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Do you know what Marie Forleo, Gabby Bernstein, Danielle Laporte and Denise Duffield-Thomas all have in common?
They are Highly visible in the Media and on Social Media.
They all have lots of media coverage, media interviews and publicity under their belts, they are all best selling authors, they have been fearless about putting themselves out there on Social Media. I remember Denise Duffield Thomas creating an article on the fact that she had over 200 Media Interviews in One Year.
How amazing is that?  

What about Kylie Jenner, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift and Beyonce? What do these ladies have in common?
They all travel around the world, they make appearances at exclusive events, they are in all of the newspapers, magazines and on TV constantly, have millions of fans world wide, they have an entourage, they use their gifts and talents to the FULL, their products sell our rapidly, they are consistently impacting millions and
millions through high levels of Publicity along with social media!

This can happen to you can have a brand that attracts media coverage if you are willing to break outside of your comfort zone, show up in a BIGGER way than ever before and do the work!

So What do you See for Yourself (And don't be afraid to dream big)?
- Do you see yourself as being the Next Mariah Carey, travelling around the world and touring globally? 
- The next Marie Forleo (being an internet sensation with over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and
making millions every year)  
- Do you see yourself working with magazines such as Glamour and being a best selling author that organises
live events that sell out like hot cakes like Gabby Bernstein?
- Do you see yourself as a Kylie Jenner that puts out a product on Social Media and it sells out in just 30 minutes? 
- Do you want to to be on different TV show/Channels which includes being on Oprah, ITV, BBC 1, The Today Show, Loose Women on ITV, Fox News...or do you see yourself being featured in The Huffington Post, Forbes, Elle Magazine or Cosmopolitan? 

If you are fed up of wishing and dreaming seeing your business get STUCK in a RUT due to low levels of publicity, fame, and media coverage, I want to invite you to join me for my new Programme
"The Celebrity Female Entrepreneur in You" 

Over a period of 8 weeks, I will help you to build your publicity pack and help you to attract solid publicity, press, magazine features, TV interviews, podcast interviews, radio interviews and so much more! Each week we will dive into two very important Media Topics that will help to TRANSFORM your BRAND forever! TRUST ME I HAVE BEEN THERE, I HAVE BEEN ON TV OVER 100 TIMES AND STILL COUNTING AND I CAN SHOW YOU HOW TO START EXPERIENCING THE SAME SUCCESS AND SO MUCH MORE. 


This is your time and moment to become more HIGH profile and break into the Media like Never Before! You and Your Brand Deserves amazing Publicity! 

Here's what you can expect from the Programme when you sign up: 

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I also have some AMAZING BONUSES FOR YOU WHICH INCLUDES (this bonuses will be added in the members area): 


10 Reasons To Join Us for My New Programme
The Celebrity Female Entrepreneur in You

1) You are ready to Become the Celebrity Version of You
and you TRULY want to add the Celebrity factor to your Brand

2) You want to get your Media Page done, your Press Kit and everything else that you have been putting off for months or years

3) You don't know how to secure TV interviews, magazine features, press releases or guest posting opportunities (or you want to increase your publicity by 10, 20 or 100 times and improve your strategy) 

4) You want to be more confident and full of charisma on Camera, on Stage so that you EXCEL online and offline like never before

5) You are SO BORED BLENDING IN ON SOCIAL MEDIA and feeling as if you are just drowing in a sea of samies and you are now ready to use the Media to Increase your Visibility

6) You feel called to be in the Media whether that is TV Presenting, Guest Speaking, Motivational Speaking or Starting a Podcast show and you want to make your DREAM a living reality

7) You want to be surrounded by like minded women and men that are also determined to be in the media, world-changers, and totally going for BIG opportunities in life

8) You have put it off long enough but now you realise that you need PR and Media for your brand NOW, you are fed up of going MONTH AFTER MONTH posting on Social Media you are ready to mix things up and add some publicity in the mix

9)  You don't actually know how to effectively PITCH TO THE MEDIA or FOLLOW UP WITH the Media and this is blocking your success and your BIG WINS

10) You want to Master your Interview Technique, Increase your Confidence and Charisma for the Camera and Stage and Become a Pro at Capturing Audiences and Owning the Stage

8 Spots only so sign up today before the spots dissappear! 

Check out some Fabulous Testimonials BELOW: 


Who is this Programme right for?
This is perfect for success driven Female Entrepreneurs, Girl Bosses, Authors, Public Speakers, Motivational Speakers, TV Presenters, Aspiring Celebrities, Beauty Queens, Models, Professional Singers, Professional Dancers, Fashion Designers, YouTubers, Social Media lovers, Bloggers, High Profile people, Athletes and the list goes on. You are determined, unstoppable and passionate to live the life of your dreams, you are convinced that you need to break into the Media in a bigger way as you are not reaching the BIG audience that you know that you are hear to reach!! 

Who is this Programme not right for? 
This isn't for you if you have 0 interest in attracting publicity for your brand into the Media in bigger ways than ever before, within the next 6 months. You are not success driven, you like your comfort zone way too much and you're not willing to try new things. This is also not right for you if you think you know it all already and if you are unteachable. 

What Topics or Themes will you Cover in the Module?
- Celebrity themes
- PR and the Media
- Your Celebrity Brand
- Social Media
- Media Page
- Website
- Media Interviews/Features/Publications/Press
- Attracting Clients
-  Creating Powerful Stories
- Media Copy Writing
- Blogging, V-logging and Live Streaming
- Media Interviews
-  Brand Protection

What you will Get in the Celebrity Female Entrepreneur
in you Programme:

What you can access instantly when you sign up: 

1) 5 x Core Modules
2) Weekly Live Q&A's
3) Master Classes and Coaching Calls
4) Videos, Audios, Worksheets, Checklists,
Templates and Sample Letters
5) Access to our Private Facebook group for all fabulous course attendees
6) High levels of Accountability
7) High levels of Support in a private FB group for all members
8) AMAZING PR and Media Training
9) 2 x 45 mins PR and Media 1-1 Coaching Calls with Queen
10) Be surrounded by a group of women that are also going for their dreams and making publicity a major prority  

BONUS: All ladies that sign up to this course will receive voice note
support via FB Messenger. Woo hoo. 

The Investment for
The Celebrity Female Entrepreneur in You:

The Value: £1997

The Actual Investment for this 8 Mastermind is: 
ONLY 1 x Payment of £997 or 3 x Payments of £385


Or Choose the 3 x Month Payment Plan Option


Imagine how you will feel when your business has sooo much more PUBLICITY, VISIBILITY AND MEDIA COVERAGE, imagine how much more credibility you will have in front of your clients when they see you on TV, in magazines, on blogs and when you start meeting and collaborating with influences and Celebrities

I can’t wait to work with you beautiful lady.

Mastermind begins on the 25th of November 2018


Refund Policy: Please note that there are no refunds for this programme.
All sales are final. By making a payment you hereby agree that you have read and agree to my terms and conditions.