Kylie Jenner is very smart (Her Best 4 PR Strategies)

Not everyone likes the Kardashians or the Jenners. They aren't everyone's cup of tea.

But one thing is for certain, they are very good at BEING IN THE MEDIA.

Kylie Jenner is very SMART and we should learn from HER!

She totally GETS PR,

She understands how to put herself out there on Social Media BUT ALSO IN THE MEDIA TOO.

She grabs the attention of journalists, magazines, reporters, v-loggers, media publications, newspapers and TV shows.

So what's her secret?

Here are 4 things that I notice that she does differently from other entrepreneurs/girl bosses that are out there:

1) She Uses Social Media consistently (But she doesn't rely on it solely):

There is NO DOUBT that Kylie Jenner is a Queen when it comes to using Social Media, she was labelled as 'The Queen of Snap Chat' for many years and has over 150 million fans on Instagram alone. But unlike most entrepreneurs and influencers...she doesn't just limit herself to her Socials. She is SMART enough to combine her online efforts with PR and Media. She understands that PR is a life and brand changing FORCE that should not be ignored. Because let's face it if it was enough to sell billions of dollars worth of products then everyone would be doing it.

2) She Launches Her Products with big PR Campaigns in Place:

One of the things that you might see right now is news popping up about her new Skinline called 'Kylie Skin'. And you may have also noticed that Kylie doesn't make her campaigns boring and ordinary. She goes all in with new photos, glamorous sets, production teams, professional adverts, name it! One of her latest adverts shows her wearing a pink outfit, her skin looks natural and flawless, she's in a pink bathroom showing off her new skin products. PR Campaigns are often super strategetic, it involves many dates and many details with a big emphasis on creating a big buzz around a product or a service. Her campaigns pay off as she makes millions every time she launches a product.

3) She Creates Tutorials to Show How she Uses her Products:

If you want to sell more of your products show people or yourself actually using them. Testimonials aren't enough, sometimes a sit-down tutorial or a run through of how to effectively use your service/product is the KEY!

4) She Attends Red Carpet Events:

Kylie doesn't do as many Media interviews as she used to back in the day but she still makes a big effort to go to Red carpet events. These events have the media talking about celebrities in hundreds if not thousands of media outlets...this is good PR at it's best. Because all of these media appearances definitely converts into money (whether that's overnight or over a period of time).

So now it's your turn...

Grab your journal and write down ONE PR tip from the list above that Kylie implements that you can RUN WITH and start doing in your biz to see bigger and more powerful results in your life and biz!

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