7 Reasons to Book a Mini PR and Media Coaching Session with me (FOR A LIMITED TIME)

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It's your TIME to have your FIRST or your NEXT Media Interview! As a matter of fact you can have a YEAR FULL of Media Opportunities, Media Interviews, Publicity, Speaking Gigs and Good PR for your Brand, Travelling Opportunities and So much MORE! If you need help with this then STOP RIGHT NOW and check out the link below. As I have good news, I am offering PR and Media Mini Coaching Sessions for a few more days! I want to invite you to book this powerful breakthrough session with me RIGHT NOW if you know that you are NOT attracting any or ENOUGH good PR and Media coverage for your brand! Maybe you are jealous of your colleagues or Coaches that always seem to attract publicity! 
If so do something about it! Make a change today!

Check out the details here: http://queenchiomamedia.ontrapages.com/minicoachingsession

7 Reasons to Book the Session:
1) You have HIT a plateau and you can't seem to push to the next level as a Leader in Society or in your Business
2) You want to Understand how to use PR and Media to attract clients, make more money, bigger impact etc
3) You see yourself travelling around the world speaking at events and in front of large audiences but you have NOT been successful at making this happen thus far
4) You want to be on TV, radio, on podcast shows, on blogs, in magazines and in newspapers but you are afraid to pitch to the media or you are afraid of being more visible
5) You are getting really FRUSTRATED with Social Media, you have finally come to the point where you have realised that there is only SO MUCH that Social Media can do to elevate your brand and you now KNOW that you have to step up to the next level which means MEDIA COVERAGE is NEEDED
6) You feel that your business lacks credibility
7) You lack clarity AND YOU WANT TO create a game plan for your success

Here is the link: http://queenchiomamedia.ontrapages.com/minicoachingsession

Many blessings

P.s. Just to let you know my 1-1 PR and Media services is £2,200 for 3 months, 5 weeks is £997 and 90mins is usually £157 (and going up to £220.00 in April)

So you might be wondering why I am offering these MINI COACHING Sessions for just £57.00 for 45mins? Great question...I am doing this as I am on a MISSION to help 200 women and men break into the Media in 2017 and I know that sometimes all you need is just ONE BREAKTHROUGH session to get unstuck and to get the confidence that you need to start pitching to the media and booking media interviews! So if you want to work with me INEXPENSIVELY then now is your chance wonderful, stunning person :-)