Happy New Year!!! 25 Lessons, Highlights and Moments Worth Sharing from 2017

Happy New YEAR everyone! 


I hope you are having a delightful 2018 so far.

This year I am actually on a BIG MISSION to get outside of my comfort zone in a bigger way than EVER before. I have sent myself a HUGE challenge to Speak, Teach, Travel and to Perform as a Singer, and BE IN THE MEDIA in a bigger way than EVER before. I am doing a 200 events tour and I will speak more about that very soon! But if you are my fan on Facebook you can scroll through my live streams to check out the live stream where I share the details. But watch this space.

I have had so many successes and breakthroughs and amazing moments over the years, however, I wouldn't say that 2017 was the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE, it was most certainly a good year, but it was a year of learning more than anything and when I say learning I mean literally spending more time to read books and really journal, plan and reflect.

So here we go: 


1) Content is EVERYTHING, never underestimate the power of showing up, doing the work and creating Content on Social Media, via your newsletter, blog and etc. 

2) There is NO shortcut to Success, because even if you have the success that you want in a veryyyy easy way you will not get the lessons that come along with acquiring success over time. 

3) Consistency is the KEY!!!

4) Snap chat is STILL my favourite place on Social Media as it's a unique platform that is clear of clutter and it's a place where I can truly show my fans, family and friends my most authentic, organic and fabulous self without having to feel so exposed as you do on other platforms. This is what I share more behind the scenes on this platform than others because it's more private and I like it that way! The filters are incomparable and no other platform can compare even if the other ones are good. 

5) Facebook live is GENIUS I think that this platform has been a game changer for me this year. I have pretty much live-streamed several times a week throughout the whole of 2017 and I've never looked back. I believe that this platform has really helped me to add tremendous value to my community, clients, fans, followers and it's helped me to attract new CLIENTS, learn from amazing mentors and coaches and make friends. 

6) Anything that's utterly USELESS in your life is on it's way out. Frustration is usually a sign that your nearly ready for your next breakthrough or it's an indication that something good is just around the corner. 

7) There are so many haters in this world that don't want you to live outside of the norm! It's so acceptable to get a normal job in society but the moment that you want to go FULL TIME as an Entrepreneur or as an Artist or Speaker etc so many people will despise you and try and discourage you 24/7. Unfortunately they are nothing other than enemies of progress. They will mock you behind your back, laugh at your efforts and be as fake as ever but you will have the last laugh ONE  DAY so don't be discouraged. BIG WINS ARE ALWAYS AROUND THE CORNER. Cast your burden on the Lord as the bible says.  

8) I've realised prefer selling mini-courses, and hosting boot camps that are around the price point of £57-£297 than trying to GET lots of clients. I do love working with a small handful of clients but I've realised that I much prefer 'the one to many model'. I have always been that kind of a person that loves helping LOTS of people which is why I have a Beauty Pageant Business where I have had over 1000 people that have attended our events. 

9) "If you are talking to everyone you're talking to no one" - Marie Forleo. This quote is so true and what I got from this quote is, if I am just pitching via live streams, posting Instagram posts and sending out my newsletter without actually having 1-1 conversations, speaking to potential clients about my offers and following up with prospects I won't actually get any clients or have the success that I want in my business. I don't believe in just throwing spaghetti at the wall. You need to know who your ideal clients are and be bold to reach out to them.   

10) Your parents, wife, husband, brother, sister, manager or whoever is in your life will control you and treat you like a 5 year old or as a 15 year old if you let them. You have to put your foot down and set boundaries and let people know exactly how they need to treat you.  

11) Respect yourself and others will respect you. 

12) Stay hungry, passionate, enthusiastic and determined to succeed. Being half hearted just won't work. 

13) PR and Media is NON-NEGOTIABLE as this is the only way to CUT THROUGH THE NOISE! With the highly saturated audience on FB and other platforms it's so important to realise that having publicity for your brand can make you stand out in front of potential clients. 



15) One of the best things that happened at the beginning of 2017 was my Brother passed his exams and became a qualified Commerical Pilot at the age of 23. Woo hoo.  Here is a photo of us, we had a family photo shoot.


2) I went to the Professional Beauty Show on the 27th of Feb 2017 (the day before my birthday) and it was so amazing and so much fun as usual! I've been to this big exhibition a couple of times before, it's so uplifting, glamorous, entertaining! There is a red carpet, lots of backdrops to take photos, you meet celebrities there, you can buy or test many beauty products, and participate in activities. I got my face done with glitter makeup which was fun. Attending a few high profile events every year is one of the best ways that I stay media and client attractive and it's one of the ways that I constantly lift my profile and brand. I actually met Katie Price and took photos with her at this event in 2012. (Below are photos of Louise and I at the event last year).  


