5 Ways to Deal with Negative Draining People in your Life

Have you been around anyone lately that has had NOTHING positive to say to you?

Perhaps they have said things to you like:
- You've put on so much weight
- You are not as pretty as you used to be
- You are losing weight
- Your too skinny
- You are not as good as your cousins
-  Your cooking sucks
- You need to get a Degree because all of your friends have one
- You never be successful in your Business
- Your Job is rubbish, you need to get a better job
- You are the stupid one in the family
- You will never be a Bank Manager, Accountant, Lawyer

Unfortunately, we all have at least one person in our life that we just DREAD being around and perhaps you often RUN away from this person because they never have anything encouraging to say!

Perhaps this person is:
- Your Mum
- Your Aunty
- Your Dad
- Your Best Friend
- Your Grandma
- Your Grandpa
- Your Sister
- Your Brother
- Your Uncle
- Your Teacher
- Your Work Colleague
- Your Neighbour
- A Shop Keeper
- A Church Member

Here are 5 Ways to Deal with Negative Draining People in your Life! Go! 

1) Forgive them:
When Jesus was on the cross after being stoned by the Jews he said "Father forgive them for they no not what they do". He also told Peter one of the Disciples to forgive 70x 7 if his brother offends him. Some people don't even know what that they are hurting you with such cruel words or they are just saying it because they are not happy within themselves. After all if they were happy in their lives why would they always put you down. 

2) Say a Prayer for them:
They need more prayer than you think. Number one for God to actually make them aware of their actions and secondly for God to help them to change. You might also want to pray a blessing over them too as the bible says "Bless those who curse you". 

3) Realise that you Must Have it Going On:
People heavily criticise Celebrities so you must be shining like one of them if you keep getting criticised. People never target average people to put down but they always target people who shine and people that are outstanding in life so take it as a backhanded compliment. You are clearly fabulous and amazing! Keep shining my friend. 

4) Don't Take it Personal:
You might be tempted to think that they are 100% correct and what they are saying is true but the truth is, you are perfect as you are. You are blessed, you are talented, you are gifted, you are a shining star, you are loved by so many friends, family and loved ones so you don't need to hold onto their negative opinion. Cast aside their negative opinion and write a list of 40 fabulous things about you (your successes, achievements, big wins in life, blessings, best attributes etc) and reflect on these things instead. Why should you let someone's opinion of you break you down. 

5) Surround yourself with Positive Uplifting people:
Get away from the haters, the drainers and that person that always without a shadow of doubt puts you down! Realise that being in negative company is the BEST way to kill your dreams and go down the path of depression. Instead get around uplifting people, encouraging people, loving people, kind people and inspirational people. 

And there you have it wonderful!

Hope you find the strength to keep perserving,

And always remember that no matter what you are going through you are NEVER alone, you are loved, treasured, and cared about. 

Lots of love and blessings


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PP.s. Please say a prayer for London! I'm sure that you are aware of the attack that happened in Westminister, it was such a sad day yesterday. We lift up all that were affected in prayer!