3 PR and Media Secrets to Build your Brand in 2018


With it being the 6th day of 2018 I thought to ask you a solid few solid questions in regards to PR and the Media. 

- Have ever wondered what steps to take to make this your YEAR to attract more media coverage than ever before? 

- Do you feel as if a lack of publicity is holding you back?

- Are pretty much done with hiding and blending into the background? 

- Are you sick and tired of wishing to be in the Media and you actually want to make it happen? 

If you have answered YES to at least one of these questions then this article is totally for you! Here are some tips to implement to change your current situation. 

1) Do a Few Give Aways this Year:
Give away a few copies of your books, items of jewellery from your jewellery line, makeup etc you could send this out as gifts to a few friends/family/celebrities/colleagues, you could do this for raffles draw prizes, or you could do this as a online competition. Celebrities, Gurus and brands do giveaways all the time. It's a great PR strategy and a great way to get your work out there in a bigger way! And it can lead to a big increase of sales, great recommendations and good reviews.

2) Create a Press Kit and Build your Media Page:
Get at least one of these two things done ASAP! If you want to be on TV, in newspapers, on podcast shows, radio, in newspapers, speaking at events etc I can guarantee that your chances of getting booked or featured will increase by 50%-80%. Even when I was just starting out something in my gut told me that having a Media page was a non-negotiable and that having things like flyers was a non-negotiable too! So I listened to that voice and my Media coverage (personal along with my beauty pageant press) is way over 200. So it truly works!

3) Update your Professional Bio (Have Two Versions if Possible):
Have a bio for potential clients and one for the Media, two different styles. One thing that I see on most entrepreneurs websites (that I believe is holding you back from breaking into the Media in a bigger way than you could ever imagine) is your bio is only speaking to your potential client and the copy on your website is also doing the same.

- Speak to potential clients and you'll get clients.

- Speak to the media and you'll secure Media coverage - it's that simply.

- You have to sprinkle some media copy onto your website. NOT JUST client attraction copy!

- The Media will not hang out where they are not acknowledged or welcomed.

- Imagine how many journalists, reporters, etc have visited your page and just moved on because you didn't speak to them or give them any reason to contact you.


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