MY PRESENTATION WENT WELL! Back from Golden Sands, Bulgaria (The Comparative Education Society Conference)

Hey Blessed Friends,


I want to say a BIG thank you for all of your lovely encouragement, lovely words, love and support me and private msgs that you send me via Facebook, Instagram and E-mail. 

I travelled to Bulgaria and was there for a week! I got back on Sunday and I am already missing Bulgaria BIG TIME! Because we were literally on a resort by the beach, we had lots of pools all around us and the streets were FULL of shops, fun fairs and activities to do. 

I delivered my paper on Thursday last week in Bulgaria (gave my presentation) at one of the sessions at the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society Conference.

And it went really well!


This day literally reminds me of when I made the decision to become a International Motivational Speaker!

I used to write down on paper, imagine and dream and say out loud... several times a day...things like:

- I speak at schools, colleges, conferences and at events.

- I'm always on TV and radio.

- I travel all over the UK and abroad speaking at events and changing lives.

- I'm always booked perform and speak at events!

And then one day it started happening!

This conference below is one where you actually get your work published into their book!

And you get awarded with certificates too for participation and training.

I've now had my work published into several books and received so many certificates.

As I've been here 8 times now!

To have such an opportunity your work will have to be full of substance as the editors are top notch academics (Doctors and Professors) that can (or will) reject your paper if it doesn't meet the criteria.

So it's such an honour.

With LOVE and Blessings


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