Back from Dubai…How my Presentation went at the KIE (Knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise) Conference in the United Arab Emirates


Oh my goodness lovelies,

I am back from Dubai and I'm still EXCITED as this was one of the most fabulous and dazzling trips! I went on this trip earlier this month and I can say that was truly an impactful experience.

I couldn’t believe that I was given an opportunity to present my paper in the United Arab Emirates, at the KIE Conference (focused on these themes ‘Knowledge’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Enterprise’).

We enjoyed an array of Conference presentations and activities.

I presented my paper in front of academics and entrepreneurs that attended from various parts of the world which included Jordan, South Africa, the UK, India, Japan, the USA, Nigeria and Botswana.

I’m so happy that my presentation went well!


Super blessed that God gave me the opportunity to give a 30 mins presentation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In a nutshell presentation was on:

‘Social Media and How it Impacts Women Entrepreneurs with Small Online Businesses in London and the UK at large’.

I was actually amazed by all of the wonderful feedback and compliments that I received from academics that travelled from various parts of the world!


My presentation was based on my research proposal.

We stayed in Dubai for a week and did sooo many fun things which included these activities:

- We went to the Dubai Shopping Mall

- Went to Thai, Lebanese and Arabic restaurants. And had so much delicious food.

-We went to Palm Jumeirah (one of the richest and most glorious places that I've ever been to).

-We walked along the streets in the baking hot weather...41 degrees heat (it was like an oven).


-We got to connect with amazing academics and entrepreneurs from various parts of the world which included: Botswana, India, Japan, Nigeria, the UK, Australia and the USA.

-We used the Dubai Metro a few times (which was so cool with good AC).


And the list went on!

Thanks so much for reading and for being on my blog.

P.s. Look out for more images and video clips on my Instagram @queenchioma that I'll be posting this week! And I’ll post some here too.

PP.s. Let me know below if you have attended any conferences this year and if so how was it? If not will you be attending one anytime this year or in 2020? Drop me a comment below,