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Yay! You came.....I knew you would gorgeous!

OH MY GOODNESS, you are in the right place lady as I have a special offer for you that I believe that you will just LOVE!

I hosted this online class a few days ago and the content was

This is the reason why I want you to GRAB the opportunity to have access to the replay of this amazing 2.5hr Class.

IMAGINE having a serious boost of confidence after leaving my online class and just knowing that you will be transformed, empowered and uplifted!

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8 Reasons to Sign up for the Confidence and Charisma Workshop:
1) Learn the 12 Steps for Shining Brilliantly on Camera and Stage and How to Inspire Live Audiences like NEVER before.
2) Discover how I have used Confidence and Charisma to sell over 1000 tickets to my live events over the years. 
3)Find out how I used these two qualities to attract opportunities to Speak and Perform at over 50 events in the UK and Abroad.
4) Discover how I managed to travel to 48 cities and states and sometimes
up to 14 cities in 1 year.
5) How I became known as the Queen of Motivation for my Motivational Speaking...on TV and in the Media!
6) Discover how to MANAGE or overcome anxiety, fear, limiting beliefs so that you can have more of the SUCCESS that you want.
7) Find out how I secured consistent TV Interviews, TV Presenting work and TV appearances for years.
8) Discover my strategy for lifting my profile and brand (hint, includes attending high profile and celebrity events).


All attendees will receive a Confidence and Charisma workbook woo hoo!
This is full of exercises, journaling prompts and powerful insights that will help you to get the BEST out of this course. 

This is totally for the woman that needs her BUTT to be kicked so that she can stop missing out on opportunities to TRAVEL, SPEAK, TEACH, PERFORM and do all of the other powerful things that you feel called to do.


It's only £37.00 to get signed up, so sign up today
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Are you ready for more confidence, charisma, stage presence, courage, boldness, media opportunities, travelling opportunities and so much more?

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I want to be really honest with you....failing to take opportunities in life is the most miserable thing that you can ever do in your life...why...because it leads to having a life that you don't want! It is the best way to miss out on all the good things that life has to offer you.

So if you know that this is for you.
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What will happen when I register for the Workshop Replay? 
You will be sent a confirmation e-mail with details on how to instantly access 'The Confidence and Charisma Workshop' and
'The Confidence and Charisma Workbook'.  Woo hoo...are you excited?

Who is this for?
Girl Bosses, Boss Babes, Female Entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers, Leaders, Aspiring Celebrities, Female Coaches and Inspirational Women that are on a MISSION to break into the Media and attract good PR! This is for you if you want to be more fabulous, more inspirational, more powerful, have more stage presence and become the Celebrity version of you! This is also for you if you'd like to shine on cameras, stages and inspire live audiences in bigger ways than ever before!   

Who is this not for?
It's not for you if you want all the success in the world but you aren't willing to take any action whatsoever to make your desires become a living reality! Or if you aren't willing to do what what it takes to take your Confidence and Charisma to new heights. 

How long is this Workshop for? 
Over 2.5hrs.

Refund Policy:  There are no refunds for this course. All sales are final.