10 Media Moments that I thank God for


Sometimes in life, I LOVE to take a moment to reflect on past achievements and today is one of those days! 

I'd love to share some of the amazing experiences that I have had that were really prolific and inspiring! And believe me when I say that if these things can happen to me...they can happen to you too. 

Let's go: 

1) The day that I met Gwen Stefani and got to chat with her! Her security wasn't around. It was a beautiful moment. I wondered how it happened.

2) The day that I was featured in OK Magazine! This was so amazing. I just couldn't believe it when it happened.

3) The moment that I got to take a photo with Katie Price at Pro Beauty Show.

4) The times that I have been featured in my local paper 'The Islington Gazette'.

5) My Big Break into Mainstream Media...when I got to be on a programme on ITV!

6) My feature/article in Essex Style Magazine.

7) Being invited to Speak at the House of Parliament (just in case you don't know what this building is, it's like the UK version of the White House). I was so honoured to give this presentation in front of Lords, MPs and Dignitaries& Academics. (Did this really happen? Still amazed). I'll upload a video clip soon.

8) When I landed my TV Presenting job with Ben TV on Sky. This changed my life as I got to be on this channel a multitude of times over a period of 10 years.

9) I was invited to an X-factor Red Carpet Event + Screening with the Judges. I was in a room with Tulisa, Kelly Rowland, Louis Walsh and Garry Barlow. It was really FUN.

10) I went to an A&R event several years ago when I was in my late teens and I got to be in a conference room with Damon Dash (Aaliyah's former fiance/Producer), Kelly Rowland and Solange Knowles. This was one of my FAVE moments as I got to learn so much about the Music Industry and what it takes to get a record deal! I got to hear these stars give such powerful talks.

BONUS: I got to warm up the stage for Nicole C Mullen (Gospel Super star) when I was in the Choir several years ago. We performed before she did and I got to meet her, she was so warm and friendly!

Let me know in the comment section below ONE OF YOUR Media moments! 

I would LOVE to hear from you,

Many blessings 


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