One of the ways to really stand out in front of the Media is to be active in raising money for charity.

Become an Ambassador for a Charity or raise thousands for charity by creating some kind of campaign.

Do a 10K walk or a 10K run, a half marathon or a full marathon. Or come up with some other ideas of things that you can do to raise money for charity such as organising a local fashion show for your local community. 

I won have won several Charity awards, crowns and titles. I won Miss Charity Kent, Miss Charity UK and Miss Charity Europe 2011 in the Face of Europe Pageant, I raised over £1,600 for Charity.

I did this by speaking at events, creating my own charity fundraising events, selling my CD's and donating a percentage of the profits to charity etc.

I didn't stop there I actually continue to raise thousands of pounds every year through my Beauty Pageant Business for charity.

The girls and women in my pageant are always encouraged to raise at least £50-150 each for charity every year (they choose a charity or two of their choice) and set up a Just Giving Page and they get busy doing things like Cake Sales, Jumble Sales, 10K Runs etc to meet their charity goals.

We have also raised money at some of our events also through ticket sales etc.

So over the years, we have raised over £10,000 for charity via my pageant business and we helped an organisation to raise £12,000 so that's a total of over 22K.

These kinds of endeavours really helped me and my businesses to attract tons of Media interviews, press and publications.

The Media really LOVE it when a brand is charitable and they love it when a business supports good causes too.

So go for it!

Become  Charity Supporter too! 


I totally recommend creating some kind of a Charity fundraising challenge for yourself/brand!

Are up for it?

If so...let me know in the comments section below what can you do to get more active in raising big amounts of money for charity this year?

How much money would you like to raise for charity if you knew that it was totally possible?



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