5 Ways to Overcome Depression and Sadness (How to Get your Happiness Back)

Have you ever felt really depressed or super sad this year?  

Do you find yourself feeling a sense of 'deep dread'?

Do you sometimes wonder where your joy, happiness and zest for life has disappeared to?

And do you ever catch yourself simply feeling really unhappy for one reason or another?  

If you have ever felt like giving up a few times over the past couple of months...then this latest blog post is for you: 

5 Ways to Overcome Depression and Sadness (How to Get your Happiness Back): 

1) Dance, Sing, Laugh and Smile More:
To really live life in the most festive and wonderful way! It's important that you infuse your life with so much FUN and creativity! One of the ways that you can do this is to dance as much as you can, sing as much as you can (in the shower and around the house), laugh as hard as you can, and smile at even the most unhappy (along with making an effort to smile when life isn't always full of roses).

What events can you attend to surround yourself with great people? Typing on your laptop, sitting on the computer and watching TV (24/17) isn't healthy for any of us. We need to spend time with loved ones, enjoy ourselves, do the things that we love more and actually LIVE! Some of the things that I love to do to live the festive life is to: 
- Go Karaoke (As mentioned singing is good for the soul)  
- Play pool with friends
- Spend time playing with my nephews and nieces
- Visit a Golf Centre (I must admit I've only done this once on Valentines day but it was so much fun that I have to go again very soon)     
- Play Bowling
- Play Badminton
- Go Swimming
- Sing at events
- Record music in the studio
- Going to Church (sometimes we just need some good spiritual food, help and peace that can only come from our heavenly father)

ASSIGNMENT: Write a list of 10 things that you could do to infuse more FUN and JOY into your life and take action on at least 3 of them over the next 7 days :-) 

 2) Grieve if you Need to Grieve:
Sometimes you feel sad in life as you are actually grieving (or you haven't given yourself the time to grieve in your past). Perhaps you lost a loved one, perhaps you went through some health challenges, maybe you had a bad experience in a relationship, maybe your career didn't work out as you expected, whatever it is that you have faced, it's a very powerfully thing to give yourself some time to get acquainted with your true feelings about the matter! If you need to cry, then spend time crying, if you need to take a week off work (or business) and go on holiday to get a little stronger then do it! Give yourself the time you need to get over your sadness in a healthy way! Bottling things up is never the answer. Sometimes a good healthy cry or speaking with a trusted friend could be the breakthrough that you need. 

3) Stop Reflecting on Too Many Negative Memories:
Now as much as I  do believe that one needs to grieve if they have been through things in life. I also think that it's important to ask yourself if you are grieving way too much? As much as we can't put a time on how long one can feel sad but Joyce Meyer has discussed the dangers of excessive grieving. For instance, are you dwelling on a breakup that happened 7 years ago? If so perhaps it's time to stop meditating on it! Perhaps you were betrayed by an ex-boyfriend, mistreated by old friends, rejected by a book publishing company, maybe your didn't pass the exams that you prepared so hard for! It's sometimes tempting to focus on negative things but this will not help you to achieve your amazing dreams! It's much better to let go of past and press forwards! Press into the wonderful future that God has for you. 

4) Get Your Vitamin D Level Checked:
Sometimes depression is actually a sign of a slight medical problem and not just an emotional issue! It could potentially be a sign that you are lacking in the sunshine vitamin AKA vitamin D! One of the things to do is to book an appointment to go to your doctor and get a check up! Make sure your vitamin levels are normal and not low! Because Sometimes just taking more Vitamin D could (especially if you live in a cold country) could dramatically make you feel better. There is also a possibility that your vitamin B levels could be low too as this vitamin is usually low in people with Anxiety and Depression too. So check everything! Cut down on too much sugar, too much caffeine and eat more fruits, veg and healthy food. Along with all of this also remember that it's important to DRINK MORE water and exercise. 

5) Take Good Opportunities When they Arise:
One of the things that can make you really depressed and sad is MISSED OPPORTUNITIES, it's when you always say NO to good things that are presented to you. No to getting into a new relationship (because you're afraid that the guy will hurt you), no to starting a YouTube Channel, no to attending more exclusive events, no to hanging out with friends, no to writing that book, no to travelling to new countries, no to investing in courses and coaching! If you keep saying NO to things you will also be saying a big NO to achieving your dreams and you will say YES to feeling depressed and sad. You will never be happy in life if you keep rejecting success. You have to eventually start grabbing opportunities with both hands if you want to live a wonderful life. Make a change from today and go for more amazing opportunities so that your life can be AMAZING :-) 

Here is an inspirational quote for you below too: 

Leave me a comment below and let me know what are your 3 biggest takeways or aha moments from this latest blog post? 

Keep the faith,

Love and blessings

Queen Chioma Nworgu MA
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