5 Ways to Make Money Through Social Media:

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Dear Successful Friend, 

A couple of weeks ago, I did a live stream on Facebook, on personal page and the response was beautiful! My friends and followers were so engaged with the content that I was sharing and it made me think I need to really share some of my tips and strategies on Social Media and Making money on my BLOG too as I'm sure you might just be the kind of person that wants to take everything you do on Social Media to the next level and actually make more money, so here we go: 

1) Update your Profile (on all platforms of Social Media):
Have a really inspiring profile so that people can contact you, for amazing opportunities, contracts, work, interviews etc. If you want to make money using Social Media it's important that you have a online presence that you feel proud of! So start making sure that you present the best version of you i.e. photos, videos, bio, content etc that you make you stand out. 

2) Add More Value on Social Media:
Turn everything into how you can help people rather than just posting on you, you, you. Some of the things that you can do to add more includes delighting friends or fans with fun updates, helping people in the private facebook groups that you are in, inspiring people with inspirational quotes, sharing interesting videos, answering questions, participating in discussions, teaching people, entertaining people, being a great example etc. Doing these things will make you stand out as one of the go to people on Social Media which can lead to amazing opportunities, abundance publicity and bookings. 

3) Create Products and Services and Promote them on DILIGENTLY on Social Media:
As mentioned above, if you truly want to make money on Social Media you need to ask yourself a big question and the question is this "What exactly am I selling?" If you are not selling and marketing your products and services on Social Media or offline believe will be VERY HARD for you to make money on Social Media. Yes opportunities and lucky breaks could come your way don't get me wrong but to make consistent money and to hit your online income goals you are going to have to do something outside of the box to attract those clients and customers. Examples include i.e. Hosting cooking classes, becoming a freelance tutor, doing photography, becoming a video editor, making films, organising workshops/seminars/talent shows, selling tickets online to your online events i.e. a paid workshop on "How to Find the Man of your Dreams", you could perform at events (let everyone know that you are available to sing at weddings, shows, parties etc, sell books/audio/ programmes on your website or on other websites, sell old clothes on E-bay etc Get serious and creative when it comes to this as this could be the ONE big thing that you need to start doing to see a BIG difference in your life and business.  
4) Start Blogging and (or) Make Videos on YouTube:

You will see money come to you like a river if you do this very WELL! Video is one of the best ways to promote yourself as it creates this feeling of "like, trust, know". Your fans and followers will start to like you, trust you and feel as if they know you. Sometimes Facebook posts just is't enough, you need to go deeper and give the people something visual to watch! A great video! Some video ideas includes tutorials, tips and tricks, share your story, an advert, acting, comedy, live streaming, promoting a product or service, educational content, Q&A and the list goes on. 

5) Engage with People/Reach out to Potential Clients:
Building relationships is key if you truly want to have a thriving business online or offline. Your people skills will determined so much of your success. So it's time to start truly connecting with your fans and followers in more powerful ways than EVER before. You can host your own private Facebook group, ask for testimonials, offer discovery calls or coaching calls to your potential clients, ask for referrals, Don't keep yourself a secret if you have something great to offer. If you truly see yourself Teaching a class one day or Hosting live events or perhaps you see yourself Performing at Concerts and shows...if yes...then now is the time to really seek for engage, respond to comments and show your people some LOVE! Many of my fans have connected me to i.e. Magazine interviews, podcast interviews, speaking gigs and singing opportunities. Some have recommended my Beauty Pageant to girls and women that later signed up to be in my pageant. So don't neglect your audience, build them up and you will see your numbers on Social Media grow along with your finances. 

And there you have it! LALALALA, yes I did just sing LALALALA in this blog post (I must be happy or something) So my friend...I hope you found this USEFUL and I hope it helps you to achieve BIG SUCCESS! Thanks so much once again for reading. 

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Queen xx
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