BIZ TO NEW HEIGHTS then get signed up today!


I want to be really honest with you....failing to take opportunities in life is the most miserable thing that you can ever do in your life...why...because it leads to having a life that you don't want! It is the best way to miss out on all the good things that life has to offer you.

So if you know that this is for you.
Don't resist this calling. Just get signed up before it's too late.

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A Bit About Me: 

Hello Beautiful, My name is Queen Chioma,
I am an International Motivational Speaker,
a TV Presenter, I am also a PR and Media Coach/ Publicist for women entrepreneurs, boss babes and female coaches. I have helped my clients get booked for amazing TV interviews, podcast interviews, magazine covers, magazine spreads, features in newspapers and the list goes on.

Just incase you were wondering what are some of my personal achievements are, here are some below:

1) I have a Master’s degree in Education
2) I have a BA hons degree in Mass Communications and Sociology
3) Over 150 TV appearances (which includes TV Hosting, TV Presenting, appearances and interviews ) on different channels which includes ITV, ITV 2, ITV Be, Ben TV, RSTV, Dutch TV, Faith TV and MTV.
4) I have been in magazines and newspapers such as ‘OK Magazine’, ‘Her Story Matters Magazines’, ‘The Islington Gazette’ and ‘The Southern Echo’
5) I am a contributor at ‘Thrive Global’ by Ariana Huffington along with ‘The Undeniable Life’.
6) I’ve worked with over 200 girls and women which includes Six figure female coaches, Beauty Queen and Models,
7) I regularly speak at schools, colleges, universities, seminars and conferences in the UK and abroad this includes my recent trip to Amsterdam where I gave a presentation to students at a University, April 2019. I also just presented a paper at the KIE (Knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise) International Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in Sept 2019 which was a life changing opportunity.

I can’t wait to teach you all that I know about PR and Media, giving you tips, secrets and ideas…as this could be the knowledge that you need to skyrocket your brand in the media woo hoo!

Yesss I’m sooo in Queen woo hoo…of course
I’m singing up for 1 x payment of £32


What will happen when I register for the Workshop Replay? 

You will be sent a confirmation e-mail with details on how to instantly access 'The PR and Media Masterclass' and 'The Attract and Prepare for Media Interviews Workbook' shortly after you sign up. Woo hoo...are you excited?

Who is this for?
Girl Bosses, Boss Babes, Female Entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers, Leaders, Aspiring Celebrities, Female Coaches and Inspirational Women that are on a MISSION to break into the Media and attract good PR! This is for you if you want to be more fabulous, more inspirational, more powerful, have more stage presence and become the Celebrity version of you! This is also for you if you'd like to shine on cameras, stages and inspire live audiences in bigger ways than ever before!   

When is this taking place?
03rd of October 2019 at 5.30pm London/12.30pm New York.

Who is this not for?
It's not for you if you want all the success in the world but you aren't willing to take any action whatsoever to make your desires become a living reality! Or if you aren't willing to do what what it takes to take your Confidence and Charisma to new heights. 

How long is this Workshop for? 

Refund Policy:  There are no refunds for this masterclass. All sales are final.