Featured Client: Emem Washington, USA, Gospel Singer and Attorney shares her experience working with Queen Chioma Nworgu

Dear Lovelies, 


Today I would like to take this opportunity to feature one of my AMAZING Clients.

Her name is Emem Washington, she is from Houston, USA, she is a Gospel Singer, an Attorney and a Entrepreneur and she is on a mission to make a BIG impact through her Music and her Course and her Live Events in a powerful way!

Emem has worked with me in a few of my programmes such as my Celebrity Female Entrepreneur in your Programme, she has had a few 1-1 PR and Media Coaching sessions with me and also did my Boot Camp 'Social Media, Publicity and Money'.

Emem got so many amazing results working with me that I decided that I would do an interview with Emem instead of it being just a video testimonial. 

Here you go WATCH IT NOW: 

Some of Emem's achievements working with me included:

- Being featured in a UK Magazine
- Going to the Dove Awards (this is like the Grammy Award Show in the Gospel Industry).
- Met amazing Celebrities such as Erica Campbell from Mary, Mary, she took photos with them and filmed with some of them at the Dove Awards. 
- She was featured in couple of Blogs
- She organised two filled out amazing workshop events
- She secured a 45 mins TV Interview  
and more! 

Now I am not going to take credit for Emem's success but it is sooo exciting to see all that she has achieved in such a short space of time. 

It was a pleasure to work with her. 


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Thanks for watching and reading.

P.s. If you are interested in working with me then I would LOVE for you to complete this form here and also considering joining my programme 'Mastering Media' last date to join is the 1st of April 2018.