PR Glitches and Media Mistakes


Have you ever wondered what PR glitches or Media mistakes you could be making without even realising it?

This could be to do with:
- Copy on your website, how you show up on Social Media, 
- Words or phrases that you use or say repetitively, 
- Attitudes or behaviours that you display,
- Answers questions in the wrong way when you are booked for Media interviews. 
- Errors on your Media Page. 
- Failing to MAXIMISE your publicity when 
you get it and the list goes on!

Here are 3 PR Glitches or Media Mistakes to Avoid:

1. Failing to Stick to the Dress Code: 
If you are asked to show up wearing smart wear or black tie attire for your speaking gig or for your media appearance don’t show up in jeans and a t-shirt. This shows that you don’t respect the Host or honour the event which can block future opportunities from coming your way.

2. Failing to Have a Strong Media Page on your website: 
Failing to have this BASIC Media essential in place is probably making you MISS OUT on 15-20 Media opportunities a year! Imagine all of the journalists/TV hosts/producers/podcast hosts etc that visited your website and left because they couldn’t be bothered to figure out if you do Media interviews or not. Maybe some will go the extra mile and send you a message using your contact box or send you an email...but some won’t bother! Give them their space on your website so that they can watch your interviews, read your articles/check out your features and see if you are a good fit for their show or publication. Influencers like Gabby Bernstein, Garry Vee and Marie Forleo all have strong Media pages and they are always featured in the Media in HUGE ways so having a Media Page is clearly a good thing to have! Model successful people.

3. Not Hanging out where the Media Hang out: 
If you are logging on to Facebook and Instagram 24/7 but you never log on to are making a big mistake - if you are serious about being in the Media an attracting good PR for your brand. Why? Because the Media hang out on Twitter religiously! It’s the best platform to engage with the media in real time and it’s a great way to chip into media conversions that will get you featured or mentioned in the Media tomorrow!

I could go on and on!

Most women shy away from Media Opportunities or play a small game when it comes to PR because they are awfully afraid of making mistakes or being shown up on TV or Radio.

But you don’t have to AFRAID to shine in a bigger way - you just need more TRAINING that’s all.

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With love


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