Busting 2 Media Myths!

Happy Tuesday! 


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In the meantime I thought to share that there are Two Media Myths that I want to eliminate from your mind today. As these Myths might be holding you back from being brave enough to pitch to the Media and shine in the Media. If you have ever wondered if something might be hiding you back perhaps it's time to ponder a little.

Can you relate to any of the below?

1) The Media will Change you and Make you a Bad Person:
Have you ever had this big ugly fear that perhaps if you start being in the media that you will suddenly change and go wild? Perhaps you will do lots of surgery or become worldly or that the fame will get to your head and make you a bad arrogant, demanding diva kind of person? WOW if you have been having these kind of fears deep down inside...I am not surprised that you are not attracting the publicity that you are TRULY capable of.

2) People will Judge you and Turn Against:
Perhaps you have been thinking that if you start being on TV, being on radio, being in Magazines, being in newspapers that your family, friends and colleagues will start to Judge you, well the truth is people are already judging you and criticising you whether you know it or not and as much as you may attract some judgement and criticism by being in the Media, you will attract so many more fans, followers and lovers than ever before.

When Beyonce was in Destiny's Child she made a song called "Happy Face" and some of the lyrics that I loved included:

"There are plenty of people that don't like me, but there's 10 times more who love me and I love myself" - Beyonce

So there you have it! Being in the Media is NOT as bad as it seems. You make your own path and even though there will be challenges. The beauty of being in the Media can truly surpass all the bad elements.

So don't give up!

Make it happen

Love and blessings 

Queen Chioma xx

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