5 Frequently asked PR and Media Questions (along with the juicy answers) for Girl Bosses that desire Media Interviews in 2019

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Today, I wanted to answer some common questions that I am often asked in regards to PR and Media. So many women want to know how they can attract publicity and secure amazing media interviews but many have no idea how to make these dreams a living reality.

So I thought I will answer some questions that many of you have…let’s do this:

1) What is a Press Release and who should I send it to?
This is an announcement, an update or an official statement that you send to the Media (this can be in regards to your business or your brand). You can use this press release to declare what your business is up to, what your brand is set to achieve in the near future, you can share exciting information or important news. You should send your press release to journalists, media houses, media sources, TV hosts, producers, radio presenters (this usually works best when you are trying to secure press/publicity/media interviews) etc and you can also upload your press release onto to your website (on your Media page).

2) What are the benefits of having a Media page on my website?
I believe that having a Media page on your website should be a non-negotiable for any girl boss that is serious about having consistent Media interviews, press and publications. I don’t think it should be an option. A media page is a great way to display all of your publicity on a page separate from all of the other pages on your website. It’s a great way to showcase all of your achievements and also announce to the Media that you are available for more opportunities. A media page is not compulsory but having one can make your brand come across as more professional, it can give the media a chance to read your articles and binge watch/binge listen to your features/interviews and it can make a PR persons job 10 times easier when they are putting you forward for Media opportunities. It can also make the Media’s job easier as they can simply check out your publicity all in one space and see if you are a good fit for their platforms instead of them having to spend hours googling you to see where you have been featured. Imagine not having a testimonial page on your website and how this can significantly decrease your chances of attracting clients and closing sales that’s how I feel about a Media page, I feel that without one, you are simply letting dozens of Media opportunities and good PR slip through your fingers.

3) Who do I pitch to when I am trying to secure Podcast Interviews?
Great question, if you are doing the pitching by yourself, visit the podcasters website and find out if they have a criteria on how they like to receive pitches. They sometimes ask you to fill out a form (and if this is the case then be sure to complete I). In some cases they ask you to send over an e-mail (This is a great chance to sell yourself and tell them why you want to be a guest on their show). If you are unsure of how to pitch (unsure of their criteria) simply send over an e-mail and ask them to be on the safe side, then do as they have requested.

4) I dream of having lots of Media interviews in 2019 how can I make this happen?
Get crystal clear on exactly what you desire, grab a pen and paper and write down your top 20 media interviews/features/publications that you would love to secure. For instance Glamour Magazine, Business Insider, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, The Today Show, Fox News, ITV, BBC etc once you have your list, go one step further and create a vision board so that you can begin to visualise yourself been seen in these magazines and media platforms. Next thing to do is to know your why, why do you want to be interviewed and featured in 2019? Work on your Media pitch, work on your angles, stories and master your interview technique and put yourself out there for Media opportunities by pitching to the media and following up. With the above being said make sure you are a great fit for these publications, shows, media platforms and if you are not, be sure to work on your brand, up-level, expand, work on selling yourself better, so that you can book media interviews easier.

5) I only seem to be attracting Podcast Interviews and I can’t seem to attract anything else, like magazine features, TV interviews, Radio interviews, what can I do to start attracting other types of Media coverage?
One of the best tips that I will give you is to spend less of your time on Social media and spend more of your time learning everything you can about PR, so that you can become a match for bigger opportunities. Secondly, I recommend that you consider investing in PR and Media Coaching or hire a Publicist. A PR and Media Coach is useful as he/she can help you bust through blocks, train you up on key media do’s and dont’s, fill you in on media essentials that you need to have in place and help you to become a magnet for different types of media opportunities that you desire. A Publicist pitch to the media and secure media interviews on your behalf. A Publicist usually has a wide range of connections and can put you forward for several TV shows, Radio stations, Newspapers and Magazine Features without the fear of rejection (as they are usually thick-skinned, media-trained and well experienced). Publicists usually know that it’s a numbers game and so they don’t give up until they win…whereas when you are pitching for yourself it’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t get booked within a few days or weeks. I’ve heard some women entrepreneurs tell me that they give up easily when they pitch and hear nothing back. Publicists keep their pipeline full and they rarely take no for an answer, they follow up once, twice or even three times (over a period of a few weeks or months) if necessary. That’s what you need to do too if you want to do your own pitching.

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