10 Ways to Manifest Media Interviews

Are struggling with the whole PR thing? 

Do you feel as if something is blocking you from attracting publicity for your brand? 

Do you dream of doing AMAZING media interviews but you have no idea how to make it happen?

If so you are in for treat as I have some AWESOME tips for you baby on how you can start MANIFESTING MEDIA INTERVIEWS! Yayyyy!!

1) Build your Confidence: 
Read as many articles and books on Confidence as possible! Study confident people and mirror them! Confidence is the most important quality that you need to possess if you are super keen to have SUCCESSFUL Media interviews this year.

2) Practice Posing in the Mirror: 
The more fabulous you feel in the Mirror the more confident you will feel on stage and on camera. 

3) Have HOLLYWOOD Charisma: 
I believe that Hollywood Charisma is when you carry yourself like a Celebrity or like a Beauty Queen! Act like you are on a Red Carpet 24/7 baby! And up will attract media opportunities like a magnet. 

4) Build your Media Page: 
It's a non-negotiable if you are SERIOUS about breaking into the media in powerful ways! I'm gonna be covering how to do this in my 4 part workshop series "Mastering Media".  will be doing a specific training on this which will be powerful.

5) Study Media Interviews: 
Watch as many as possible! And analyse interviews! Take notes, notice what makes you think "this is sooooo good" and notice what makes you CRINGE! This will help you prepare and improve for your Media interviews. 

You have to really WANT to be in the media, you have to yearn for these opportunities...and desire them...and you will draw in these media moments to you quicker than you can imagine! 

7) Pitch to the Media and Follow up:
I reached out to the Media several times and I still do! Let go of your fear of pitching and embrace it and remember that following up is the GOLDEN KEY! I've secured soooo many Media interviews on TV, being in Magazines and in Newspapers just because of this! I've been fortunate enough to have attracted about 50% of my Media coverage but the other 50% has been me reaching out and making it happen! 

8) Drop the Arrogance and Pride
Be humble....humility is the soooo important....you can't be proud, rude or a nightmare to interview or an overbearing person to work with! You won't last 5 minutes in the Media like this. Always go into that humble state. Oprah is humble, Obama is humble, Michael Jackson was humble. Go for what you want and own your brilliance, stand your ground and all....but don't be a pain in the butt. Or you will block all good media opportunities. 

9) Carry yourself with High Levels of Elegance and Grace: 
I encourage you to study books on Elegance and etiquette! I think I have about 7 books on Beauty, Etiquette, Queens English etc. I bought these books because I run a Pageant business and I used to be a Beauty Queen! I've trained hundreds if not thousands of Beauty Queens and Models (over 100 in real life and the rest online) and I always teach them the importance of elegance and grace. 

How you treat people is everything! 

Legends make people feel AMAZING! They say 'please', 'thank you', they are polite, they are warm, they can carry themselves high but they can also be as down to earth as a neighbour. 

If you go to Africa you need to know how to make Africans fall in love with you. 

If you go to Asia you need to know how to make Asians feel good and make think that you are pretty special. 

If you go to South America you need to know how to delight your South American fans.

When you speak to people do you just switch off after a certain time? 

When you speak to people do you just get bored and start looking around the room? 

Would you talk to a waitress or a homeless person the same way that you would talk to a President or a Prime Minister? 

Do you look down on people who are not at a certain level in life? 

Or do you treat all people the same? 

Ponder and reflect on this today! 

And work on this over and over again as it's something to always work one. 

10) Get Some Outfits Ready for your upcoming (POTENTIAL) Media Interviewsssss
f you TRULY BELIEVE that you are going to be on TV, on Radio, doing Speaking gigs etc.....then get show the Universe that you are ready by GLAMMING UP...start trying clothes and shoes on or go out and buy 1-2 new outfits for your upcoming interviews! Don't wait to be booked....get ready now! I have a video training on this in my PR and Media Bundle.

BONUS TIP: Do mock interviews/role plays with family, friends, an expert in the Media or hire a PR and Media Coach and get some expert training and ask for feedback on what you are doing well and find out what you need to improve. 

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