3 Ways to Stay Super Motivated in your Life and Business


Happy Thursday Friends :-)

Have you been feeling a little demotivated, drained and emotional lately?

Have you been thinking too much, worried or anxious about your life or your business?

Do you feel drained, worn out and overworked in your business at times?   

If so this article is for you, go ahead and read it now: 

Here are 3 Ways to Super Stay Motivated in your Life and in your Business 

1) Never stop believing in your dreams and goals no matter how hard life gets at times:
There is so much that's happening in our world right now and you might be tempted to just totally GIVE UP! But I want to urge and encourage you to believe that good thing are just around the corner for you. Believe in miracles, believe that any day from now you will make it in your business, in your career, in your life, in your relationship/marriage and TRUST that things will work out in your favour. Expect blessings, joy, good news and favour.

2) Be inspired every day and make sure you also inspire others:
You could listen to lots of inspirational music (create a playlist) and be sure to add the song 'Make it happen' by Mariah Carey to the list, cook a new dish, learn an instrument, learn a new language, spend time in prayer and worship, travel to new countries, cities, and states, make videos, go for a new photo shoot etc.

3) Get into a habit of being a blessing to others: 
Joyce Meyer often says 'Get your mind off of yourself and start being a blessing'. Sometimes we think about ourselves too much and this doesn't help us as all it does is make us dwell in self-pity. Today write a list of 10 things that you can do to bless others and get busy working on this list. Ideas include give away 3 copies of your book, buy flowers for your mum or for an aunt, visit your grandma, send a letter to a company thanking them for their incredible service, write 3 good reviews on Amazon, walk a friends dog, babysit your Godson, turn off your laptop at 6pm every day for a week and spend at least 2 hours spending quality time with family rather than excessively working on your biz and the list goes on.   

Leave me a comment below and let me know which tip you will implement today?

Love and blessings

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