You are the Ultimate Girl Boss But you are RUNNING from your Calling to Break into the Media

You have it all! You are beautiful, sexy, fabulous and amazingly good at what you do!

You are into the glamorous things in life! You love the idea of wearing sequin clothes AND designer perfume! You love your heels and you enjoy being your most feminine self by dressing up and showing off the best version of you!

You have worked soooo hard to create a BRAND that people just fall in LOVE with (every day)! You have beautiful graphics, stunning photos, a fabulous online presence, a great website and you work with AMAZING CLIENTS! Your following on SOCIAL MEDIA grows every day! 

But for some reason, you feel as if something is missing! Sometimes you go to bed feeling empty! You wake up wondering why all of your successes just aren't making you happy anymore! 

You sense in your heart of hearts that THERE is a BIGGER CALLING on your life!
There is a message in the pit of your gut!

A voice deep inside you (perhaps you believe that it's God himself) telling you....there's still more work to be done! That you are playing wayyy to small! You know that deep down you are born for so much more! To achieve your TRUE POTENTIAL might require that you get uncomfortable and start doing things that you've never done before!

I know what the calling to go higher feels like as I've had that same calling too, that same feeling in the pit of my gut! This is why I decided to put myself out there in a bigger way than ever before and I began my TV Presenting work, performing as a Singer at over 50 events in 5 countries, I started to speak locally, nationally and abroad and I consistently pitched to the Media and would share my story, my motivational messages and my songs all inspire people like never before (ONLINE AND OFFLINE). I've now been on TV over 100 times and I've travelled to 45 cities and states! It's amazing what you can achieve if you get out of your own way! 

WAKE UP beautiful lady! 

Today, I would like to invite you to take a LEAP OF FAITH by considering your BIG PURPOSE AND CALLING IN THE MEDIA! I invite you to SHAKE OFF COMPLACENCY TODAY!

I invite you to create a game plan to take your message further than SOCIAL MEDIA! ✅ Because there are millions of people (OFFLINE) that need you! Many of them will read ELLE MAGAZINE, MARIE CLAIRE or watch the News but they will never sign up to Instagram or Facebook! So you better get in front of them and get out of the entrepreneurial bubble that you are living in as it's not as REAL as it seems!

Real life is real! And that means that you have to travel, network, socialise, do media interviews and find your tribe even if it means that you have to go on the News and speak about your business! 

You just never know where your next Client is hanging out! It's time for you to play a bigger game and you know it!

Sooooo, If you know that you have a higher calling and that you are SUPPOSED TO do the following: 
- Speak at Schools
- Speak at Colleges
- Speak at Universities
- Speak at Seminars
- Speak at Conferences
- Speak at Exclusive Events
- Speak on TV
- Speak on Radio
- Speak on Podcast Shows
- Feature in Magazines
- Feature in Newspapers
- Write Journals for various Publications
- Perform on Stages all over the world

Then I would like to invite you to work with me! Let's explore your calling (of breaking into the Media) together! Let's create a game plan for your publicity and your success!
I'm searching for a handful ladies that would like to consider joining me for my HALF DAY INTENSIVE! 

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As mentioned, I'm hosting VIP PR MEDIA AND MAKEOVER sessions! How it works is, we will spend 4 hours together Face to Face in London or via Skype (1-1) and I will help you to discover why you feel so PRESSED TO FEATURE IN THE MEDIA, get clear on your Story (or stories) that you intend on sharing with the media and on stage, master your interview technique, improve your media pitch so that you start getting the amazing media bookings, media interviews and amazing features that you want and we will work on increasing your confidence and your charisma for camera and stage! I'll give you ideas and strategies for building your Media page on your website and we'll even work on your posture, poses and outfits to wear for events so that you can switch on that HOLLYWOOD GLOW at any red carpet and at other exclusive events that you attend and so that you shine in your photo shoots in a profound way! 

I have worked with over millionaires, six figure coaches, beauty queens, entrepreneurs, models, speakers, leaders...YOU NAME IT...and so I know exactly what the Media are looking for in Girl Bosses. It doesn't matter how BIG your brand is, or how small you feel it is; THERE ARE TV SHOWS WAITING FOR YOU, MAGAZINES ARE CALLING YOUR NAME AND PODCAST SHOWS ARE DESPERATELY WAITING FOR YOU TO HIT THEM UP!


Find out about my transformational PR and Media Makeover Session here:

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I also offer a 5 Week Package and a 3 Month Package.

I look foward to hearing from you soon :-) 

Many blessings

Queen xxx
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