25 Things that I Love (that you might just love too)


Love is such a beautiful thing, it’s what made God the Father to send His only son to die for our sins. It’s what makes a mother fall deeply in love with her child, it’s what makes a man purpose to the woman of his dreams.

There are so many things that I love, some of these things are big things and some are little cute things, today I’m sharing 25 of them, because when we focus on what we love we attract more amazing love in our lives.

So here we go:

1) I love the restaurant ‘Nandos’. 

2) I love a store called the 'The Whole Food Market’ where they sell organic foods, healthy foods, vegan food and wholesome food.

3) I love Jennifer Lopez:
Her beauty, confidence and talent has impacted my life in amazing ways. She’s makes me believe that I can achieve all of my dreams and be limitless.

4) I love the designer 'Guess'.

5) I love my gorgeous nephew and my two beautiful nieces.

6) I love Haagen Daz Ice Cream (Strawberry Cheese Cake) flavour.

7) I love Audi cars.

8) I love my Mother, Father, Siblings and all of my family.  

9) I love Nigerian food:
There are so many amazing dishes to choose, one of my fave dishes is Okoro and Spinach soup with Gari.

11) I love the Lord:
I truly believe in the Trinity (the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit). Who can be more amazing than Jesus Christ? 

12) I love Journaling:
It’s such an amazing way to clear your mind, I love writing down my goals, my dreams and my aspirations. And also writing down all of the tasks that I want to work on and it’s such a great thing to use when you want to jot down those ideas that God gives you when you take a moment to write.

13) I love Brighton Beach:
It’s my favourite beach in the UK to go to (that isn’t too far from London).

14) I love Dubai:
It’s such a beautiful city, I totally understand why they call it the greatest city in the world.

15) I love the Bible:
The bible is full of amazing parables, inspiring scriptures, comforting words, healing virtue, words of wisdom and so much more. There is so much that we can gain from meditating in God’s word which is why I definitely love reading my bible.

16) I love being on TV:
I’m so grateful for all the opportunities that I’ve had to be on different TV channels over the years such as ITV, BBC 1, MTV, Living TV, Faith TV, RSTV (Nigeria) and so much more.

17) I love Justin Bieber:
He truly is an inspiration. His music is amazing, and he believes in Christ too which I adore. He has had his challenges just like any other Artist but I admire his willingness to keep on growing and striving for greatness.

18) I love Terri Savelle Foy:
Terri is such a powerful woman of God. She’s one of the best Success Coaches out there that teaches practical life principles from a biblical perspective, her motivational messages and have truly changed my life. Check out her YouTube channel here.

19) I love Amy Porterfield’s podcast called:
Online Marketing Made Easy’. If you are an entrepreneur you totally need to be listening to her show as she gives the best tips for growing your online biz and ideas for selling your amazing courses.

20) I love Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen:
I truly love their ministry, I listen to the podcast every week and I love watching their service at Lakewood Church via Facebook live. This ministry has been a tremendous blessing in my life. I’ve found the messages to fill me full of hope and encouragement. Check out Joel’s podcast here.

21) I love Harrods:
I just love this store as it makes me feel luxurious every time I visit, I love shopping for perfume and makeup in this store and having brunch with family or friends.

22) I love Green Plantain Chips (unsalted) YUMMY.

23) I love Wagamama (this is such a delicious Japanese restaurant in the UK, not sure if it's in other countries). 

24) I love Swarovski, I always buy jewellery whenever I go to the airport! And when I am in Bulgaria. 

25) I love Bulgaria, I have travelled here 8 times and what I love the most is the fact that we’ve been to different parts of Bulgaria such as Sofia (the capital), Varna Golden Sands, Plovdiv and the mountains.

And there you have it,

Hope you found this list of 25 things that I love to do to be fun to read!

I’d love to hear from you now lovely. Drop me a comment and let me know 3 things about you and let me know if we have in common.

With Queen Chioma

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