The Netherlands: Speaking at a University in Amsterdam and Attending a Conference (My experience) 


A few weeks ago I travelled to the Netherlands for the first time.

It was so wonderful to go to a staff conference and hear all of the Professors, Dr’s and Lecturers gave such a remarkable presentation on Monday!

Here are some of the themes that came up from the conference that I paid special attention to:

- Innovation 
- Global Mindset 
- Effective Research Strategies 
- Social Media Addiction + Digital Addiction 
- Collaboration 
- Entrepreneurialship


I also had the honour it was to speak in front of a group of incredible students.

I gave a presentation on academic success and tips on motivating yourself and others.

These students were AMAZING, brilliant and enthusiastic.


I am thankful for the opportunity that we were given and for the bag of lovely gifts. 

Check out a clip from my presentation on my IGTV follow me on Instagram here @queenchioma

Much love and blessings


P.s. If you have any events coming up where you need a Speaker to feel free to send over an e-mail I intend on doing more speaking this year locally, nationally and internationally by God's grace. 

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