Content is King and Consistency is Queen BUT don't Forget to DAZZLE your Audience by Improving the Quality of your Work

Dear Amazing Friend, 

I have always thought that Content is King and Consistency is Queen when it comes to entrepreneurial-ship. 

Wouldn't you agree with me? 

Well before you decide to agree with me or not, I want to say that I had an epiphany when I was speaking with one of my fabulous clients, and it was all about QUALITY!

I truly believe that we as entrepreneurs and as creatives can TRULY go to the next level of success by taking our content to the next level. 

If you have truly made up your mind to HIT your monthly goals of £5K months, £10K, £20K or whatever it is that you desire to achieve (financially) in your business then I want you to consider these following these 3 Steps that I have laid out fo you below:  

#1 Create More Content than Ever Before:
Make sure that you BLOG at least once a week, twice a month or at least once a month) I would really say that you should step it up to 1-2 times a week). Do not listen to anyone that says that blogging is dead because if it was we wouldn't be spending so much time checking out juicy articles online, or searching for the BEST advice through online magazines and entrepreneurial websites (as many of us do). Create amazing graphics to post on Instagram and do something LIVE every day such as Snap Chat, Instagram Stories or Live Stream on FB. I truly don't think that your business can or will stand out enough if you aren't leveraging these powerful platforms and I also think that you should upload videos to YouTube too. You can hire a VA to support you so that she/he can cross promote your content (re-purpose and reuse your content i.e. Take your latest live stream and upload it to YouTube or take your latest YouTube video and add text and create a mini 50-second clip for 18 Instagram).   

#2 Improve the Quality of your Content:
Create a spreadsheet and type up of all the title ideas that you can think of when it comes to creating content for blog posts, YouTube videos or for Live Streaming. Make sure you think of some juicy titles, good titles, AH-MAZING titles, catchy titles, powerful titles, shock-factor titles etc (Basically don't be predictable or boring with your subject headings or you will just lose people).

An example of a good title (basic/good/average): 
3 Wonderful Ways to Improve your Business

An example of a Catchy Title/Shock-Factor title:     
The 11 Reasons why Everyone thinks that your Business SUCKS (And how to Fix it)

Better titles/headings can make your videos, blog posts and live streams go viral! People will want to read or watch the content that you produce if they truly believe that you don't post fluff! They don't need another "Syrupy sweet message"  that leaves them in the same MESS but RATHER THEY WANT AND NEED TO RECEIVE A MESSAGE THAT WILL TRULY CHANGE THEIR LIVES OR THEIR BUSINESSES FOREVER! 

#3) Study three people that are JUST THE BEST OF THE BEST in your field and learn from them:
One of the best ways to challenge yourself to step up your game is to look at people that are extremely rocking it online with their content and really learn from them. Who do you check out every day or who do you enjoy listening to or watching? Look at their patterns and how they show up and see if you can let his push you to go higher! If they spend time doing live streams on Facebook for 20-40 minutes 5 days a week and blog every week without fail along with sending out 2-3 emails to their list every week then maybe this could be a success clue for you, (if you do what successful people do you will start to have what successful people have). Now I am not saying that you could make a video every week like Marie Forleo or live stream every day on Facebook, start small if you have to, make a decision to show up in a bigger and better way!  

And that's it my friend...message complete...but before you go anywhere, let me know what you think of my ideas, which one resonated with you the most and which tip will you implement asap? Also what content would you like to improve your business? 

Leave a comment below,

I can't wait to hear from you,

Many blessings

Queen xx

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