Summer Abundance: 8 Ways to Attract More Joy, Bliss, Good PR, Media Coverage, Fame, Visibility and Financial Abundance



Can you believe that we've had the HOTTEST SUMMER that we've had in YEARS in the UK? I now realise that you might be reading this from across the world so you MIGHT NOT know this...

But on serious note...we have had the most  BEAUTIFUL WEATHER ever *SO GRATEFUL*. 

It's as if the heavens opened over the UK and SUNSHINE just flooded into our country with so much GOODNESS. The last time we experienced this kind of baking hot summer was in the mid 90's. 

I know that it's started to cool down a little with rain and a drop in temperature...but with August fast approaching I'm sure that the SUN will beam with more beauty in no time!

This reminds me of my RECENT trip which was in Bulgaria. 

It was so much FUN, so fascinating, exciting and full of PURE BLISS..I was totally in my element and this made me TRULY realised on that I had been settling, holding myself back, self-sabotaging, playing small and living below my potential.

We went to Golden Sands Vana (Bulgaria) to speak at the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society Conference (this was in June) and I made a decision to play a bigger game when I was in my hotel room one day...I realised that I was soooo done...done living below my potential. When I travel and speak at Conferences I feel ALIVE and in FLOW and surrounded by sooo much ABUNDANCE!

I don't feel this way when I am stuck on my laptop...bored and making consistent live streams in my house. Now DON'T GET ME WRONG! I love live streaming on FB sooo much...but I'm an extreme extrovert, so my energy and my HAPPINESS increases as I go to things like go to events, when I'm around high vibe people and when I am up to big things in the world like Speaking or being on TV shows!

I love to mix things up. And in fact my idea of LIVE streaming is to do this at different events not just from my living room or bed room (this is the moment where you laugh out loud). 

So back to the message for today...

Jim Rohn said this 'For things to change you must change, for things to get better you must get better'. 

If things aren't changing for you, if you feel stuck, disappointed a lil bored, confused or if business feels dried up and average then totally check out my tips below on how to shake things up! 

Here are the SUMMER ABUNDANCE tips that I promised you '7 Ways to Attract More Joy, Bliss, Good PR, Media Coverage, Fame, Visibility and Financial Abundance': 

1) Do a BIG clear out...let go of things that no longer serve you: 
A few days ago I threw away approximately 25 things, from plastic containers (I tossed them in the recycling bin) to old books that I no longer read! This is one of the ways that I consistently open myself up to receive sooo much more by decluttering. If you want new things to show up for you, you've got to open yourself to receive. If everything is jam packed you won't be a magnet or a match for the amazing things that you want. Do you have 15,000 emails that need to be filed, sorted out and put into order, could you perhaps spend the day deleting all the e-mails that you no longer need? Do you have old clothes that you can send to Charity? If so GO FOR IT! Do a big summer clear out and you will see breakthroughs and good things trickle into your life.    

2) Listen to SUMMER music:
I love to listen to Praise and Worship (Hillsong Young and Free) and it makes me feel so empowered and infused with FUN and creativity and it also increases my faith. I also love to listen to Afro beats and old skool Garage music. I especially love the song 'It's a London thing'. I love dancing to music almost daily for at least 30 mins. It keeps me in great shape and it's so good for the mind. Dancing is a great way to BOOST your energy and to feel good. So put that music on daily and move those hips.  

3) Get into the BEST SHAPE of your life: 
Your happiness and joy is sometimes attached to how good you feel about yourself. As much as it's good to FULLY love yourself as you's also important to look the way you want to look. So set yourself a challenge to get FIT and HOT for summer and this will totally open you up to more abundance. 

4) Visit more BEACHES than ever before: 
Don't just visit one Beach over this summer visit 5 if possible or spend a week at a resort or by the sea side. Somewhere that I LOVE to go to in the Summer is Brighton. Brighton (UK) has such a beautiful's so relaxing, fun and refreshing. City life is good but we need to soak up the vitamin D and freshness that comes just by the sea by going to the beach.  

5) Pitch to the Media and FOLLOW up like a Boss: 
Imagine having 5, 10 or 15 Media interviews booked over Summer and beyond...this is what can happen to you if you put yourself out there in a bigger way! There are thousands of TV shows, Radio shows, Podcast shows, Newspapers, Magazines...that you could be part of! You can be on TV and Radio. You can do all of the GUEST BLOGGING that you want but you have to BELIEVE and work towards it! Doubting yourself is not an option.

6) Host your Own Events: 
I want to encourage you to organise at least ONE event over this SUMMER period. And if you are feeling BOLD organise 2-3 events. Ideas of the kind of events that you can organise are:
A local Meet up, a Retreat, a Vision Board Party, a Book Launch Party, do a book tour in your country, organise live gigs or perform at events! It's so important to make sure that you are experience HUMAN CONNECTION, working online 24/7 can be lonely and isolating at times so do something FUN to bring your fans, clients, colleagues, friends or family together all in one place!    

7) Work on your Money Mindset: 
If you are struggling to make money in your business don't despair...there is an abundance of might not seem like this is TRUE but it is. God wants to bless you with more money than you can imagine but he wants you to have the CHARACTER to be able to handle it! Having HUGE CHUNKS OF money with no discipline or poor money management skills can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. There's nothing worse than receiving a beautiful amount of money then totally lavishing it within two days....due to having a poor money mindset. Some of the books that I love to listen to over and over again on the audible app includes 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill and 'You are a Badass at Making Money' by Jen Sincero. These books help me to understand money and keep learning how to be a great magnet for wealth and abundance. I also love to carry out the exercises that are in these books as it's sometimes the exercises that make all of the difference. I also love making MONEY affirmations....I truly believe that this is one of the best ways to prepare for an abundance of money and riches. You have to think and speak like a wealthy person and feel RICH before the riches show up. Speaking words of lack and poverty will just keep you in that same place of underearning and deprivation. 

8) Pitch to the Media and Follow up like a BOSS:  
How many times do you log onto Facebook or hop on Instagram in a week? Compared to how much time you spend speaking with Journalists, Reporters, Editors, via Email or phone? If you are serious about attracting amazing publicity for your brand! You have to change the ratio and spend a few hours on your PR and Media game plan! I spend about 4-5 hours pitching to the Media and following up with the Media every week for my clients (publicist work) and it's amazing when you see the hard work all start to pay some of my clients have been on amazing podcast shows, been on TV, had guest blogging opportunities, radio interviews, been in magazines and some have even made the COVER of magazines. And I've personally had countless TV interviews, TV Presenting work, been in a few wonderful programmes, been in a couple of films, I've had podcast interviews and lots of local, national and international speaking gigs! So this pitching thing totally works! But you've gotta be willing to put in the effort! Or hire a publicist to do the work for you. 

So now it's your turn MISSY :-) I'd love to know which 2-3 tips you LOVED the most and which ones are you going to implement or RUN with?

Drop me a comment below! 

Wishing you pure joy, pure bliss and pure LOVE, 

Queen Chioma Nworgu MA