3 Ways that Being in the the Media Elevates your Brand

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A Photo of me filming with Ben TV last week (which aired last week Tuesday)
Have you ever wondered what can happen to you if you start being on TV, in magazines, in newspapers and basically when you attract more opportunities to shine in the Media?

If you were wondering how the media can elevate your brand here are 3 GOLDEN ways listed below:

1) You will be Seen as a Celebrity:
Having been on TV over 100 times now on a variety of channels from MTV to ITV I can truly say that people sometimes treat me like a Celebrity! You don't have to be on the Beyonce level to be some what famous. Usually all it takes is a few appearances, features and publications in the Media and people will start to regard you as a Celebrity! Don't believe me? Well then just give it a try and see how your brand goes BIG! And see how star struck people will start being when they meet you, greet you or when they interact with you on Social Media.

2) You will Be Seen as More Professional than Ever Before: 
When you have more publicity for your brand this makes your brand seem more professional and elite! And guess what, all of those potential clients and brands that don't usually say want to work with you, that say NO or give you those constant IF, BUTS or MAYBES will begin to regard your brand as more professional than ever before and what does this? It means that they will start saying YES, WHEN CAN WE START, HOW CAN I WORK WITH YOU! I remember a lady calling me and saying "I saw you on TV that's why I have to bring my daughters to yourevent, because we wanted to meet you in real life". I didn't have to convince her, she was convinced by watching me on TV. This can happen to you too and it can be through press that you attract, magazine features and even speaking gigs. Imagine big brands wanting to work with you in 2017! It feels exciting right? The feeling you get when you eat your favourite ice-cream :-) 

3) You will have more Credibility and Influence:
I can't tell you how many times people give me free tickets to exclusive events, give me shout outs, give me big recognition and recommend me for big projects and amazing opportunities and this is because I have the credibility by consistently having features in the Media. Once you have a few media logos on your website and when people start watching you on TV or seeing you speak at these BIG events and when they listen to your Interview on Podcasts and Radio believe me, you will not be trying to get in with major influences anymore but rather people will be trying to get in with you. Fans and potential clients will be excited and happy to pay for your products and services and to attend your events without you having to beg for them.

And there you have it GLAMOROUS! Yes all this can happen to you and so much more! 



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Queen Chioma Nworgu MA

P.s. Being in the Media is NOT just about you being famous my dear, but rather about you having the ability to reach the MASSES or whether it's a NICHE market with your MESSAGE, STORY, GIFTS AND TALENTS.

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