My Trip to Bulgaria, 7 Years of Travelling to Bulgaria and Still Counting

Dear Fabulous Friend,

I recently came back (just over a couple of weeks ago) from a Conference that I attend in Bulgaria, when we arrived we stayed in Sofia (the capital) for a couple of days then we went deep into the Mountains to a place called 

The hotel that we stayed in was a CASTLE! the view from the front of the hotel was so captivating! It had a beautiful water fountain at front and the whole castle/hotel LIT UP AT NIGHT :-)  We were so deep in the mountains that we were pretty much in the middle of nowhere. The beautiful pathways, trees and HUGE mountains were just STUNNING, driving through the mountains on the way there and the way back was just a remarkable experience. 

We also went to a town in the Mountains (for a day trip), we went to a place called Samokov where we went to explore the Bulgarian history and culture at the Art Gallery, the History Museum etc. It was so amazing (look out for photos on Facebook and my Instagram, I've uploaded a few so far).  

As mentioned, I came to Bulgaria for a Conference, the International Comparative Education Society Conference and it was so educational, inspiring and empowering! As usual, I got to spend lots of time with my academic colleagues and made new friends with powerful Professors and Dr's from various parts of the world i.e. South Africa, Nigeria, Mexico, South America, North America, Australia and the list goes on.

I've been to this conference 7 times now and every time I attend I learn sooo much about what's happening in the Education system in various parts of the world. 


If you have ever wondered why you should go to Bulgaria then now you know why? This place is BEAUTIFUL, 

As mentioned I have travelled here 7 times (that's 7 years of commitment) I have visited several cities and places such as the Black Sea (Sunny Beach) and Plovdiv.

I truly thank God for wonderful travelling opportunities,

Thanks for reading my latest blog post.

Love and blessings


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