MY PR AND MEDIA DREAMS CAME TRUE (How I made it happen and how you can do the same)

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Oh my goodness, I have exciting BDAY is in literally 4 day and so I am cheerful woo hoo! I am thankful to God for what he is about to do in my life this year as He is a faithful God. 

I have been reflecting lately on how far I have come in regards to publicity.

So many of my Media dreams have come TRUE such as being on TV over 150 times. This includes having countless opportunities to speak at so many events in the UK and abroad along with getting the opportunity to sing at soooo many events all over the UK and abroad also. 

The reason why I was able to manifest so many of my dreams and aspirations was because I

I used to always always confess things like:

I speak at schools, colleges, universities, seminars, conferences and at exclusive events.

I travel to different cities and states making a difference. 

I am constantly on TV, on radio and in magazines and in newspapers. 

And so much more! 

I used to write these statements down over and imagine myself speaking and performing on stage.

I also used to PRAY AND ASK GOD to expose me to amazing opportunities and to help me to achieve my dreams AND HE ANSWERED ME AND LED ME INTO PATHS OF SUCCESS. He will do the same for you too if you ask Him. 

I'm AMAZED that many of my DAZZLING aspirations have come true and it still continues to happen. I am expecting God to do so much more this. 

Here are some of the things that I have achieved in a nutshell: 

- I've given presentations (speaking and teaching) at over 50 events in the UK and abroad. Which includes the House of Parliament (probably my biggest speaking opportunity to date). However speaking in front of 9,000 students in Nigeria over a 3 day period was pretty awesome too! 

- I've been on TV over 100 times from MTV to ITV. 

- I've organised over 40 events with over 1000+ guests that attended. 

- I've worked with over 200 amazing girls and women from the Beauty Pageant world to the Business world. 

- As a Professional Singer I've performed at 50+ events all over the UK and in Turkey, Bulgaria, Austria and Nigeria.  

- I regularly get invited to and attend GLAMOROUS, corporate, celebrity and exclusive events such as Award Shows,  Fashion Shows  Beauty Pageants, Book launches, TV events, Charity Events, Exhibitions, Red carpet events, Conferences, Seminars etc. For instance I was invited to attend the X-factor Screening and Red Carpet Event (it was amazing)! Imagine being in a cinema room at 02 London with the judges. And being able to ask them questions and imagine meeting so many celebrities and being just inches close to them as they pose on the red carpet. 

- I seem to bump into Celebrities everywhere I go! I've met at least 25 now from Katie Price to Gwen Stefani. I mean I even got to see Kate Middleton....she came to a building on my STREET! Just two doors away from my house! To visit children at a Children's centre. The whole street was FULL of paparazzi! It was crazy amazing! I got to be in front of the Princess! It was super cool! I uploaded a video clip to Instagram (this was about 2 years ago) @queenchioma  

I'll be teaching how I achieved all of this BREAKING IT DOWN FOR YOU so that can IMPLEMENT my steps and understand my SYSTEM for attracting publicity in my 7 Weeks of PR and Media Coaching Programme and Pitching Service (If interested in apply to find out more here). I also teach a LOT of this stuff in my new PR and Media Bundle (which is available to access if you choose to sign up now).  

Most courses just teach you BUSINESS SYSTEMS, client attraction methods,  sales strategies but ultimately many of you have heard it a million times before but know nothing or very little on the subject of PR and how to use the Media effectively to elevate your profile and brand. 

You are leaving tens of thousands of pounds (or dollars) on the table as a result! If not more! TRUST ME . Brands, big influencers and celebrities are super RICH because of PR! Imagine how many more sales and clients you can attract if you add some publicity to the mix. 

That's why Bill Gates (the richest man) in the world said: "If I were down to my last dollar I would spend it on PR"

Maybe this is the thing that's blocking you and stopping you from moving to the next level of success. 

It's time to boldly CLAIM YOUR PLACE on podcast shows, on TV, on radio, in magazines, in newspapers, at glamorous events and do the things you've always wanted to do such as SING, TRAVEL, TEACH, SPEAK, EMPOWER, MEET MORE PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE and get your mojo back! 

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So what are you waiting for? JUMP! 

Decide to make those affirmations too, pitch to the media, be more visible and play a BIGGER game. 

Thanks so much for reading lovely and wishing you a blessed weekend, 

With LOVE Queen xx

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