10 Tools or Social Media Sites that I Use to Grow my Two Businesses (Part 1)

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Have you ever wondered what TOOLS or Social Media websites that I use to RUN my two businesses before? (My Pageant business and my PR and Media business). If so you are in LUCK my beautiful friend as I would love to share some of my favourite platforms with you. I hope that you find this post to be valuable.  

1) Instagram: 
I love using Instagram to engage with my fans and followers and to connect with inspirational people! Along with attracting clients. I feel that it's a great social media platform to really showcase what your brand is all about. I upload images, videos i.e. I used to a video now and then called "Success tip of the day" which many people told me that they loved. With Instagram it's also important to use the right hashtags which are really in line with the audience that you are trying to target. So for example when I post something that I feel is specifically for female entrepreneurs I will use relevant hashtags such as #ladyboss #bossbabes #workfromhome #femaleentrepreneur #success #businesstips #girlboss  #successstrategies #womenempowerment. 
I usually post around 5-6 times a week.

2) Snap Chat:  
I LOVE this platform, it's wonderful to share updates and to connect with people in pretty much (close enough to) real time. I love the fact that my followers and friends on Snap Chat can see what I was doing just 5 minutes ago! I tend to use Snap chat to show my potential clients the products and services that I have, sneak peaks into behind the scenes of my business.
I also show myself doing fun things such as shopping, karaoke and visits to the Beach. Snap chat is all about being light hearted. Add me today "TheQueenChioma". 

3) Facebook Live:
I love streaming live on Facebook! It's so cool and so much fun, a great way to connect with my fans, friends, family, potential clients and followers in real time. I use this platform to basically teach or train my audience. I create high value content on topics such as "How to Grow your Following on Social Media". It can be a great platform for selling your products and services too as you can literally present live workshops or live presentations similar to the style of a webinar and promote your amazing stuff. I can't tell you how many people have let me know how inspiring, motivational my Facebook live streams are. Hearing this kind of wonderful feedback makes me take it seriously.  

4) Corel Video Pro Editing Software: 
I love this editing software and I have been using it for years, I have created 75% of my videos on YouTube using this software. I am also always upgrading to the next new version. At hand they have launched version x9 and I am yet to upgrade from version 8, but I don't really feel the need to upgrade yet as it's so good as it is! I make literally nearly all of my videos using corel. It's a very professional video editing software and I find it incredibly easy to use. I would say that it is in between iMovie and Final Cut Pro. It also reminds me of Adobe Video Editing Software.
It also comes with a feature where you can record your screen which is great for creating presentations or videos for e-courses.  I would encourage you visit the corel website to explore a variety of softwares and download a free trial today! You will thank me later. 

5) Canva:
This has been one of the BEST discoveries for me in terms of revamping my brand as you can create the CUTEST graphics ever using Canva which is super if you are not a graphic designer, because let's face it, not everyone is a graphic designer and it can be expensive to hire someone to do your graphics (in some cases). If you want to create wonderful quotes that look gorgeous, for your Instagram posts, Facebook, twitter etc and create things like e-books, presentations for your webinars or for live presentations I suggest that you sign up to Canva right away and take FULL advantage of the wonderful features. They have some paid options such as Canva for work which is great for branding kit and for consistency. They also have images that you can use for just $1 in your posts.  Visit Canva today at

And that's 1-5 so far lovely friends...

Look out for part two coming this week! Where I will share the other 5 :-) 

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Many blessings and lots of love,

Queen xx
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