The Social Media Challenge (For Women Entrepreneurs that dream of being in the Media)


Today I’m giving you a mini Social Media Challenge! 

This is perfect for all the female entrepreneurs out there that would like to have several media interviews, features, publications, collaboration opportunities over the next 6 months. 

Simply follow 10-20 media brands that you truly admire! Think of platforms that you’d like go be seen in or shows that you’d like to be interviewed on etc. 

This could include Cosmopolitan, Vogue, The Huffington Post, CNN, The Today Show, ABC News, BBC etc some of these media houses have several Instagram pages& social media platforms so figure out which ones are related to the kind of topics that you cover. 

For instance if you love everything to do with Culture follow BBC Culture and look for other media houses that cover this topic. 

If you never want to be seen in a fashion magazine then there’s no point in you following all of the fashion magazines. 

The next step is to engage in their content, get involved in their conversations, act as if they know you and you know them (in a cool confident kind of way, not in weird stalker way lol), be respectful, humble, act enthusiastic. 

And while you are doing this you’ll notice that you’ll start building relationships with people in the media. And eventually you’ll start being their magazines, on their TV shows, at their events, etc. 

But one thing to remember when you do you have to actually care...I mean genuinely care. 

You can’t just do this to try and get something. 

The media can tell when someone is just trying to get something from them & this is NOT attractive. 

Add value to their community first before you pitch/seek for opportunities. And keep showing them 

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And be sure to let us know how you got on with the challenge simply send me a DM or drop a comment on my Instagram @queenchioma

With love


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