Your time to Launch into Stardom is NOW!

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There are a handful of people in this world....(perhaps you are one of them) that will never, never, never, never be FULLY satisfied in life until they (or YOU) LAUNCH INTO STARDOM in some way shape or form, I don't care how much you try to pretend that this isn't TRUE (you can't hide in life and be happy if you are made for sooooo much more). 

If this is you.... a large potion of your abundance, joy and even some of your BIGGEST BLESSINGS will show up when you start showing up in a bigger way than EVER before!  

Imagine how exciting your life will be when:  

You start receiving unlimited invitations to SPEAK AT DIFFERENT EVENTS on variety of STAGES in your city and abroad. 

You start to serve a BIGGER AUDIENCE THAN EVER BEFORE in the real too not just on Social Media. 

You capture the attention of the Media and they start INTERVIEWING YOU on TV, on RADIO and on PODCAST SHOWS, featuring you in magazines and in newspapers. 

You become FULLY BOOKED back to back to Host events, perform at events or to teach at events. 

YOU LAUNCH YOUR BOOK and do a BOOK tour in 3 countries and 7 cities.  

You arrange Amazing EVENTS for your Social Media fans and followers to attend in REAL LIFE! A meet and greet where you get to hug everyone over, discuss and eat delicious mini snacks.   

You start selling more of your products and services like HOT CAKES! BECAUSE you turn faithful fans into SUPER FANS!

You have your Media page up on your website, your press kit done and you are attracting such good PR and powerful media opportunities as a result.  

Pause, breathe in, breathe out and soak all of that in.  

I'm going to be honest with you and tell you are literally THREE FEET FROM GOLD! 

But no one can force you to take your brand to the HIGH PROFILE OR CELEBRITY LEVEL! 

No one can force you to LAUNCH INTO STARDOM.

You have to decide to be famous.

You have to decide to stop screwing around with your gifts and talents and take them more seriously. 

You have to embrace courage and put yourself out there in GLAMOROUS ways not always hiding all the time and blending in. 

You have to show up in a totally different way than how you are showing up right now to make things happen for yourself so that your CALENDAR with amazing Media bookings and Appearances. 

This year can look sooo different if you let it! 


WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: 3 Ways to Increase Stardom Factor in your Brand in 2018

Leave me a comment below and let me know what TIP resonates with you most or what are your takeaways? 

I look forward to hearing back from you shortly, 

With love and blessings


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