5 Ways to Prepare for Media Interviews Once you are Booked

Have you ever wondered what to do when you are BOOKED for an upcoming Media Interview?

Have you been wondering what steps to take to get fully prepared when you get the BIG YES?


If so I have listed 5 key tips below that can help you,

Here we go: 

1) Be confident and full of charisma on camera and on stage
(make a decision way ahead of time to really OWN IT).

2) Improve your interview technique by doing mock interviews and role plays.You can also practice your speech or answers in front of the mirror. Do this at least twice before your interview.

3) Buy something fabulous to wear for your upcoming live interview, if possible, or wear one of your best outfits. Smart or Glam works best but you can also wear casual but jazz it up by wearing a few accessories.

TIP: Get all dressed up even if it's a podcast/radio interview that's not live, as you will sound more confident and exciting if you do this which will make the interview a bigger HIT for you.

4) Pray before your interview to calm your nerves. A lot of Celebrities do this before they go on stage. This is a great way to put everything in God's hands and embrace the fact that God has got your back! 

5) Believe that you CAN! Do not doubt yourself my friend and don't expect the worst. Expect the interview to go well. Being positive is the key. You've been giving this amazing opportunity for a reason so FAKE it until you make it! Own it, Claim your success with confidence. 

I often like to stand up and walk when I am speaking to journalists/editors etc on the phone as this makes me sound more powerful and assertive. If I sit down I sound too laid back/quiet. But it depends as sometimes you might need to be cosy as it might be a more of a relaxed conversation. So think about your communication skills when you are speaking with the media. Use your gut to determine if you need to be more assertive or tone things down.

And there you have it!!

Go out there and SHIINE and do exceptionally well in your next Media Interview.
I am rooting for you :-) 

With love,


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