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I'm sooo glad that you are here! I knew that you would make it here because you have a big calling on your life! 

My name is Queen Chioma Nworgu MA. I'm a British born Nigerian PR and Media Coach, a TV Presenter and an International Motivational Speaker from the UK and I've been on TV over 100 times from ITV to BBC. 

I've helped over 150 ladies to BREAK INTO THE MEDIA in a bigger way than ever before! So many of my Clients and Contestants (6 figure Coaches, 7 Figure Coaches, Gurus, Beauty Queens and Aspiring Celebrities) have been on some of the BEST TV shows, on Radio, on Podcast shows, in Magazines and in Newspapers and have attracted some of the most amazing SPEAKING and PERFORMING opportunities! 

I want this to happen to you too...and sooo much more..that's the reason why I'm inviting you to work with me for 3 months to completely transform your brand and help you to BECOME MORE VISIBLE, MORE KNOWN AND MORE POWERFUL in the in the media THAN EVER BEFORE and to help you create a very strong PR game plan that you totally need to have a year of consistent media opportunities like Celebrities. 

I have a few questions for you...

Does this sound like you?

- Do you see yourself being on BIG stages, travelling around the world, speaking at events and making a BIG impact on hundreds of thousands or even millions, but you don't know what steps to take to turn this dream into a LIVING reality?
 - Are you sick and tired of always fantasizing about being in Magazines,TV shows and Podcast Interviews
and you want to know how to make it happen?
- Do you dream of having consistent Radio Interviews, Guest Blogging Opportunities, so that your clients and colleagues will see you as the go-to person in your field?
 - Do you want to Pitch to the Media and Attract lots of Media Coverage for your Small Business
but you have NOOOO idea what to say or how to go about this? 
 - Do you have ZERO or very small Media Coverage for your business?                

 - Do you sometimes feel that BIG brands, clients, colleagues, coaches, celebrities, fans or Leaders OVERLOOK you and WORK WITH OTHERS due to you have a LOWER PROFILE than other experts in your field?  
 - Are you still finding it a STRUGGLE to PUT UP A MEDIA PAGE OR A PRESS PAGE on your website (because you have no idea how to do this?)

If you've answered "Yes!" to at least ONE of these questions, then I have good news for you, as 'The Celebrity Female Entrepreneur in You' will be totally perfect for you! 



Here are some of the ways that I help my Clients (and how I can help you):
- Help with building your Media page on your website.
- Getting featured on TV, in Newspapers, Magazines, Blogs, Podcast Shows etc. 
- Attracting Clients and Make More Money in your Business as a result of Raising my clients Visibility and Publicity levels.  
- Clarity on where my clients FIT in the Media.
- Help with creating Media Kits/Press Kit.
- Help with creating showreels, biographies, professional adverts, montages etc.  
- Help with what to say (and what not to say) to Reporters, Editors, Journalists and Producers.  
- Steps for Pitching to the Media and following up with the Media. 
- Overcoming Fears and Blocks around being more visible. 
- Confidence and Charisma for the Camera and Stage. 
- Presentation skills and preparing for Speaking Gigs.
- Using Social Media to Attract Media coverage.
- Being more Strategic with how you show up on Social Media. 
- Interview technique and how to handle TOUGH media questions. 
- Coping with criticism and reviews as you become more famous. 

- Pitching to the Media and securing Media interviews for my Clients on their behalf (reaching out to 40-50 media brands i.e. Magazines, TV shows, Radio Stations, Blogs etc).

Featured Video Testimonial: Edaliz, Puerto Rico, Social Media Manager, Blogger and a Writer shares her experience of working with Queen


Featured Video Testimonial: Dr Tracy Timberlake, Award-winning Beauty Vlogger, Visibility and Video Content Strategist shares her experience of working with Queen


Featured Video Testimonial: Esther, Massage Therapist and Female Entrepreneur shares her experience of working with Queen


Featured Testimonial: Kerin Founder of Haute, Fitness, Health
(Self-Love Body Confidence Coach) shares her experience of
working with Queen


Here is what we will cover over the 3 Months during our
fabulous sessions:

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But wait there's more!

Not only will I give you weekly Coaching for 12 weeks (1hr per week) but I will personally pitch to the Media on your behalf and follow up with the Media TWICE and I will track everything for you in a Spreadsheet so that you will know exactly who has said YES, No and find out their requirements etc. 

This pitching service alone is worth £2,000. 

I will also help you with the following:
- Your Media page
- Press Releases (done for you worth £297).
- Your Press Kit (done for you, worth £197). 
- Your Professional Showreel.
- Media Intro Videos.  


I will do the HEAVY LIFTING for you and Prepare you for BIG PR and Media Opportunities, Features, Interviews, Speaking Gigs and Etc. 
- I will help you to present your brand in the BEST way for Media Opportunities. 
- I will give you excellent Media Training along with helping you to improve you Communication Skills. 
- I will help you to get FULLY booked with outstanding Media Interviews, Appearances, Publications and Features.
- I will help you to create and build your Media page. 
- I will help you to get the amazing media opportunities that you want such as being nominated for awards, partnering up with other amazing Celebrities, brands or Entrepreneurs like you. 
- I will help you to raise your profile and the profile of your brand.  


If you are tired of spending too much time on Social Media and if you are ready to FINALLY start making PR a MAJOR part of your brand and if you are ready to shine in the Media in a BIG way then this is for you! 

- This is your time to increase your credibility!

- This is time to overcome the visibility and publicity blocks that you have that have been keeping you small.

- If could do it alone you would have already done it by now.

- If you have always wanted to attract good PR and secure AMAZING Media interviews but you have never made this a priority, make a change, take a risk! You already know that posting on Social Media 24/7 is boring so add some good PR and Media to the MIX! 

o live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. (2).png

- If you want to start following in the footsteps of Celebrities and big influencers that are always featured in the Media like Marie Forleo, Gabby Bernstein, Tony Robbins, J-lo, Kim Kardashian or whoever it is that you admire then sign up to work with me today! 

Emem, Attorney and Gospel Singer, USA, Shares her Experience
Working with Queen Chioma


Sign up for the Celebrity Female
Entrepreneur in You 1-1 Package TODAY! 

The Investment for this 3 Month, 1-1 Coaching Programme is
is usually £4,997 

Or choose one of the payments below:  


Or Sign up today for 3 x Monthly Payments of £1,865


Or sign up today for 4 x Monthly Payments of £1,339


I can't wait to work with you beautiful lady! Once you get signed up...shortly after you will receive an e-mail from me with a link to my calendar to book in your first PR and Media Coaching Call with me which me. 

Refund policy: Please note that there are no refunds for this coaching programme! All sales are final