3 Ways to Use Social Media and Publicity to Make Money and Transform Lives


Have you ever wondered how you can use the power of Social Media and PR to make money while also changing lives in a powerful way?

Do you sometimes struggle with being consistent on Social Media?

Do find yourself ignoring the whole idea of pitching to the Media due to the fear of not knowing what to say or due to worrying about what people will think of you? 

If your answer is YES to any of the above then yay I am excited because I created this blog post for you wonderful! 

Here we go, 

1) Sell Amazing Products and Services Online: 
You have the answer to Sooo many people's prayers and you are the SUPER STAR that so many people need, however you are probably unaware of this and that is why you are on my blog post RIGHT NOW! I once prayed to God for help and I felt like He said to me "You don't need help you need to start helping more people". This could also be the case with you too. Perhaps you need to help more people and one of the BEST ways to do this is to create products and services that people will fall in LOVE with and at the same time, will also be life changing to the consumers that buy from you. Ideas include writing books, getting them published (self-published or published through a publishing company) and sell them in the hundreds of thousands. Other ideas include: Photography services, Coaching, Consultancy, Mentoring, Selling advertising space on your Blog, Creating Perfume and selling it online, Making Cakes for Companies and Parties, Becoming a Wedding Singer, Hosting Events, Virtual Assistant Work and so much more. The opportunities to make money while making a bigger impact are endless. At my upcoming live event Social Media Publicity and Money, I will be giving all attendees a work book with "21 Ideas of Products and Services that you Can Sell and Promote Online".   

2) Put yourself Forward for Media Opportunities Consistently: 
Using the power of PR and Media can be a BIG game changer for your brand. But you have to, have to, have to take it seriously! So many people want to be on TV, on radio, on podcast shows, they want to be featured in newspapers and magazines and they do zilch about it! Don't be one of them. Take action to break into the media by creating your biography, working on your pitch and pitching to the media through e-mail, phone and post. Also be on the look out for adverts and media opportunities that may arise. I have been on TV now over 150 times and it's all because I am constantly YES to media opportunities and I attend celebrity events, high profile events and charity events where I meet people in the media too (which is also important). A lack of publicity can result in a lack of sales and a lack of visibility which can keep you STUCK as an entrepreneur. 

Check out my mini course The Media and Publicity Home Study Programme here if you are struggling to attract media interviews, features, press or publications and if you want to get started today on attracting media coverage for your brand. 

 3) Create Powerful Content that Changes Lives: 
One of the ways to transform lives online is to ensure that you create powerful free content. 
This could be in the form of blogging, podcasting, sending out a weekly newsletter, creating videos, vlogging, posting high-quality photos, graphics, books etc. Also consider how you would like to help people through the Media and in terms of off-line strategies too. You could help the masses by speaking at live events, doing TV Presenting work, doing Book Tours, Performing locally (nationally or world-wide), sharing your story on a variety of shows, praying for people at Church events, teaching on Radio Shows and Podcasts etc. You could also do Modelling or Acting. You don't always have to do something super spiritual or business related it can be something FUN and entertaining such as Baking on a Cooking Shows. Get creative. Use your gifts and talents to empower people and inspire them.   

Read these two inspiring Quotes by Marie Forleo: 

"Without a doubt, brands who share the best free content always win...free content can help you attract press and partnerships and even referrals...free content makes it easy for people to spread the world about you and the more free content that you have, the more you get free traffic, free leads, and customers"
- Marie Forleo.

"Free content really allows you to make a difference in the world and share ideas that matter"
- Marie Forleo

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Have a blessed day, 

Love from Queen xx