Business Can be Painfully Slow and BORING WITHOUT CONSISTENT PR AND MEDIA COVERAGE (How to Fix this with SPEED)


Many of the women that I speak to tell me how slow there businesses are, how hard it is for them attract the publicity that they dream of and how difficult it can be for them to secure Media interviews and raise their visibility.


There is another problem...some women  have lots of CLIENTS, they have the MONEY IN THE BANK, they have some publicity under there belt too i.e. the occasional FB Interview or Podcast Interview. However they want soooo  much MORE! They feel that they weren't just BORN to be on Social Media and have an ONLINE BRAND but they have always seen themselves as women that would travel around the world, speaking on stages, sharing their messages, being on TV etc but it's not happening and they feel super sad, defeated and confused as to why they can't have moreeeee success in the offline or Media world too. 

I've realised that no one is going to care about your brand that much if you don't add some SERIOUS PR and Media to the mix! 

You'll always feel like a cat that's just screaming at the top of your lungs to get attention on Social Media. 

You'll always feel as if something is missing that you can't quite put your finger on.

You'll always feel as if others are getting wayyyy ahead of you and you are just blending into the background. 

You'll always be the one watching others shine while you keep promoting the same old stuff on Social Media. 

Imagine actually been on a podcast show or a radio show with engaged listeners and ideal clients for a change or being on a TV show where people are actually watching you with sheer admiration and delight. 

Imagine being in a magazine with avid readers that instantly hit you up on Social Media and that join your newsletter with speed. 

When I appeared on a TV Show I had about 50 people recognised me on the streets and at events! They would come up to me and congratulate me or whisper "that's the girl from that TV show".

Ladies don't you just want to be FINALLY celebrated this year for all of your and work? 

Don't you just want to be recognised and to shine? 
Because I know I do! 
This is part of your healing. 

You can't heal properly without truly receiving the honour that comes from being an inspiration and a role model in the Media. If you are destined to be in the Media. 

Sometimes the truth is...there is no medicine like the medicine of good publicity!  

I promise you! 

If you have been bullied, wounded, rejected, betrayed I can't tell you how good it feels to go on a

TV show and know that people that hurt you are watching you shine! 

You can and you will have the last laugh. 

Those wounds that have haunted you for years are just waiting to heal when they receive the LOVE that’s supposed to flow in! 

Imagine getting hugs from your fans and your followers that come up to you after you speak at a prestigious event in your city or abroad! 

When I travelled to Speak in Turkey many years ago, gave academic presentations at the World Congress Education Conference and performed at their Gala night (on a huge Boat) in front of thousands...I had so many amazing Turkish fans come up to me and shower me with love, hugs and so many amazing words! They told me that 'I would be as famous as Rhianna one day'...and then they said "In fact you will be even more famous than Rhianna" and they all agreed! I have always held on to those words! Perhaps that's what made me be consistent with being in the media. 

I want this life for you too fabulous, 

I want you to speak at events, travel all over with a purpose, make a big impact, have international fans, perform, do media interviews and just have a year crowned with MEDIA MOMENTS!

With Love,

Queen xx                                          

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