What is ONE Media Interview Worth in your Business and Life (Here are 6 Examples of the Value that it Can Bring)


Have you ever wondered what exactly can a Media Interview do to BOOST your Brand or Life?

Do you want to use PR to take your business to the next level but you aren’t sure of exactly what the benefits are?

Do you often leave media opportunities to the BACK SEAT in your Business and life because you aren’t really sure of how it will impact your biz?

If so you are in for a LUCKY TREAT as I will be sharing 6 ways that Media interviews can be of value to your brand and life!


When you get featured in the Media or when you secure a Media interview. It usually causes EXCITEMENT! Your fans and followers to give you instant praise, celebration mode begins automatically, your friends, family, clients, colleagues, mentors will say things like congratulations, “well done”, “wow, you are amazing”, etc. You’ll usually get hundreds of comments and likes on Social Media and dozens many DM’s. This has happened to me so many times! ESP when I was on ITV! In fact I don’t go anywhere now without at least one person saying “I’ve seen you on TV”. And I remember when I was on BBC 1 at the age of 8 years old. My aunties both called me to tell me that they watched me on TV and they were screaming with excitement and they said that they were so proud of me! This kind of reward can make you want to keep up the good work!


God can use your Media interviews to shame your critics and the haters in your life! Katie Price often says that success is the best revenge and I agree with her! When your naysayers see you shining on stage and shining on different shows they will feel ashamed because they tried to put you down! They will feel embarrassed because they are criticizing someone that is being elevated into greatness.


I was once contacted my an old friend after I was on TV, we fell out over something really small but she watched me on a programme an she reached out to me and told me that she really felt bad and that she just wanted us to make up and be good friends again. I accepted her apology and said that I’m sorry too! She didn’t even want to hear my apology, she said “I saw how sweet and genuine you were on TV, and it really made me realise how stupid it was for us to have fallen out over something so silly”. I knew that she wasn’t just trying to get something from me! I knew that she was sincere. This TV appearance genuinely healed our friendship. And I thank God for it!


When you get featured in the Media it raises your brand to new heights. It shows that your business is making progress, it shows that your business is doing something right! You can’t attract media attention if there isn’t at least SOMETHING POWERFUL associated with your brand! But what’s worrying is if you keep being in business year after year and you don’t attract publicity! It means that something is off. You can’t be outstanding and NOT attract Media Coverage it’s impossible! This can be the boost of confidence that you need to keep showing up in your business despite the challenges that face.


If your fans or clients or potential clients are confused about what you do or what your business is all about this is a great time to clear things up! When you talk about your business you get to explain what you do, clarify things, give updates and share facts, figures, products, services etc. Imagine if your potential clients think that you are a Social Media Manager instead of knowing that you are a Business Coach...this could explain why you keep getting all of those random questions that don’t match up with what you do. One NEW INTERVIEW can give you the chance to share your story, your message, and your mission (authentically) in front of hundreds, thousands or in some cases MILLIONS! What a powerful GIFT!


I was Interviewed recently on a show and guess what within 48 hrs...I had 3 amazing opportunities come my way! One is to be part of a Virtual Summit, another one was to be featured in a Magazine and the other one was a fabulous Collaboration opportunity! ONE MEDIA interview can create a ripple effect...and the good news is...is you can also use your latest interview to follow up with the Media or to pitch to new Media sources, event organisers etc because there is always a BUZZ around something that’s FRESH and NEW! The media don’t want to keep getting links to your old interviews from 2012 they want to see you doing NEW things in the Media (even if it’s small)!

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With LOVE and blessings

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