Back from Promorie Bulgaria: My Presentation at the BCES Conference 2019


Woooo hooo I'm back from Bulgaria, 

I had the BEST trip EVER...the best trip in a long time! 

We stayed at a Resort in Promorie Bulgaria, by the beach with a beautiful pools, a big garden, football court and the most beautiful views. 


We went for a Conference which is called 'The Comparative Education Society Conference' where I got to present my paper in front of several of the amazing academics that attended, my article was published in the book once again.  

I was honoured at the conference, they applauded me for attending the conference for 9 years. Next year I will be awarded with my 10th year award for attending the conference for 10 years. 

Not only did we have lots of fun on the beach, eating delicious food and networking. We went to Nessebar (a beautiful coast/village) 3 times which was just DIVINE.


I have lots of video clips and images on my Facebook page and on Instagram so go and check me out there. 

See you there lovely.
Many blessings.


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