Social Media isn’t enough to fix your Visibility Issues (It’s time to step into your Bigger Calling)


Do you think if you just have more followers, more engagement, more likes...then you’ll feel more powerful, more successful, more influential, more important?

If you think are WRONG!

Because oftentimes we hit one social media goal...we celebrate for 5 mins then we go back to desiring the next social media breakthrough.

You often can’t win this type of battle! Because God has called you to do BIGGER THINGS in this BIG World than just to sit in front of your laptop all day and post on Instagram and FB!

You’ve been crying out for bigger and better opportunities now and to make a bigger impact all year and to overcome that stuck exhausted feeling that you feel all of the time.

It’s time for you to step into a higher level of your Celebrity self and focus on YOUR CALLING which is to go North, East, South and West with your message, your story, your gifts, talents, and get your products and services out there in a bigger way than ever before!

No more suppressing theses desires and making them wrong!

You are on a MISSION to change hundreds of thousands of lives....if not millions.

So go for it lady.

Having experienced a lot of visibility in the media from TV Interviews to Magazine features...having won lots of crowns, titles and awards...having met countless influential figures and celebrities...I can assure you that it’s your time to SHINE brighter today.

It’s time to step up and start breaking out of your comfort zone! It’s time to be BOOKED SOLID for PR and Media opportunities that will not only change your life& biz forever but millions of women’s lives and businesses too!

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