16) My grandma passed away last year at the age of 105 and we went for her burial in Nigeria in April. It was a celebration rather than us mourning as she lived so long and she was an incredible grandmother to us so we had a lot of good to reflect on. I really appreciate all of the friends and family that came to see us in Nigeria and all of the love that everyone showed us around this time. Thank you, thank you, thank you if you were one of them.


17) I travelled to Sofia and to the mountains in Bulgaria in June 2017! This was one of the most amazing holidays/academic conference trips that I've ever had. I really loved being in the Mountains. It was so therapeutic, wonderful and also fun. I've been to Bulgaria 7 times now and visited many cities. I really love speaking at the Bulgarian International Comparative Education Society Conference so much! Being a part of this conference for so many years has been a life changing experience for me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to always participate in Conferences abroad. 

download (2).jpg

18) I FINALLY launched my AMAZING second new music video  November 2017 "Fun, Free and Festive" with Evon Media (Evon Productions) and I am so happy that I finally did this as this was on my to-do list for a long time, it was so much fun working on this video, you can watch it here if you haven't watched it yet. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported my video by watching it and sharing it etc. Please keep watching the video, sharing and leave me a comment if you'd like to show me some love. 

19) Our grand final for UK's Dazzling Beauty event (my pageant business) was on the 12th of November at Holiday Inn Winchester, Hampshire UK (I was born in Southampton Hampshire so not too far from my home town) and it was a so wonderful to meet the beautiful contestants, families and the Beauty Queens that attended. And the venue itself was just stunning! The hotel is one of the biggest hotels that I've ever seen in the UK (if not the biggest), we have hired a bigger room before with a huge stage at Hilton Brighton Metropole but the overall venue that we chose was so unique as the entrance alone was like an airport! And the front garden and back garden that they had outside was so perfect for taking photos. We didn't really take many photos as we usually do as we had such a busy schedule to get through so I truly do hope to visit Winchester again very soon as it truly is a gorgeous city.   


20) I realised that I love TEA a bit too much, I drink too much tea people. So I tried to give myself the restriction of just 2 cups of tea a day but I still keep taking it up to 3 sometimes lol. I did go on a tea fast a few times too which was good ;-) My fave tea is English tea and I also drink Chamomile tea with Honey, plain Chamomile tea and Blueberry tea. 

21) My top 3 favourite books that I read in 2017 were: 
- You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero
- The Universe has your Back by Gabby Bernstein
- Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

I also came to realise that 'The Power' by Rhonda Byrne is the BEST book that I have ever read (or shall I say listened to on audio) just after the Bible. I recommend that you download the book on Audible.co.uk it is a LIFE CHANGING BOOK! In my opinion I think it's better than the Secret (same author though). 

23) I got to meet with some of my wonderful Mastermind partners that travelled down from the USA and Europe which was really FUN! I also met some amazing people, made new friends, and attracted some of the most amazing fans and supporters last year! Thank you to everyone who added tremendous value in my life in 2017 and beyond. 

Here is a photo of Liene and I, we did some live streaming and posted it on FB, she travelled to London from Latvia and we met up for the first time in Spring after being Mastermind partners for a few months prior to meeting online in a business programme.


24) I got to meet Jeremy Corbyn twice last year! I have met him a few times in the past but I was so happy to meet him again in 2017 as he is such a wonderful Politician and he has such a big heart. 


25) I finally got to meet with my AMAZING friend of 6 years Elle on two occasions, we had so much fun in London doing things like Karaoke, playing pool and bowling. She encouraged me to join her on this app called Smule, it's a Karaoke app and now I've started singing regularly again on this platform. I even uploaded one of the videos to my old singing page on YouTube and I will keep uploading videos there. I added a few clips to YouTube and to Instagram too. I promise to sing throughout 2018. 

Watch a video of us singing on Smule here:

Bonus: I had such a WONDERFUL Christmas at my sisters house this year! It truly was so much FUN and very lively, there were at least 20 of us, here are a few photos of me when I got home, in my red Christmas dress and high stilettos. 


And that's a wrap!  

Thanks so much for reading and I am sending you so much LOVE and goodness. 

Many blessings, 


P.s. Leave me a comment below and let me know which 2-3 of my lessons, highlight or moments were your FAVE? And maybe you could even share one of yours too!! 

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